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Take for the basis of your activity those Divine ideas that are given to you by the Masters

Master Godfre
April 21, 2005

Master Godfre

I AM Godfre. I have come through this Messenger.

Probably, you do not know me. I am known more in America, the country I love very much, where I was embodied many times. I was there when the country began, and I always strived to support the principles of democracy and freedom.

Everything can change, but democracy and freedom must keep on being the basis of this country. As long as these principles are unshakeable, this country will prosper.

In fact, at the present stage of historical development there is nothing more important than the principles of freedom and democracy, which must be the basis of all the states existing in the world now. Freedom and democracy are the guarantors of any country, preventing it from falling into totalitarianism and helping it to provide favorable conditions of life for every citizen, not only for the governing elite.

I completely realize that today I am referring mostly to the citizens of Russia and those countries that have seen not only little freedom and democracy in their lives so far but are not even familiar with anything remotely resembling these principles.

If a person is born in prison and spends most of his life there, the state of a free person may be so inaccessible to his conscious understanding, that stories of people coming from outside may seem like fairy tales for him.

Freedom is a state of mind, a state of one’s soul. This is the goal you must aspire to reach with all your being.

Believe me, the more successful Russia and the adjacent countries become in the realization of the principles of freedom and democracy in the very near future, the faster and more successful they will be in implementing the Divine plans for these countries in the next few decades.

The combination of freedom and democracy with a deep and true faith in God will prevail in Russia and the neighboring countries in the very near future.

I understand that you take my words as a fairy tale now. Perhaps you do not attach much importance to my words. Who knows what the Ascended Masters are talking about? All this differs so much from the world around you that it seems to have no relation to you and your lives.

You are wrong, beloved; everything that we tell you, every word spoken, is of great importance for you. I understand that such an abundance of Dictations may deplete your perception of many of the actual things stated by us earlier. So, promise me you will reread these Dictations. Every day from now on you will read one Dictation given through this Messenger. You will meditate upon every word of these Dictations. And you will realize that there is not a word told that has no purpose. Every piece of advice we give you is of extreme importance specifically for your countries and especially for Russia at this particular moment.

Please, approach the words of the Dictations very attentively. And I ask you to pay special attention to the exercises and advice of the Masters given to you in abundance.

Beloved, this is a question of your faith. The more deeply you believe in the ability of the Ascended Hosts to speak to you and to give you their exhortations, the more successful will be the implementation of God’s plan for Russia in the very near future.

I would not like to commit to memory the recent sad experience of America now. But remember, during almost the entire 20th century the Ascended Hosts had been giving their advice and knowledge to the people of this country. It was an unprecedented effusion of Light and Divine Wisdom.

But I have the impression that the Dictations of the Masters were perceived by many people, if not to say by almost everybody, to be just ordinary entertainment akin to baseball or a theatre show.

Please, beloved, do take seriously the opportunity of the new dispensation given to you by God.

The success and the speed of the transformations for the peoples of your countries depend only on you, on your perception of the given information, and on your capability to apply it in your lives.

There is nothing impossible for God, beloved, and God can give you the best government and the best conditions in your countries. But if you are not ready to accept this Divine mercy into your consciousness, this mercy — this dispensation — will continue to be just a possibility and will not be able to exist in your world.

All the favorable changes in the immediate circumstances of your lives and in the conditions of existence in your countries are determined only by the level of your consciousness and by your own readiness to accept into your consciousness the principles of the Divine guidance and the Divine help for your country.

That is why I repeat again and again: take these Dictations; read them. This is the instrument that is capable of changing your consciousness and giving you an impulse, directing your progress in the next few decades.

You can remember, as for quite a long time you were forced to make abstracts of the materials of your party congresses and works of the Marxist ideology fathers. The secret is simple. The human consciousness is very mobile and restless, and in order to make something stick, it must be repeated many times until it is learned by heart.

Do you consider the words of the Masters to be of less significance for you than the words of the people whom you were citing and learning from for decades?

In order to change life around you should change your consciousness. You have received enough information. In the immediate future your task is to disseminate this Teaching among the people around you who are capable of perceiving and comprehending this knowledge, the more of them the better. But first of all, you must master this knowledge yourselves. You change your consciousness, and this process is followed by changes in the world around you. This is how the human consciousness is organized: It must always have an external Teaching and an external guideline to aspire to. You can call these things ideological conceptions, but I would prefer you to think of them as the Divine guiding principles.

The world is set in motion by ideas. Therefore, please take for the basis of your activity those Divine ideas that are given to you by the Masters. There is nothing bad about being possessed by a desire to introduce the Divine guiding principles into your life. Such a possession will at least be more useful for your souls than your attachment to transient mythical values of this world.

Again you are facing an eternal question of choice. What would you prefer? You can choose this world with its gold tinsel and golden calves or the world of the Divine. You can choose the illusion or the Divine reality. This is the only choice you make during all your life and when you go from life to life. But if we return to the qualities of freedom and democracy, I would still like you to be able to differentiate the shades inherent in these qualities in your world and in the Divine World.

No matter how much you say that Russia is a free democratic country, it will not be such until the quality of freedom, Divine freedom, germinates in your hearts and disseminates from within them throughout the whole country and the world.

I AM Godfre, and I have been with you today. I endow you with an impulse of Freedom emanating from my heart.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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