- Archangel of the First Ray



Michael is the Archangel of the First Ray - the Ray of Protection, Faith and the Will of God. He is the Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance.

Archangel Michael is head of the “Lord of Hosts” and fights with any manifestation of corrupt and negative energy.

He serves the interests of the Lord in this universe and does His work in the manner commanded by His honor.

His name means “ Nobody like God.” Archangel Michael is so transparent that He lets the Divine Light come through us, through which we discover God.

The divine complement of Michael - Archea Faith.

Archangel Michael is considered the greatest and most revered Angel in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions and Scriptures.

He comes to Earth when the intervention of the power of the Lord is required.


Saint Michael the Archangel plunges Satan. Guido Reni, 1636


For over a thousand of years He is the keeper of the Russian lands. Orthodox people recognize in Him their protector from the dark forces. Many times Archangel Michael saved our Fatherland from the encroachment of the enemy. For example, the case mentioned in the "Volokolamsk Paterikon", when in 1239 the Tatar Khan Batu wanted to seize Veliky Novgorod. The Archangel forbade the Khan to attack the city. From that time on, on the military banners of the Russian soldiers could be found images of the Archangel of God's army. When in the city of Kiev, Batu had a chance to see a mural depicting Michael, the Khan noted that it was Him who forbade him to touch Novgorod.

In the spirit of the Holy Scriptures, some Church Fathers see Archangel Michael as a participant in other important events in the life of the people of God, where He is not called by name. For example, He is identified with the mysterious pillar of fire that marched in front of the Israelites during their escape from Egypt and destroyed the military hordes of Pharaoh at sea. He is also credited with defeating a huge Assyrian army, who besieged Jerusalem under the prophet Isaiah (see: Exod. 33, 9, 14, 26-28; 4 Kings. 19, 35).

Archangel Michael helps Joshua (one of Moses chief assistants and his successor) when the Israelites conquered the Promised Land (Josh. 5: 13-15).

Archangel Michael and His legions, dressed in powerful Blue Armor, with shields and swords of the Blue Flame, descend daily into the astral plan. There They cut free those who have passed from the screen of life and who are unable to rise to higher octaves of service and the Retreats of the Masters. Michael and His Angels of deliverance work twenty-four hours a day on these levels rescuing souls from the accumulation of their own human creations over the centuries. They have served there for many ages, and Michael says that He is determined to never give up until the last of the children of Light on this planet have risen to the God Source in the ritual of Ascension.


Archangel Michael

To assist in cutting the light bearers free from astral entanglements, Archangel Michael has a Sword of Blue Flame that has been fashioned from pure light substance. This Sword is God’s Sword. It has come from the Great Central Sun, a gift from the very Heart of God Himself, and has been passed to Him from the mighty Elohim Hercules. When this sword of Blue Flame blazes into a negative manifestation, nothing can stand against it.

Archangel Michael is a very special Angel to us. He, with His Legions of Light, has dedicated himself for thousands and thousands of years to the safety, security, protection and perfection of our souls; caring for us, sponsoring us, rebuking us, teaching us the way of God’s Holy Will, helping us to understand that there is a Divine plan for each of us.

God loves us so dearly that He lets us know about it in a very personal way - by sending His Angels.


In the 21st century, Beloved Archangel Michael came to humankind on Earth seven times through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina. He brought His Teaching on the feeling of selfless Faith and all-consuming Love!

In His first Message, “Your Love and Faith are the only things you need to implement your Divine plan “. Beloved Archangel Michael gave His Teaching, His guidance on how we can move towards God and fulfill our Divine plan. He explained that this is the first step in our progress on the Path to God:

“ I AM Michael, Archangel of the First Ray, which is the Ray of Faith. And I must tell you that your Faith is a pledge of your first step forward on your Path. You will not be given help from the heavens and you will not be able to make a step on your Path to God without your Faith.

Without your Faith in God, none of your actions in the physical plane will be able to succeed, they will be like a house built on sand.

It is your Faith that is your guiding star, and it will show you the way through the storms of life you will face while in the physical plane “.


Then Archangel Michael told us what the next step will be if our Faith is strong, and He came to confirm our Faith!

“… the success of your next step depends on the depth of your Faith.

If you trust in God and your Faith is unshakeable, you can ask for God’s guidance in your life. You will receive such guidance but its level will correspond to the strength of your Faith.

I AM Michael, Archangel! I have come to affirm your Faith and your devotion to God ”


He also indicated what needs to be done in order to get signs and confirmation of the correct choice.

“You ask for signs and guidance for you on your Path. You will be sent signs and guidance but not until you demonstrate your Faith and devotion to God and the Ascended Hosts.

You have to give up your human ego and show your obedience to the Will of God, and only after that will you be sent signs and confirmation of the correctness of your choice.

This is a Law, and neither you nor I can change it.

That is why all of you who are in embodiment now need Faith. Only if you have your Faith, will you be sent hope and guidance “.


Archangel Michael

Next, Saint Michael the Archangel explains what the manifestation of our Faith is:

“ ... In the physical plane your Faith will be manifested through Love. It is impossible to make a mere step in the right direction without Love, which penetrates through you and inspires you to act in the physical plane.

Initially, you begin to trust and soon you start feeling all-consuming Love, and this Love becomes the guide of your life and leads you through all your trials and tests.

Your Love and Faith are the only things you need to implement your Divine plan”


Archangel Michael warns against mistakes on the way:

“…If you need something else to realize your Divine plan, you should scrutinize your wishes and aspirations attentively. As a rule, these will be the very things you should get rid of initially.

If you need money, power, or any other things of the illusory world and believe that without them you will not be able to serve God, you are on the wrong path.

You will always have everything necessary to implement your Divine plan and to serve God and people, if Faith, Hope, and Love become your constant companions in life.

But Wisdom, the Divine Wisdom, will be the very attribute you acquire when you trust and love wholeheartedly.

God endows you with His Wisdom, and not only with it but with other gifts of the Holy Spirit that descend on you in response to your asking and even when you do not ask for them.

In your wholehearted service to God, your heart is enriched by qualities that in their turn draw to our world everything necessary to make your service more effective.

If you are on the right Path, the further you follow it, the more Divine features and perfection you will be endowed with ”.


At the conclusion of this Message, Archangel Michael assured us:

“... all the light-bearers, even if they are in the minority now, are protected unfailingly!

The odds are always in favor of those who are with God. And it has always been so.

Those changes on Earth that were to take place in due time in accordance with the plan of God were made not by numbers but by faith and devotion.

Therefore, do not be confused by this temporary predominance of the forces in the physical plane that you have become used to calling the forces of darkness. In reality their time has expired. No matter how violently they behave at the end of the day their power is nearing the end.

I and my legions are fully at your disposal. And if you appeal to us, we are ready to give you all the help that can be given according to your Faith… ”


In His Message of January 5, 2007, Saint Michael the Archangel gave the most important Teaching on replacing fear with Divine Love. He has come to put end to our fears!

“A large number of people feel fear. Fears are actually a scourge of your time. Fear exists where there is lack of Divine Love. And there is lack of Love everywhere in your world.

You cannot fight with your fears. The energy you will direct to that fight will only strengthen your fears. But you can dissolve your fears with a universal solvent, which is the Love of your hearts. Therefore, all that you need to do in the nearest future is to open your hearts to Love, Divine Love. And as your world is filled up with Divine Love, your fears will vanish like the mist clears away with the beginning of a new day ”.


Archangel Michael

Here, Archangel Michael says that the fear of death is the prevailing fear in our world. He explains:

“You are afraid of something that does not exist in nature. You are afraid of something you created by your imperfect consciousness. You are afraid of death, but death does not exist. Death exists only in your consciousness. There is only eternal life and eternal bliss in the Divine World. Death is, in fact, only the transition of your soul from one life form to another “.

Archangel Michael assures us: "... death does not exist ... all your fears are generated by your consciousness. When you let Love in your consciousness, it will dissolve all your fears including the fear of death ”.

In the Message “On protection against the lowest levels of the subtle plane ”, Saint Michael the Archangel speaks of the approach, and, therefore, of the influence of the astral layers on the inhabitants of Earth:

“I have come with my Legions of the Blue Flame of Protection. I have come to tell you that despite the whole complexity and unpredictability of the situation formed on Earth, we carry on our service and bear the responsibility for guarding everyone who turns to us for help and protection.

The Higher planes have cleared the unusual penetrations, and all of those who are unfriendly toward Earth’s evolution and do not want to cooperate with us, the Ascended Masters, are pressed close to Earth’s physical plane. Therefore, the influence of not the best layers of the subtle world on the inhabitants of Earth is increasing at this time ”.


Archangel Michael further explains:

“This stage of evolution is natural, and you will have to learn to live under conditions when the astral plane and the lowest layers of the mental plane are approaching.

While you are keeping your consciousness concentrated on the Divine world and experiencing a sense of invincibility, you have nothing to fear. Most inhabitants of the astral plane tremble at the fieriness of your chakras. You are a source of danger to them, and indeed, those of you who let the fire into your physical world can clear the astral plane with the fire of Kundalini or with the sword of Kundalini. An unconscious ascension of Kundalini energies neutralizes hordes of inhabitants of the astral plane ”.


He warns us:

“ You are invincible to the astral plane. However, if you allow imperfect states such as sadness, melancholy, fear, hatred, or hostility to enter your consciousness, then your vibrations get lower and you become vulnerable to the astral plane. Therefore, we come again and again and ask you to pay attention to the hygiene of your consciousness and to cleanse it from everything low-vibrational and everything incompatible with the Divine world.

Each of you is responsible for the state of your own consciousness ”.


Beloved Archangel Michael reminds us that when we seek help, we need to make Calls:

“ My Angels and I are always at your service, particularly at difficult moments of your life when you lose control over yourself and become vulnerable to the dark forces. You can always turn to us for help. Whole legions of my guardian angels are ready to give you help and protection 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to ask us for help; it is our duty and obligation to help people. We cannot start fulfilling our duties until you call us; however, your call makes us respond and come to you to help in a difficult situation “.

The Message of Archangel Michael “ I am calling you into the future!” is a warning. It is a fiery Call, a guide to action, so that we can climb to the next level of consciousness, and, together with the Ascended Hosts, take responsibility for everything happening on our beloved planet :


Archangel Michael

“ Now and for the coming days, the time has come when we must focus our efforts on helping the planet. And this is my Message and my warning to you.

... you have reached the time when you have to share the responsibility for everything that happens on the planet along with the Ascended Hosts.

And this is the next level of consciousness to which you should rise.

... The time is coming when you should follow the direction that you get from your hearts.

... if you are honest with yourself, if you enter your heart and feel the vibrations of a more subtle plane, then you will undoubtedly hear the disturbing alarm that is ringing on planet Earth. And this alarm is a danger signal. It is an indicator of the trouble of the planet.

Much is at stake at this moment. Most human individuals are not ready for a change of consciousness. And volunteers are needed to demonstrate a new level of consciousness, the consciousness that is not tied to the physical or astral plane but is ready to cooperate with the Higher Worlds.

You all are interconnected in more subtle planes of being. And there is a necessity for a higher frequency of consciousness to resonate like a tuning fork in space, so that the souls of those people who are stuck in the illusion rise again and cast their glances toward Heaven.

I envy those of who are incarnated at this very difficult time because the future of the planet and of millions of souls who are caught in the illusion and do not see that daylight depends on your ability to keep your consciousness pure, Heavenward, and in accordance with the Higher Worlds.

Lead by example! Be brave, be enduring, and be inventive. Invent the ways that will carry millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Do sound on the top note. Do set the pattern!

I am calling you into the future!

I AM Archangel Michael! ”


Temple of Faith and Protection -
Retreat of the Archangel Michael and Faith


Lake Louise in Canada


The Temple of Faith and Protection located in the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada.

Archangel Michael and Faith are the Hierarchs of this Retreat, the Home of Legions of Blue- Lightning Angels who come from all ends of the Universe to serve the planet Earth in its travail. Bands of Angels serving under the Archangels of the other six rays also gather here, where great conclaves of the angelic hosts are held under the sponsorship of Michael, the Prince of the Archangels.

The Temple is round, inlaid with gold, diamonds and sapphires. There are four entrances marking the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock lines of the focus, forming a square platform beneath the Temple.

Each entrance has a forty-foot golden door, approached by forty-nine steps. Blue sapphires adorn the golden doors and the golden dome in a radial pattern. Beautiful gardens, fountains and white marble benches surround the Temple.

The pyramid-shaped altar is made of white and blue diamonds; the color of the flame ranges from a deep sapphire blue to a pastel, almost white hue. The seats that surround the altar in concentric rings accommodate thousands of Angels. Two large balconies form circular rings inside the Temple. The flame in the center rises toward the golden dome, which is studded with blue sapphires on the outside and blue diamonds on the inside.

After the coming of the First Root Race to the planet, when the Archangels acted as Lords of the Rays until the time when they were appointed from among mankind, a Retreat was hewn out of the mountain, a physical focus to which all might come to renew their energies, their Faith in the Divine Plan for their lifestreams and their enthusiasm to serve the Will of God. After the descent of mankind’s consciousness into duality, the physical temple was destroyed, but the etheric focus lived on, as tangible as a physical temple ever was to those who travel there in their finer bodies.



When men departed from their original state of innocence and perfection, they lost their own innate protection.

Archangel Michael and Archea Faith invite unascended lifestreams to come to Their Retreat during their night sleep to strengthen their Faith and grasp of the power of God's Will.

Archangel Michael charges us with Faith so that we can fulfill our inner vows, our Divine mission. Each of us, before coming to incarnation, stood before the Karmic Board and promised to carry out his ministry.

The keynote of Archangel Michael is - “The Navy Hymn” by John Bacchus Dykes. The music of the “Bridal Chorus” from the opera” Lohengrin “- by Richard Wagner magnifies the radiation of the Archangels and the angelic hosts. Archangel Michael is the sponsor of police departments and other law enforcement agencies around the world.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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