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What do the Ascended Masters say about America

Beloved Lanello

We are establishing our focus of Light in the Land of Russia

“I AM Lanello, having come to you through this Messenger.

Do you remember me? I AM the one who founded the organization called the Summit Lighthouse in the United States in 1958.

… You know that I and Elizabeth were embodied there (Russia) as Tsarevitch Alexey and Tsarevna Anastasia. But our mission was interrupted at the very beginning owing to the Revolution and subsequent shooting of the Tsar’s Family”…

Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet), April 6, 2005

Beloved Saint-Germain

Take for the basis of your activity those Divine ideas that are given to you by the Masters

The Ascended Master Godfre was embodied as George Washington, the first President of the United States of America.

“I AM Godfre. I have come through this Messenger.

Probably, you do not know me. I am known more in America, the country I love very much, where I was embodied many times. I was there when the country began, and I always strived to support the principles of democracy and freedom.

Everything can change, but democracy and freedom must keep on being the basis of this country. As long as these principles are unshakeable, this country will prosper.

…promise me you will reread these Dictations. Every day from now on you will read one Dictation given through this Messenger. You will meditate upon every word of these Dictations. And you will realize that there is not a word told that has no purpose. Every piece of advice we give you is of extreme importance specifically for your countries…

Please, approach the words of the Dictations very attentively. And I ask you to pay special attention to the exercises and advice of the Masters given to you in abundance.

Beloved, this is a question of your faith…

…during almost the entire 20th century the Ascended Hosts had been giving their advice and knowledge to the people of this country (America). It was an unprecedented effusion of Light and Divine Wisdom.

…Please, beloved, do take seriously the opportunity of the new dispensation given to you by God.

The success and the speed of the transformations for the peoples of your countries depend only on you, on your perception of the given information, and on your capability to apply it in your lives.

That is why I repeat again and again: take these Dictations; read them. This is the instrument that is capable of changing your consciousness and giving you an impulse, directing your progress in the next few decades.

...first of all, you must master this knowledge yourselves. You change your consciousness, and this process is followed by changes in the world around you.”

Master Godfre, April 21, 2005


Saint Michael Archangel

Goddess of Liberty

“I AM the Goddess of Liberty. I have come today in order to affirm the quality of Freedom in your minds and hearts. Before giving this Message, I was thinking about how I could more clearly convey information to the people who read these Messages.

I am among the Masters who patronize America. I hold the focus of Freedom for America and for the whole world in New York.

I am also a member of the Karmic Board, and you can appeal to me personally, especially if you have any questions after my Message today.

I would like to talk about the quality of freedom. I cannot help telling you about this quality because it is one of the most important qualities that make à person similar to God.

…We are talking about freedom, but many people start thinking about permissiveness, about the freedom to be engaged in whatever matters they wish at a given moment. Because their state of consciousness is imperfect, many wish to be freely engaged in the most unseemly actions, and they will be very displeased if they are prohibited from doing so”.

The Goddess of Liberty, December 21, 2009

Lord Maitreya

Let your consciousness go beyond the limits of your family, your city, and your country and take the whole Earth as your native home

“I clearly understand that it is a very hard step for the proud Americans to accept the Teaching coming from Russia. However, it is exactly this way, by accepting this Teaching coming from Russia that America can restore the energy balance and thus avoid many natural disasters, as well as economic failures.

Therefore, I ask you to help spread this message of mine in the land of America, as well as other messages that we are giving through our messenger.

The very geographical position of these two countries, America and Russia, being on the opposite sides of the globe, will enable aligning of the situation on the planet, and have the opportunity to evenly change the people's consciousness in those countries.

I appeal to the daughters and the sons of America through the Russian messenger. And I am asking you to overcome those qualities of yours which impede your perception of the information coming from the other country.

…There is not any “most important” country on the planet. But there are people who let themselves overcome their own limitations and raise their consciousness to a decent level. The level of god-man, whom all of you should inevitably become.”

Lord Maitreya, June 5, 2006

Sanat Kumara

We would like to incline you to fulfill new tasks

I should say that you have come to your world in order to act. You have come primarily to carry out specific actions on the physical plane. Therefore, you should take care of and be concerned about the environment around you. Leave alone everything that happens outside your planet and in other worlds and spaces. Believe me, there are enough Beings of Light in space that are performing their work at a proper level. I suggest that you concentrate on the needs of your planet, particularly on the needs of the people who are around you. Take control of everything that you can take under your control. Strive for the Divine patterns of behavior to be manifested in everything that surrounds you. This concerns not only the cleanliness of your homes and workplaces but also the cleanliness of your thoughts and your behavior in everything. You are those people who are making an impact on the whole world. With your help will we be able to change this world. Very few people in relation to the total number of people inhabiting Earth read these Dictations. Though you may not believe me, if only just several thousand people in every nation get access to these Dictations, and with the help of these Dictations they change their consciousness, then that will be enough to change the situation in their countries and in all countries on the planet. It is important to have points of Light and the support through which we can carry out our actions. And I must tell you that we have received such support this year.

Fortunately, it applies not only to Russia but also many other countries of the world, especially Bulgaria, Ukraine, and some other countries that have an opportunity to read and understand the Russian text. Therefore, the primary task at this point is the translation of these Dictations into other languages of the world, and first of all, into English. Since those hurricanes and disasters that America has gone through this year are a direct consequence of its inability to have kept the focus of Light, we have been forced to move it to Russia. (Huriccane Katrina) Therefore, the extent to which America will be able to able to perceive our information that we are giving through the Russian Messenger, depends on whether America will be able to keep itself as a civilized and highly-developed country in the near future.

Therefore, I am appealing to everyone who reads these Dictations and has an opportunity to translate them into English. (All the Messages are translated by now.) It is your turn to serve the world. In your hands are the destiny and lives of millions of people who cannot receive our energy and our information, and that is why their countries are exposed and will be exposed to those terrible natural disasters that they could not even imagine in their consciousness before. I am also asking those people of America who can overcome a bias and perceive the information being given by us through our Russian Messenger: Cast away all prejudices and dogmas of your consciousness. Trust your hearts. Do everything that is in your power to spread the information that is being given by us, in English-speaking countries.”

Sanat Kumara, December 12, 2005