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I urge you to devote every day to God.

Elohim Cyclopea
December 26, 2014

Elohim Cyclopea

I AM Elohim Cyclopea.

It has happened! I have come.

Nothing has changed for you. Everything in your world remains the same as before.

The new day is coming. There are New Year celebrations ahead.

I cannot influence your plans and your dreams.

However, in addition to your plans, there are the plans of the Creator of this Universe.

How often do you remember the Creator and His plans in your lives?

Does this ever happen?

I think that it is not often.

But there were civilizations in the past, thousands of years ago, in which people’s whole lives were submitted to God and to the fulfillment of His Will.

Those were the civilizations of the Golden Age.

Few of you who are incarnated on Earth now were lucky enough to be in embodiment in those old times.

The best representatives of humanity were incarnated in those times. Now they are far ahead on the steps of evolutionary development. And you, who are the best representatives of humanity now, are far behind them.

Nevertheless, the evolution continues and the Divine opportunity is still open for those individuals who have chosen God to be most important in their lives.

For those who have made the opposite choice and have chosen to serve their egos and the satisfaction of their insatiable desires, the door of the Divine opportunity is just about to be closed once and for all.

That is why I urge you, from this day forward, to devote every day to God. You simply constantly think about God and devote all the activities of your day to God.

You can utter a particular call before the beginning of each of the activities you are going to perform during the day and ask God to take control of all your actions so that they correspond to the plans of God. You can ask that your lifestream is used by God to fulfill His plans.

Thus, performing common things during your day, you always manifest God in your lives and constantly serve God.

This is a very simple practice. This practice does not require any additional financial investment from you nor does it require any expenditure of time.

You simply devote to God all the things that you do throughout your day.

Try to practice this for at least a year.

Soon, you will understand that not all that you do during the day corresponds to God’s plan. And very soon you will understand that there is very little in your life that corresponds to the plan of God, and many things are simply incompatible with His plan.

When the understanding of this simple Truth illuminates your consciousness, this will signify your first conscious step toward God.

Try to do all the things in your life only in accordance with the Divine vision.

Of course, in order to exercise this simple practice, you will have to do at least two things every day: 1) always remember to do this practice, and 2) keep your consciousness constantly at a level that is as close to the Divine level as possible.

The doors of the Divine opportunity will always be open for those who will be able to implement this practice in their lives despite all obstacles. You will be amazed to notice the changes that will take place in your life if you practice this simple thing every day.

You will be amazed to find that the food you eat does not correspond to the Divine standard, neither by its chemical composition nor by its energy.

In surprise, you will find out that your attitude toward child conception, birthing, and raising children is not Divine.

You will notice that all your life is full of totally useless things and, being in this whirl, you have no time to think about God.

You will see that you spend the biggest part of your life on making or saving money, which is an absolutely abstract symbol that you literally serve and worship throughout all your life.

You will find out that such notions as honor, conscience, purity, nobility, and righteousness have completely disappeared from your life.

The people who will come into embodiment in one or two generations will not understand the meanings of these words.

Only those words now cultivated by the mass media will be in their vocabulary, and these will bring the vibrations of destruction to people’s souls.

You will be able to consider many things if you decide to devote your life to God.

So, my Message will not be clear for those who do not belong to the people who chose God to be most important in their lives.

It will seem to them that I am talking about the things that have no use in their lives and cannot be implemented in the lives of the people living now.

I am telling you how it should be and what corresponds to the Divine standard.

God has given you free will and it allows you to choose whether to follow my recommendations or not.

I came in order to remind you of God and His Law and of eternal Life for those who choose to be with God.

I AM Elohim Cyclopea.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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