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We have grandiose opportunities for the implementation of God’s plan for planet Earth in the near future

Beloved Cyclopea
April 7, 2005

Beloved Cyclopea

I AM Cyclopea. I have come through this Messenger today.

I AM Elohim Cyclopea. I have come to give you the Divine vision of the situation on the planet in the near future.

I AM the creator of the world of shapes, and I was the one who was materializing the Divine vision during the process of creation of the world of manifested forms.

The entire manifested world was founded with my assistance. I took a hand in every stage of manifestation of the material universe. And I AM the one who always keeps in consciousness the primordial Divine Vision and the plan of God for this universe.

I am beginning to tell you about my Vision now.

In fact, the manifested world of shapes, in all its diversity, is a necessary part of creation and appears when the vibrations of the primordial Divine energy, which are the basis of this universe, drop to their minimum limit — i.e., to the lowest frequency of the spectrum admissible for this universe.

You are dwelling in the lowest point of the manifested world now. Your vibrations are in the lowest point too. And your manifested world with its vibrations corresponds to this point.

You are in this world now because your vibrations are in keeping with the world surrounding you. Therefore, everything that surrounds you seems real to you. You can see it; you can touch it. It is your world.

However, the surrounding world is similar to the part of an iceberg that towers above the water’s surface. So your physical body represents only an insignificant part of you because its vibrations coincide with the lowest frequency of the manifestation of the Divine energy.

Your higher bodies that surround your physical body and cannot be seen with a physical eye have a higher frequency of vibrations. These higher structures substantially determine your manifestation in the physical world.

Your higher bodies or your higher energetic structures are interconnected among themselves and are connected with your physical body through the system of energetic centers or chakras.

You know that along your spinal column there are seven basic energetic centers connected with your emotional body, mental body and etheric body. In fact, the number of energetic centers located along your spine is rather more. There are also other energy centers located in other parts of your body. Through these centers your physical body is being fed by the Divine energy.

I will not reveal to you a great secret if I say that the majority of embodied people do not have any links between their higher bodies and their physical bodies due to the inactive state of their energetic centers. The main obstacle for their activity is karma, energy dense as treacle, which has stuck around their energetic centers, not letting the Divine energy pass through them. At best only the lower chakras are open or partly open in people. This allows them to feel at times the vibrations of the Divine energy when experiencing blissful moments in nature, listening to music or a church service.

However, the majority of mankind has been deprived of an opportunity to receive the Divine energy through their chakras at all.

You must know that the entire world represents by itself only the Divine energy vibrating at different frequencies. As a matter of fact, there is nothing else in this universe but the Divine energy.

Therefore, when a person cannot receive the Divine energy through his chakras, he actually separates himself from God and the Divine Reality. He dooms himself to death because he loses touch with the Divine Reality.

Therefore, my beloved, the existence of the physical body deprived of its contact with the higher planes of the Divine Reality’s manifestation dooms you to death at the end of your physical life cycle.

Each of you makes a choice in this difficult time for the planet, and this choice is actually a matter of life and death for every person.

I hope that I have managed to explain to you the core of the processes occurring clearly enough.

If you reject the Divine Reality, if you choose a separated existence in the illusory physical world, you just literally doom yourselves to death.

That is why a question of your choice comes now to the fore: What world do you choose — this illusory and thus perishable world surrounding you or the eternal and imperishable Divine world?

Those souls that choose existence in the physical world doom their higher immortal part to non-existence.

The part of an iceberg that is above the water cannot exist separately.

You either have a whole iceberg or you have no iceberg at all.

I hope that I have stated my idea clearly enough.

If you do not enable God to be manifested through you, then what significance do you have for God?

All of you are just components of the organism of God, and if a healthy organism does not liberate itself from the dead obsolete cells, such an organism dooms itself to death.

You do not even pay attention to the fact that every minute your organism liberates itself from the dead cells and from all that is not vital in it.

The analogy between your organism and the universe is absolute in this case.

You make your own choice. You decide whether to direct the vector of your attention to the illusion or to the real Divine world.

It was repeated many times in the Dictations given through this Messenger that the cycles had changed. The cycle of the contracting of the illusory world has begun and the cycle of the increase of the vibrations has started in the physical world. The cycle of transition of all Divine manifestation onto a higher plane is now in progress.

You cannot say that you have heard nothing of that. You had an opportunity to make a choice quite deliberately with the help of your external consciousness. And the majority of the Earth’s population has already made this choice so far.

Therefore, in the near future an intensive differentiation will take place between the people who have chosen God and the people who have made their choice in favor of the illusory world.

And you will observe the manifestations of talents and spiritual gifts previously hidden in some people and the obvious degradation of others.

The people who have doomed themselves to separation from the Divine energy will not be able to manifest themselves in this world in the near future, because they will be deprived of energy sources. They will no longer be able to take energy from others, and they will be deprived of their own energy at the same time.

In contrast, people who have made their choice in favor of God will gain access to the Divine energy and will be able to manifest this energy through their actions and to help God to be manifested in the physical world.

Beloved, you cannot bargain with God. You cannot give the energy of prayers for receiving the pleasures of the physical world any more. The bargaining is over.

And I recommend those of you, who have not yet made a deliberate choice in favor of God, to hurry with the choice.

Let the dead bury their dead. We have grandiose opportunities for the implementation of God’s plan for planet Earth in the near future. And do not let yourself be confused with the obvious injustice and various abuses that you see around you. The night is always dark before dawn.

But it is beginning to dawn, and in some time, when a few generations of people change, you will see your planet changing greatly.

I have not given you any new knowledge today. You have already heard this information from other sources many times. Probably, I have simply offered you a slightly different point of view on the things I have spoken off. And I will be glad if this point of view helps you to find the Divine vision of the things happening around you in the physical world and endows you with the Divine vision of the grandiose prospects opening for this planet in the future.

I AM Cyclopea.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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