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We are establishing our focus of Light in the Land of Russia

Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet)
April 6, 2005

Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet)

I AM Lanello, having come to you through this Messenger.

Do you remember me? I AM the one who founded the organization called the Summit Lighthouse in the United States in 1958.

I established that organization following the instructions of El Morya and other Ascended Masters who were supporting that organization for almost 40 years of its existence until the moment when El Morya ceased his sponsorship of the organization in 1997.

I must give you new information regarding our sponsorship of the organizations currently operating in America.

You may know that there are several organizations in different American states, including the state of Montana, that declared themselves as the successors of the Summit Lighthouse, and the people who founded those organizations declared themselves as messengers.

Now the moment has come when I must help you clear up this confusion in your minds caused by such a large number of organizations and messengers.

My wish is to provide you with guidance as to how you should treat all those organizations.

Unfortunately, the present-day situation in America is such that none of the organizations is granted the sponsorship of the Ascended Masters, and none of the messengers who declared themselves as the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood is in fact a messenger of this Brotherhood.

Any further sponsorship of the organizations in the American territory was turned down.

Too much Light and too much Energy were wasted by the Ascended Hosts in order to establish such organizations as the Bridge to Freedom, the I AM Activity, and finally, the Summit Lighthouse. Within a short historical period such an amount of Light was freed through those organizations that hardly even as much Light had been freed during the entire period of the evolution of Earth.

The American people had a chance to be present during the immediate communications with the Ascended Hosts that were taking place literally before their eyes. They had an opportunity to feel the Light that was being released during the process of Dictations.

They were literally pressing their lips to this Light and were drinking, drinking, and drinking it.

We had their thirst slaked, and we gave exactly the amount of knowledge that it was possible to give at that particular moment in that particular country.

And what did we get at the end of the day? I will not reveal a big secret by saying that the people who were sipping the Light of the Dictations for tens of years managed to use 90 percent of that Light for their internal quarrels and squabbles.

You can only imagine how extremely sorry the Ascended Hosts felt when they watched the Light that was poured down with love into the hearts of those people turning into ashes of judgment, jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions inherent in people.

We felt extremely sorry, oh beloved, to watch the Energy of Light that was handed down with all the love being distorted.

The unprecedented dispensation granted by Heavens failed in the Land of America. And I have to verify that sorrowful fact. None of the organizations will ever be granted sponsorship of the Ascended Hosts at least not in the foreseeable future.

Many times we tried to anchor the focus of light in the territory of America, and every time we were defeated by the unpredictable and unreal part of our embodied followers.

I AM Lanello, and I have come to you to inform you about this sorrowful fact.

We are leaving the Land of America and we are relocating our Focus of Light to Russia, the Land of the Mother.

You know that the initial design of the Great White Brotherhood was to anchor the focus of Light in Russia with the purpose of implementing the Brotherhood’s plans in this country beloved by God.

Yet, the resistance of the dark forces was so great that we had to go back on this decision. During the entire 20th century we were unable to act in Russia owing to the karma that emerged there. You know that Elizabeth and I were embodied there as Tsarevitch Alexey and Tsarevna Anastasia. But our mission was interrupted at the very beginning owing to the Revolution and subsequent shooting of the Tsar’s Family.

A heavy karma befell the whole nation of Russia owing to that act. What you see now in this country — a war-like devastation in the physical plane in the absence of any apparent military actions — is the consequence of the karma created by the shooting of the Tsar’s Family.

Russia has repulsed the enemy many times during its history. And I always felt compassion for the courageous people of this country. But never until now in its history has this country had to face an invisible enemy. The enemy that has infiltrated the hearts and minds of people is inducing them to take action dissonant to the initial design of the Divine plan.

We shift our Focus of Light to the Mother’s Land — Russia — again.

And I am now addressing those residing in the Mother’s Land of Russia who can hear me and can read this Dictation.

The example of America is before your eyes. The example of Russia is also before your eyes. I mean here those actions that this country committed in the past against the Messengers of God and the representatives of the Hierarchy of Light.

The situation on planet Earth is so unpredictable that we cannot foresee in advance to what extent our efforts will be successful this time.

Yet, I can assure you that the success of the actions being undertaken by the Masters now must be entirely supported by your personal efforts.

Yes, we invested a lot of Light in the Land of America, but we did not reap anything sensible in that land. And now every subsequent dispensation is given under more severe conditions and with stronger limitations.

Now you have to start acting without having an organization to which the Masters could have had their focus anchored, with no financial resources, with nothing but your hands, your feet, your heads, and the devotion of your hearts.

This is a rigorous trial for the light-bearers of this country.

Let me assure you that the best representatives of the Light, the best Sons and Daughters of God, are embodied in Russia now.

And each of them will consider it to be an honor to fulfill their Divine mission under whatever hard conditions they will have to act in the territory of Russia this time.

You have a Messenger and you have an opportunity to receive this instruction and instructions of the other Masters.

In fact, you do not need anything else in order to start acting.

We were nourishing God’s sons and daughters in America during almost the entire 20th century.

And now we have to return to the Land of Russia to find support in the hearts of its daughters and sons who did not receive much Light, much care and guardianship of the Ascended Masters but who are quite a mature creation of Light, and are capable of acting under any circumstances and the most severe conditions peculiar to this country.

You have passed your tests and trials while dwelling far from the hothouse-like environment of the Summit Lighthouse. The very life in the conditions of the Russian state allowed you to receive the initiations you are having now.

You managed to stand your ground in these severe conditions.

All the things that were easy to realize in America owing to the principles of freedom and democracy laid in the foundation of this country by Saint Germain, were always hard to implant in the Russian soil.

A great number of daughters and sons of God perished in the concentration camps and mental hospitals. You had to go through terrible ordeals, and this hardened your hearts.

We are establishing our Focus of Light in the Land of Russia. Now it depends only on you and your efforts whether you will be able to use our sponsorship.

We are opening a Path for you. But you will have to walk along it with your own feet.

I AM Lanello, and I have come to announce the new dispensation for Russia that has already begun!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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