Elohim Cyclopea
Member Of The Karmic Board



Cyclopea- Elohim of the Fifth Ray ( green ) Ray- the Ray of Truth, healing, constancy and the desire to precipitate the abundance of God through the immaculate concept of the Holy Virgin. Holding the focus for the All-Seeing Eye of God and the purity of the science of precipitation, Cyclopea assist mankind and elemental forms of life to precipitate the abundance of the Spirit of God into manifest form.

Cyclopea is also a member of the Karmic Board, where he represents the Fourth Ray- the Ray of Purity.

Cyclopea is the Elohim of Vision, and his cosmic consciousness ensouls the vision of the Creator. Creation is an action of the faculty of God’s vision. Cyclopes holds the vision for all of life, and thus he is known as the All-Seeing Eye of God.

In his Message of April 7th 2005, transmitted to humanity through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood T.N.Mickushina, Beloved Cyclopea says:

«I AM Cyclopea. I have come to give you the Divine vision of the situation on the planet in the near future.

I AM the creator of the world of shapes, and I was the one who was materializing the Divine vision during the process of creation of the world of manifested forms.

The entire manifested world was founded with my assistance. I took a hand in every stage of manifestation of the material universe. And I AM the one who always keeps in consciousness the primordial Divine Vision and the plan of God for this universe ».

In the same Message Beloved Cyclopea explains why we are in the physical form:

«You are dwelling in the lowest point of the manifested world now. Your vibrations are in the lowest point too. And your manifested world with its vibrations corresponds to this point».

And also gives the most important knowledge about the energy structure of man:

«...your physical body represents only an insignificant part of you because its vibrations coincide with the lowest frequency of the manifestation of the Divine energy.

Your higher bodies that surround your physical body and cannot be seen with a physical eye have a higher frequency of vibrations.

Your higher bodies or your higher energetic structures are interconnected among themselves and are connected with your physical body through the system of energetic centers or chakras.

You know that along your spinal column there are seven basic energetic centers connected with your emotional body, mental body and etheric body. . In fact, the number of energetic centers located along your spine is rather more. There are also other energy centers located in other parts of your body. Through these centers your physical body is being fed by the Divine energy».



Beloved Cyclopea speaks of the insufficient development of the energy system of embodied humanity and in this regard, we are not able to receive Divine Energy through our chakras:

«I will not reveal to you a great secret if I say , that the majority of embodied people do not have any links between their higher bodies and their physical bodies due to the inactive state of their energetic centers. The main obstacle for their activity is karma, energy dense as treacle, which has stuck around their energetic centers, not letting the Divine energy pass through them.


...the majority of mankind has been deprived of an opportunity to receive the Divine energy through their chakras at all ».

And as a consequence:

«...when a person cannot receive the Divine energy through his chakras, he actually separates himself from God and the Divine Reality.


I hope that I have managed to explain to you the core of the processes occurring clearly enough.

If you do not enable God to manifest through you, then what significance do you have for God?


…in the near future an intensive differentiation will take place between the people who have chosen God and the people who have made their choice in favor of the illusory world “.

At the end of this Message Elohim Cyclopea gives us advice, and also tells us about the near future of our planet:

«Beloved , you cannot bargain with God. You cannot give the energy of prayers for receiving the pleasures of the physical world any more. The bargaining is over.

And I recommend those of you, who have not yet made a deliberate choice in favor of God, to hurry with the choice.


Let the dead bury their dead. We have grandiose opportunities for the implementation of God’s plan for planet Earth in the near future. And do not let your self be confused with the obvious injustice and various abuses that you see around you. The night is always dark before down.

But it is beginning to down, and in some time, when a few generations of people change, you will see your planet changing greatly».

Elohim Cyclopea - Member Of The Karmic Board

Third-eye chakra

Cyclopea teaches mastery of the third eye and lends his momentum of Vision for the freedom of lifewaves and planetary homes such as Earth, Venus, Mars and countless others beyond our solar system and galaxy.

In this Message of December 19th 2009, transmitted through the Messenger T.N.Mickushina, Elohim Cyclopea revealed to us the great mystery of the cosmos and told us how Higher Cosmic Beings come to us from the fiery world. Also emphasizing titanic efforts made by Them and by the Messenger in order to transmit and receive the Word of God, and the huge risk for both sides which is hidden behind this!

«I AM Cyclopea. I communicate with non-ascended humankind extremely rarely. It is too hard for you to understand me, and it is hard for me to understand you. We are separated by millions of light years. I am in the shapeless, and you are at the lowest point of manifestation.

That is why I have lowered my vibrations to the minimal level so as not to burn our Messenger with my energies. And it is still too burdensome both for me and for her».

In the same Message Elohim Cyclopea talks about the deviations of the manifested world from the Divine Plan and reminds us that we are still so deeply playing in the illusion:

«Creation is vast, and as one of the Creators of the manifested world, I am called to watch over this manifested word. I contemplate the perfection for the Divine plan for the manifested world, and I see deviations from the Divine plan.

You are so deeply playing in the illusion. The time has come for you, who are ready, who remember the world where you have come from and to where you should return. Your roles in your earthly lives are coming to the end ».

By supporting the Divine Vision for all life, Elohim Cyclopea gives us a vivid image:

«The energy that we send into your world have caused the process of the raising the most negative manifestations in this plane. Everything that was peacefully sleeping on the lower astral layers is now awakened and manifested even in the physical plane of existence.


Yes indeed, there is stale water, mud, and slime, but it is in this environment that these authentic beautiful lotuses of human consciousness grow. . It is exactly in your environment admits the surrounding chaos and rudeness that the lotuses of the Divine consciousness can bloom. And each person who can manifest the consciousness of Buddha in this environment is able to save many souls within a radius of many hundreds of miles around him or her. The net of Light formed by the individuals who have reached the Buddha’s level of consciousness is being woven at this dark time on Earth».

Elohim Cyclopea reminds us once again of the importance of the given Teaching:

«We provide our help and support for you in the form of these Messages. It is necessary for you to approach everything that is given to you very carefully. Collect every pearl and every precious jewel that is contained in each Message in safe place. And then when an even darker and gloomier time comes, take these treasures, and they can save your Life; not the life that exists on the physical plane but the Life that is eternal. Your consciousness is the ticket into the eternal world. A person who can bloom as a beautiful lotus of the Divine consciousness in the swamp of life deserves to enter into Eternal Life.

The perishable cannot enter my world. Only the imperishable, immortal part of you can exist in my world.

For this you should take care of your immortal part now. Do not store up the treasures that belong to your world; collect the treasures of Divine Wisdom that have great value in all the worlds».

The third-eye chakra, that Cyclopea learns how to master is a focus of the purity that ennobles man through the spiraling caduceus, which, when raised and anchored in the forehead, is the symbol of his winged victory and his return to wholeness of God



During the conclaves held at each half-year cycle in the Royal Teton Retreat, Cyclopea releases balls of blue fire into the atmosphere of Earth through the focus of the All-Seeing Eye at the north end of the sanctuary. These balls, with their accompanying light rays, charge the Earth with the acton of the will of God and the purity of the Divine conception of every man, woman and child on the planet.

In order to make it easier for us to follow the Will of God and master the purity of the Divine plan, Beloved Cyclopea calls upon us to devote every day to God.

In his Message of December 26, 2014 He says:

«How often do you remember the Creator and His plans in your lives?

Does this ever happen?

I think that it is not often.


...I urge you, from this day forward, to devote every day to God. You simply constantly think about God and devote all the activities of your day to God.

You can alter a particular call before the beginning of each of the activities you are going to perform during the day and ask God to take control of all your actions so that they correspond to the plans of God. You can ask that your lifestream is used by God to fulfill His plans.

Thus, performing common things during your day, you always manifest God in your lives and constantly serve God.


You simply devote to God all things that you do throughout your day.


Try to do all the things in your life only in accordance with the Divine vision.


…in order to exercise this simple practice, you will have to do at least two things every day: 1) always remember to do this practice, and 2) keep your consciousness constantly at a level that is as close to the Divine level as possible.

The doors for the Divine opportunity will always be open for those who will be able to implement this practice in their lives despite all obstacles.


You will be able to consider many things if you decide to devote your life to God.


I am telling you how it should be and what corresponds to the Divine standards.

God has given you free will and it allows you to choose whether to follow my recommendations or not.

I came in order to remind you of God and His Law and eternal Life for those who choose to be with God.

I AM Elohim Cyclopea».

Cyclopea’s aura is green with a reflection of the prism of the Christ consciousness resembling the action of crystal.



Cyclopea's and Virginia’s retreat,
temple of the Elohim of the Fifth Ray.


Cyclopea and Virginia are also known as the Elohim of Music or the God and Goddess of Music.

Through the music of the spheres, they govern the activities of speech, hearing and sight, focusing the rays of concentration and consecration to the evolutions in their care. They are cosmic patrons of music in charge of the release of the music of the spheres through the masculine and feminine rays of Alpha and Omega. These magnificent God flames have long served in this capacity on behalf of the evolutions of many systems of worlds.

Elohim Cyclopea - Member Of The Karmic Board

Altai Mountains near to Tavan Bogd

Cyclopea’s and Virginia’s Retreat focuses the energy of the third eye chakra of the planet which is located in the etheric kingdom, high in the mountains of the Altai Range, at the junction of Siberia, China and Mongolia, near Tavan Bogd. The whole Monastery is located in the etheric sphere, although it is combined with the mountains.

In this Retreat, the Masters and Angels serve the evolution of the planet, faithfully using the space science taught by Elohim.

In his Message from July 11, 2006 Beloved Cyclopea says, that in his Retreat He teaches the development of the quality of Divine Knowledge

«...we would like you to develop within yourselves the quality of the Divine vision and foresee the situation.

It is the quality of the Divine vision that I teach mankind at my retreat.

I am happy to now come out to such a wide audience that is reading these Messages in many languages. . I am happy to get across my Teaching to you- not when you are asleep, but when you are in the awakened state of mind.

The time has come now when your Divine capabilities should awaken, and you should gradually recognize your Divine purpose».

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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