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We would like to incline you to fulfill new tasks

Sanat Kumara, December 12, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come in order to open the new cycle of Dictations that we wish to give through our Messenger.

You know that we have already given the Dictations through our Messenger this year. And it has been an important condition to spread these Dictations widely enough among the people of Russia and all over the world.

We are glad that our condition has been met. Thousands of people, not only from Russia but also from all over the world, could become familiar with our Dictations and receive from the Ascended Hosts the information so necessary for many at the given stage of the evolutionary development.

We are pleased to state that our efforts and our energy have not been wasted in vain. You have completed your portion of the work, and now we can continue what was planned and give some more information related to the events of this year and the following year, concerning what you should prepare for, what you should care about, and what measures to take.

Therefore, I come again, and I wish to declare that no matter how difficult it may be, we will fulfill the obligations given to mankind of Earth and render all necessary and feasible help that mankind needs at the given stage of the evolutionary development.

Every time we will be giving our instructions, we will place a particle of the Divine energy into our Messages. And you will drink and enjoy the nectar of the Divine energy again. Like last time, we are asking our Messenger to ensure the appearance of these Dictations on the website the same day they will be given. It will give you an opportunity to be virtually present at the reception of these Dictations, no matter where you are on the globe. All you will have to do is turn your computer on and get on the Internet.

For those people who do not have access to a computer, we will give an opportunity to read these Dictations a little later through the printed edition.

Now I would like to get to the main thing that we have again come to you for. It concerns the turn of the year and the beginning of the new yearly cycle. We would like to incline you to fulfill new tasks and new goals that you must set for yourselves and fulfill the next year. Therefore, take the information that will be given to you now and in the following Dictations seriously.

So, it is necessary to sum up the results of the past year of 2005. We are doing it with great joy because despite all the twists, turns, and disasters of this year, we were able to achieve the main goal — the transition of the consciousness of many people to the new, higher level. And that has taken place; it has happened! Therefore, the results of this year are impressive, and these results will impact the physical illusion surrounding you without delay.

You will be able to feel those blissful changes that you deserve from your hard work, your prayer vigils, and your deeds that you carry out on the physical plane.

I should say that you have come to your world in order to act. You have come primarily to carry out specific actions on the physical plane. Therefore, you should take care of and be concerned about the environment around you. Leave alone everything that happens outside your planet and in other worlds and spaces. Believe me, there are enough Beings of Light in space that are performing their work at a proper level. I suggest that you concentrate on the needs of your planet, particularly on the needs of the people who are around you. Take control of everything that you can take under your control. Strive for the Divine patterns of behavior to be manifested in everything that surrounds you. This concerns not only the cleanliness of your homes and workplaces but also the cleanliness of your thoughts and your behavior in everything. You are those people who are making an impact on the whole world. With your help will we be able to change this world. Very few people in relation to the total number of people inhabiting Earth read these Dictations. Though you may not believe me, if only just several thousand people in every nation get access to these Dictations, and with the help of these Dictations they change their consciousness, then that will be enough to change the situation in their countries and in all countries on the planet. It is important to have points of Light and the support through which we can carry out our actions. And I must tell you that we have received such support this year.

Fortunately, it applies not only to Russia but also many other countries of the world, especially Bulgaria, Ukraine, and some other countries that have an opportunity to read and understand the Russian text. Therefore, the primary task at this point is the translation of these Dictations into other languages of the world, and first of all, into English. Since those hurricanes and disasters that America has gone through this year are a direct consequence of its inability to have kept the focus of Light, we have been forced to move it to Russia. Therefore, the extent to which America will be able to able to perceive our information that we are giving through the Russian Messenger, depends on whether America will be able to keep itself as a civilized and highly-developed country in the near future.

Therefore, I am appealing to everyone who reads these Dictations and has an opportunity to translate them into English. It is your turn to serve the world. In your hands are the destiny and lives of millions of people who cannot receive our energy and our information, and that is why their countries are exposed and will be exposed to those terrible natural disasters that they could not even imagine in their consciousness before. I am also asking those people of America who can overcome a bias and perceive the information being given by us through our Russian Messenger: Cast away all prejudices and dogmas of your consciousness. Trust your hearts. Do everything that is in your power to spread the information that is being given by us, in English-speaking countries.

The time for specific practical actions on the physical plane has come, and you must realize that all you have to do in the nearest future is carry out our plans for the physical octave. Do not search for anyone to be found on the other end of Earth to guide you. You will receive all the guidance, all the support, and all the necessary energy from the inside. We are giving you the knowledge of the Internal Path for that; the Path that all the devotees of all times were following; the Path that you must follow because there is no more time left to wait and postpone the realization of our plans for planet Earth. Start doing something specific right where you are now. It may be a small thing, it may be the knowledge that is contained in these Dictations that you can give to only several people living in the same town as you, or it may be lectures that you will read at school or at work. Use any opportunity to distribute our information, our energies, and our vibrations into your world.

That is what you must do right now, and that is what your main service next year will be.

Therefore, do not waste time on grand preparation for the forthcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The best service that you can render to us will be manifested in your deeds, which you will carry out under our guidance coming from within you.

Learn to listen to the voice of silence coming from within you and giving you an opportunity to experience all over again the bliss of Fatherly love of the Heavens, which the Heavens are tirelessly pouring into your world.

I AM Sanat Kumara, dwelling in the infinite Love for you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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