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The task of the Ascended Masters is to save as many souls of Light lost in the modern world as possible

Lord Lanto
December 7, 2009

Lord Lanto

I AM Lanto, having come to you today in order to give a short Teaching that you have probably already heard, but I feel it is my duty to remind you about it.

So, in order for me to start the talk, I need your attention, your whole attention and concentration on the Teaching that I am giving rather than on the world around you. Your full concentration enables you to absorb the essence of the talk.

Your dwelling in the physical world is associated with many things that are undesirable and that you should give up one after another. Among them are eating meat, drinking alcohol, and smoking. When it comes to your hobbies, it is necessary to mention the most destructive ones affecting your soul. These include television and some modern music. Both of them have such a devastating effect on the human body and on the subtle processes taking place in one’s aura that, as a consequence, the day-to-day watching TV and listening to undesirable kinds of music for many hours completely destroys the ability to perceive the subtle worlds. The ability of concentration is being lost, and the subtle energies can no longer be perceived by the person who has such hobbies.

I have given you an idea of how destructive and sometimes even devastating the seemingly harmless and common kinds of entertainment in your world can be. However, if I do not tell you about this, then where else will you be able to read about it?

Many things have become so popular and intertwined with business to such an extent that it is very difficult to find true and correct information about their impact on the human body.

The most inappropriate thing is your unwillingness to give up what I am talking about. After all, a modern person cannot imagine himself without television, music, and now the Internet. I am not asking you to forget about all innovations of modern civilization. I am just saying that regular use of many of the so-called innovations of your civilization not only delays evolution but also makes evolution impossible.

Of course, there are certain types of TV programs, movies, and music that have beneficial effects on the human soul. But there are so few of them that they get lost in the ocean of what destroys your soul. At a certain stage of evolutionary development, it is easier to give up watching TV and listening to destructive music than to try to find valuable grains in garbage bins, which is what your television and radio have become.

Why did I dedicate today’s talk to this topic? Are there no more important and relevant topics for instruction?

Of course there are many topics, but your life consists of many details, and each of these little things make up an overall undesirable picture of modern humanity. I am talking about the main things that you should give up first.

Mankind has lost the thread, the Divine thread, which must be followed. And in order to find what is lost, it is necessary to acquire sensitivity, to return the sense of beauty, to return graceful, subtle patterns to your world.

Unfortunately, many people have already gone so far in their love of mass art forms that the restoration of their subtle bodies will not succeed. What does this mean? It just means that after the death of the physical body, there will be nothing to continue the evolution. The subtle bodies are completely destroyed and cannot be restored.

You are killing yourselves.

The program of self-destruction is inherent in the genes of many representatives of humankind. This is the program that makes people slowly kill themselves. The physical body dies last of all. Your subtle bodies and your aura are destroyed first.

I am giving you this information in the hope that there are a certain number of humans who will be able to come out of the jungle and the thickets of modern civilization and return to harmonious relations with the environment and nature that was planned by the Creator.

Let the dead bury the dead. I appeal to those who are still alive and are able to travel the evolutionary path of development. The terms of cosmic evolution are getting nearer, so the reaping is in progress at full speed, both from the side of the forces of death and hell and from the side of the forces of Light. I care about those souls who are still alive. My task is to have you create a Noah’s ark in which the best that was created by humankind can be saved. All the rest will be buried at the bottom of the ocean or under a layer of soil within a few hundred or thousands of years.

The vibrations of the planet are rising, and everything that does not match these vibrations will eventually leave the physical plane and the more subtle planes of being. Only what is capable of further evolution will remain. Our task, the task of the Ascended Masters, is to save as many souls of Light as possible — the souls that are lost in the modern world and cannot get out of the shackles of modern civilization.

There is still some time. You should think more about the immortal part of you.

I understand very well that not all the people who will read this Message of mine will be able to understand anything from it, except a terrible threat that is to be feared. In order for you to understand more precisely what I am talking about, you should read in order, one by one, all the Dictations that we gave through our Messenger for all these past years. All together these Dictations reveal the Teaching that is intended to show the Path that the Ascended Masters wish humankind to follow now. None of the Dictations contain information in all fullness. Each Dictation is like a bead that needs to be threaded on a string of your consciousness, and then they will make a precious necklace. This necklace has a miraculous power. It gives the opportunity for salvation to your souls.

I AM Lanto.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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