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Beloved El Morya
June 27, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you again.

Since the moment of our last meeting, an important event has taken place about which I would like to tell you in the course of our conversation today. You know that on the 23rd of each month you are provided with an opportunity to transmute your karma of the following month with the help of reading prayers, decrees, Rosaries, or mantras.

You also know that on the 23rd of June the proceedings of the Karmic Board began and it will be in session for two weeks. In the course of this session it was decided that beginning from the next month — the 23rd of July 2005 — and on the 23rd of each month, including the 23rd of December this year, you will be granted an unparalleled opportunity to transmute your personal karma and the karma of the planet.

Those of you who find time on the 23rd of each month to perform an easy ritual that I will describe below will create conditions for their progress and for the transition to the new level of consciousness. Such an opportunity has never been granted before.

You can take advantage of this opportunity only until the end of this year. And you will see how far your consciousness is able to progress in its desire to achieve a higher level. In fact, the only thing that separates you from a higher level of consciousness is your karma. It covers you like a dome, and you are unable to see the things as they are in reality, because you are prevented from doing so by the negative energy contained in your four lower bodies.

If a high enough number of people transmute their karma for at least one hour during the day on the 23rd of each month until the end of this year, the efforts you make on karma transmutation will be multiplied in proportion to the number of people who take part in this devotional vigil.

Thus, for example, if on the 23rd of July, 23rd of August, 23rd of September, 23rd of October, 23rd of November, and 23rd of December you devote one hour a day to the transmutation of the karma of the following month, and if one thousand people all over the globe take part in this vigil together with you, your efforts will be multiplied a thousand-fold. If ten thousand people take part in the vigil, your efforts will be intensified myriads of times.

That is why I ask you to take to heart this new opportunity granted to you by God. Do not miss your chance.

We are fully aware of the fact that many people reading these Dictations belong to different religious confessions and adhere to different devotional practices.

So, you should not be embarrassed by the fact that you will not be united by a communal prayer. Read your usual prayers and decrees. The most important thing is the tuning of your consciousness. You should aspire with all your being to join your personal efforts together with the efforts of thousands of light-bearers from all over the world. Just imagine how much Light will be released on these days! And all this Light will be used in accordance with your calls and will be intensified proportionally to the number of people who take part in the vigil on the 23rd of each of the months mentioned above.

If you are not used to the devotional practice, you can find an hour and devote it especially to the ritual described above. In the process of the ritual you can do your everyday chores, for example: Clean your apartment, work on your grounds, or just be at your work place, but you should constantly maintain the highest available level of consciousness and direct the energy that comes to your bodies from the Divine reality at this moment onto the transmutation of the karma of the following month.

Do your usual and habitual work during the day, and at the same time, constantly try to visualize the energy coming into your heart along the crystal string and to concentrate on directing it onto those situations in your and the planet’s life that require transformation.

You may even be unaware of how to solve the problems you face in your life. Just send the Divine energy into such a situation and ask to use this energy for its Divine solution.

If your living circumstances allow it, you can devote more than an hour to this vigil — as much as is not burdensome for you.

The Earth needs a spring-cleaning. Let us direct our efforts together onto this spring-cleaning until the end of this year.

Remember that the flow of the Divine energy that you will be able to send and that will be multiplied depends on the purity of your motives and hearts. So, if you try to use this dispensation with a mercenary motive or in order to settle old scores, you will create karma that will also be multiplied in proportion with the number of people participating in the vigil. Consequently, if your motive is not pure enough, it would be better for you to refrain from taking part in the vigil.

Such is the peculiarity of your world, unfortunately. And any dispensation, any Divine mercy in your world is something that cuts both ways.

Your world is a place where the grain is separated from the weeds. And it is you with your actions who separate within yourselves the things that are from God from those that are not from God.

For some people this dispensation will result in an unprecedented growth of their consciousness, while for others the time will come to make a final choice whom to serve.

You do not even need to concentrate on where your energy is directed. The energy will be made the best of. Just express a desire on this day to give your Divine energy for the transmutation of your personal karma, your country’s karma, or the planet’s karma.

And the more disinterestedly you sacrifice your energy, the faster and more correctly will all the karmic situations in your life be resolved.

Allow the Supreme Law to use your energy. Do not make it a condition that God should help you to resolve your situation as you think proper.

God grants each of you an opportunity to redeem errors. Just wish always to obey the Will of God. Even if you are bedridden or wheelchair-bound due to a disease and can neither read prayers nor work, just send your Love to that Master to whom you feel a special affinity. It can be Mother Mary, or Jesus, or Saint Germain. Your Love is the best and the purest energy that will be multiplied without fail.

I would like to stress the fact that each of you has an opportunity to take advantage of this dispensation. Each of you has a chance to rise in his consciousness onto a higher level and to free yourself from a huge part of your karma. But you should endeavor with the best efforts of your heart for that. You should do it sincerely and open-heartedly. It is your own purity and sincerity that determine whether you will receive your reward in the form of ascension onto a new stage of the Divine consciousness at the end of the year. Try not to slip down and not to yield to bad thoughts and motives.

I hope we will be able to meet with you at the end of the year and to add up all the benefits of this new opportunity granted to you.

I AM El Morya, with the Faith in your success.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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