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On protection against the lowest levels of the subtle plane

Saint Michael the Archangel
June 28, 2007

I AM Saint Michael the Archangel and have come to you today.

I have come with my legions of the blue flame of protection. I have come to tell you that despite the whole complexity and unpredictability of the situation formed on Earth, we carry on our service and bear the responsibility for guarding everyone who turns to us for help and protection.

I have to tell you that your time is different from past times. There were also moments in the past when the subtle plane, and especially the lowest levels of the astral plane, approached Earth, but now the closeness of the worlds is caused by the very course of evolutionary development.

The Higher planes have cleared the unusual penetrations, and all of those who are unfriendly toward Earth’s evolution and do not want to cooperate with us, the Ascended Masters, are pressed close to Earth’s physical plane. Therefore, the influence of not the best layers of the subtle world on the inhabitants of Earth is increasing at this time.

This stage of evolution is natural, and you will have to learn to live under conditions when the astral plane and the lowest layers of the mental plane are approaching. Not the best achievements of humankind are concentrated in those layers. Many human generations created low-quality images and thoughts, and now you are forced to face your own creations. It is similar to a battle where you encounter not only your unreal part but also the unreal part of the collective unconsciousness of humankind, which was created by many generations of people.

The worlds have come close to each other, and karma can be worked out only by you. The existing clusters of negative energy have to be worked out by you now. There are individuals who have cleared their auras and chakras to such an extent that they are capable of letting a lot of light into the dense, physical world, and when that Light passes into your world, it can serve to dissolve the darkness that has accumulated on the subtle planes close to Earth.

When the vibrations of your bodies become much higher than the average vibrations of the majority of humankind, you become capable of feeling the astral plane and its inhabitants. Those people who have not achieved considerable progress in cleansing their four lower bodies still live in the physical world and do not feel the subtle plane.

At your time there are places where the worlds closely approach each other and penetrate one another. Not all human individuals are able to feel the subtle plane; however, in order to go further along the way of evolutionary development, it is necessary for you to know a particular safety technique for contacts with the lowest layers of the subtle world, the lowest layers of the astral and mental planes.

There are periods of time when creatures of those planes become visible or tangible for the most sensitive human individuals. You may feel unreasonable anxiety or insomnia; you may see moving figures colored in dirty grey with your peripheral vision. You should know that not a single inhabitant of the astral plane and no energy of the astral plane can cause harm to you while you are confident in your own invincibility and protection. Therefore, you need to learn not to feel fear, no matter what situation you are in and no matter what you sense. Only your imperfections can make the astral plane attack you and cause harm to you. While you are keeping your consciousness concentrated on the Divine world and experiencing a sense of invincibility, you have nothing to fear. Most inhabitants of the astral plane tremble at the fieriness of your chakras. You are a source of danger to them, and indeed, those of you who let the fire into your physical world can clear the astral plane with the fire of Kundalini or with the sword of Kundalini. An unconscious ascension of Kundalini energies neutralizes hordes of inhabitants of the astral plane.

You are invincible to the astral plane. However, if you allow imperfect states such as sadness, melancholy, fear, hatred, or hostility to enter your consciousness, then your vibrations get lower and you become vulnerable to the astral plane. Therefore, we come again and again and ask you to pay attention to the hygiene of your consciousness and to cleanse it from everything low-vibrational and everything incompatible with the Divine world.

Each of you is responsible for the state of your own consciousness. There are some people who do not understand the Teaching we are giving. Many feel irritation when reading our Messages. That only demonstrates that their vibrations and level of consciousness are insufficient to accept the Teaching being given by us through our Messenger. You should understand that there are many levels of consciousness development in your world. There are individuals who stubbornly do not want to develop, and they miss one cosmic opportunity after another.

Now the time has come when people with broader consciousness have to unite in order to cultivate new patterns of morality. You remember what the Bible says about Sodom and Gomorrah. There were always people with a higher consciousness and there were always people who did not want to follow the Divine patterns of behavior. From the Bible you very well know how everything ended.[1] That is why what we teach concerns each and every one who lives on Earth now. Those who understand our Teaching and follow it are happy. You have noticed that we intentionally avoid any religiousness, any religious dogmas and rules. Our task is to give you a new model of the moral law, and if you follow it you will be able to complete your exodus to the new reality.

My Angels and I are always at your service, particularly at difficult moments of your life when you lose control over yourself and become vulnerable to the dark forces. You can always turn to us for help. Whole legions of my guardian angels are ready to give you help and protection 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to ask us for help; it is our duty and obligation to help people. We cannot start fulfilling our duties until you call us; however, your call makes us respond and come to you to help in a difficult situation.

Now I would like to give you a short call, which you can use in any critical situation:

"In the name of God the Almighty, Archangel Michael, come and help me now!!!"

After this call you can describe the situation, which requires interference and help. Do not be afraid to trouble us with your requests and calls, for it is our job to help humankind.

And now before saying goodbye to you, I have to remind you once again that the best protection for you is keeping a high level of vibrations. Follow the advice given to you by the Masters in order to constantly keep your consciousness at a high level.

I AM Saint Michael the Archangel!

[1] Sodom and Gomorrah are two towns that are mentioned in the Bible in relation to the extreme wickedness of their inhabitants. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah happened after Abraham failed to find even ten righteous men in Sodom. According to the Book of Genesis (19:24-28), God poured a rain of sulphur and fire over the towns of the plain.

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