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My angels and I are ready to come at your first call!

Saint Michael the Archangel
July 15, 2006

I AM Michael, having come!

I have come! I have come in order to manifest my arrival in the physical plane through this Messenger!

I am happy to meet you again, and I hope that our meeting will be beneficial for you because all our contacts and interactions are very important.

You know me as the head of the Army of Lord who fights against any manifestation of negative energy. Yes, I serve to guard the interests of God of this Universe and do my job as my honor directs me.

My angels and I are ready to come at your first call or demand to give you the help that you ask for. Many kinds of evil spirits are staying in the astral plane of planet Earth, and according to my position, I am the one whose duty is to watch that these evil spirits do not impede the evolutionary development on the planet. I keep the order and assist your evolutionary development. I respond to your calls and carefully perform accordingly, but only when they correspond with God's Will.

Now I am ready to serve with redoubled power and energy, as I am glad to notice that a large number of human individuals have come to their senses and try to understand the Law of this Universe and to follow it. It makes us very happy. However, there is an aftertaste of sadness in this good news because there are those who have fallen so low in their consciousness that they cannot follow the evolutionary path any further. We act as grave diggers for those people. After the death of the individuals who have completely deprived themselves of the connection with God, there is a dark energetic cloud left in the subtle plane that cannot evolve further. Our task is to take this cosmic garbage away, to give way to everything that follows evolution an opportunity to progress. It is sad that many humans have attached themselves to the physical plane so tightly that they cannot continue their development. This life of theirs will be the last one because they have had no connection with God for many incarnations and they do not aspire to have this connection — the evolutionary process is over for them. They cannot stay on Earth any longer, and they will have to resume their evolutionary path on other planets in lower forms or get off the path of their individual development completely and return to the heart of the One for repolarization. All of that creates much work for my legions and me, but this work of ours clears the Path for you, those of you who follow the Law of this Universe.

You should not pay much attention to the things that are not related to your evolution. But my legions and I would be grateful to you if you read the prayer calls so that we could do our job in the subtle plane more successfully.

You know that many catastrophes and natural disasters happen in which many people perish. People perish for different reasons, and you cannot judge about those reasons or analyze them. But you can help the souls of those people who make their transition in tragic circumstances. And if you read a prayer call to me and my legions and ask us to take over the control of people’s souls who perished in one or another catastrophe, it will make our work easier.

So please, if you are the witness of any catastrophe or you know about it from the news, do read the following call prayer:

"In the name of God the Almighty, in the name of my Higher Self, I ask beloved Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angels to take control over the situation connected with the following incident [indicate the exact place and give a description of the incident, for example, the catastrophe connected with the fall of the aircraft in …]. I ask you and your angels to help the souls of the people who perished in the catastrophe and escort them to the level of the Higher plane according to their attainments gained in this and in previous lives. May it be done according to God's Holy Will. Amen.

It is hard to overestimate your help to those souls because you give these souls a chance to not stray on the lower levels of the astral plane but to rise with our help to the retreats of the etheric octaves where they will be given all necessary help and rehabilitation before their next embodiment.

Never judge whether the people around you are worthy or not in God's view. Human consciousness can neither know the level of achievements of other people nor the degree of their merits before God. It can be seen only from our level and plane who is who and what the merits of everyone are before God and people. Do not burden yourself with the excessive care of saving other people's souls. Do think more about saving your own soul. My angels and I are always ready to come and help you and to protect you from unforeseen situations in which you may find yourself if your karma allows my angels and me to render this help to you. Therefore, please do care about acquiring merits and good karma so that in critical moments of your life you can have enough energy for your prayer call to be fulfilled.

My angels and I always stand guard and are tirelessly on twenty-four hour watch. We serve mankind of Earth. I ask you not to forget about us and to call us for help in your everyday prayers and in the silence of your hearts.

Oh, it is so good to hear the words of gratitude from the people who have been given help. I simply bathe in the rays of your Love when you send me your Love and Gratitude. At those moments I am overwhelmed with so much Divine energy that my efforts directed at helping mankind of Earth increase manifold.

I am happy that there are people among you who are ready to send me their Love without asking me for anything. Your Love helps me to serve those who need my help and protection with redoubled energy.

And now I am ready to give you one more important direction. And that direction is related to your connection with your Higher Self. Many people make attempts to communicate with their Higher Self now. It makes the Ascended Hosts happy and they welcome it. But you should always remember that you are exposed to danger on the way to communicating with your Higher Self, just as you are in any activity having a dual character on planet Earth. When your motive is not pure enough and the purity of your low bodies is not enough, but your desire to have this contact in the subtle plane is strong, you can get the experience of communication — not with your Higher Self but with beings of the astral plane who, at best can play a trick on you, or at worst can enslave you and use you for their benefit. So, approach your contact with your Higher Self under the guidance of an experienced instructor, and before starting your meditation, always address me with a call or request to protect you from any negative impacts in the subtle plane and from the influence of any beings, demons, and non-incarnated spirits.

I strongly advise that you do not miss this call before every meditation of yours and before any attempt to communicate with your Higher Self.

Remember that nobody can forbid you from experimenting on your communication with the subtle world, but you bear the entire karmic responsibility when you start interacting with the forces of the dark, and basically staying and acting in the astral plane. And you always get in touch with the astral plane during your meditation — at least until you learn to rise to the Higher octaves of Light instantly like a high-speed elevator.

I have given you much information for your consideration today, and now I am saying goodbye to you.

I AM Saint Michael the Archangel, and I bring you the blue flame of my protection.

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia