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A Teaching on deliverance from bad habits and resistant negative states of consciousness

Saint Michael the Archangel
January 3, 2008

I AM Archangel Michael, having come to you today!

I have come in order to tell you about a very important and far-reaching decision. I have brought this joyful news to you on the wings of Victory!

It seems to you in your physical world that there are no changes; it is very difficult for you in your physical world to orientate yourselves to the news that overflows the subtle world.

The angels have already spread this joyful news all over the Universe, and I have come to give you a chance to rejoice with us, the Legions of the Blue Flame!

We have received an opportunity from the Great White Throne, and we are very excited about this new opportunity.

This opportunity provides impenetrable and invincible protection, literally an armor of Light to every light-bearer incarnated on planet Earth who has taken the obligation to Serve the Great White Brotherhood and the Legions of Light.

Many of you, when taking responsibilities to Serve, experience terrible attacks and temptations from those forces that do not want any changes, do not want anything to be changed, and do not want their ability to manipulate the astral plane to decrease.

Now their time is up. Now you have the opportunity to call for my personal protection, and I will assign 12 angels of protection from my Legions of the Blue Flame to each of you.

Imagine that 12 angels of protection will always be with you 24 hours a day.

You will be able to call upon your angels and ask them to protect you at any time during the day or night!

I foresee that many of you will ask if you have those angels of protection at your personal disposal.

The answer to this question is very simple and you, each of you, know this answer.

It is enough for you to sincerely answer "yes to the following questions:

Have you really devoted your whole life to serving the Great White Brotherhood?

Do you put the interests of the Brotherhood in first place in your life?

Are you ready to sacrifice everything that you have in order to continue your Service regardless of anything?

Are there any bad habits and attachments to your world left within yourselves?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then you already have 12 angels of protection at your disposal!

If you have not discovered within yourselves these noteworthy features but you aspire to get rid of your imperfections and devote your life to Service, then you will have to call upon me personally every day and ask me to help you at the beginning.

You can say a prayer call: "Archangel Michael, come to help me!" At this call from you I will rush and send you my blue ray of protection at any time of the day or night!

None of you will remain without my protection. All of you are under reliable guardianship and protection!

However, I will not be able to help you if you do not want to get rid of your imperfections, bad habits, and attachments. Every bad habit or attachment of yours is a breach in your aura, and you become vulnerable to different forces and astral manipulators. You yourselves choose whom you are with.

Unfortunately, the law of free will does not allow me to interfere when you voluntarily attach yourselves to the astral plane with addictions to alcohol, nicotine, rock music, drugs, or different kinds of abuse of sexual energy.

You alone decide who you go with. Sometimes it is enough for you to wish to get rid of a bad habit and to ask me sincerely to help you, and you will receive deliverance.

However, sometimes you do not even want to get rid of your attachments.

That is the choice that you are making yourselves. We are standing aside watching when Life the Great Teacher teaches you, when you lose your health or interest in life to such an extent that at the end you will implore and turn to the Higher Hosts for help!

I am asking you that at the moment when you make your call for help or pray, do remember this moment or mark it in your diary. The truth is that we cannot render you help immediately. We cannot do that due to the inertness of matter, and also because sometimes we have to neutralize huge, karmic, negative-energy accumulations in your aura.

If you have had bad habits and attachments for most of your life and at a mature age you make your appeal, being burdened with illnesses, then in the best case, we need seven years in order to render you the help. Of course, if you have a large momentum of accumulated good karma,[1]then we can use your good karma in order to release you from your attachment or from a bad habit. In this case, you can receive healing immediately, as soon as you voice your appeal.

Now I would like to say a few words about some rigid states of your consciousness connected with fears and apprehensions.

In many cases the reason for the fears is karmic, and its roots can go back several incarnations. However, in addition to getting rid of bad habits, you can also get rid of the rigid negative states of your consciousness.

There is nothing impossible for God! If you pray and do this genuinely, sooner or later you will get rid of everything that burdens you.

However, you have to remember that your deliverance from everything that impedes you should be justified by your deeds that you perform for the Glory of God.

The release from bad habits, illnesses, or rigid negative states does not have any sense if you do not use the released time, energy, and strength in order to perform the deeds of God in your physical octave.

I have raised very important questions related to your Service. For many people, if not for most who are reading our Messages now, it is not clear how they can serve the Masters, how they can do God's deeds in the physical octave. Address these questions to yourselves and you will receive the answers.

The whole activity of the Great White Brotherhood on planet Earth is connected exactly with making non-ascended humankind join the work that the Brotherhood is performing for the good of the evolutions of planet Earth.

If you carefully read all of our Messages that we have given through our Messenger, then the term Service, as well as the term Path of Initiations, will be fully revealed before you.

I AM Archangel Michael, wholly at your service!

[1] A Teaching on good karma, Beloved Kuthumi, June 6, 2005 in Words of Wisdom Volume 1 available from

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