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Do not rush searching for truth that is coming from the human consciousness; strive for the Truth that is coming into your world from the Higher octaves of Light, and then you will manifest a bright future for planet Earth

Beloved Cyclopea
July 11, 2006

Beloved Cyclopea

I AM Cyclopea, who has come to you on this day.

I have come, and as always I would like to use every opportunity that is given for the communication between the Heavens and earthly plane to benefit the development of your consciousness.

Your purpose is to become advanced cosmic beings. You grow with your consciousness into more and more subtle layers of the mental plane first, and then of the Higher planes as well. My vision of your growth and your purpose, based on my experience, tells me that you will live up to the hopes that have been put in you. I am glad that it is possible to give sprouts of the eternal knowledge after so many years of complete lack of faith and darkness that has been covering Earth for the past centuries. It is not at such a high level yet. It is important to awaken the consciousness of the current generation so that new generations receive the foundation for greater growth of their consciousness and become capable of perceiving greater knowledge about the Divine Truth.

You fill up your consciousness with a multitude of unnecessary things. Now the time has come when you have to treat everything on which you focus your attention consciously. That is because everything to which you draw your attention has a very strong influence on you. Therefore, you need to understand that sometimes one low-quality film that you watch, or one person carrying negative vibrations that you meet is enough to either stop your development or navigate it toward an unnecessary direction.

Therefore, we would like you to develop within yourselves the quality of the Divine vision and foresee the situation.

It is the quality of the Divine vision that I teach mankind at my retreat. I am happy to now come out to such a wide audience that is reading these Messages in many languages. I am happy to get across my Teaching to you — not when you are asleep, but when you are in the awakened state of mind.

The time has come now when your Divine capabilities should awaken, and you should gradually recognize your Divine purpose. Unfortunately, this science is not being taught at your educational institutions. It is even rare to find books on the shelves of your stores and libraries that would truly teach the Divine knowledge. That is because unfortunately, the literature that is common in your world only misleads you from the true Path and deprives you of the Divine mindset, making you rely on the carnal mind and intellectual speculations. This path is not a Divine Path, because it makes you develop not the Divine qualities but purely human qualities. In order to develop Divine qualities in yourselves, you need to give up all attachments to the goods of your world. It is necessary to step on the Path of Initiations and follow it. At different times there have been schools on Earth that taught the Divine science. I foresee the revival of these traditions on Earth in the near future. In order to do that, it is necessary to change the consciousness of people to such an extent that such schools get support and approval at the government level and are included in the federal programs of education and upbringing of children and adults.

It is that task that is vital, and I am declaring to you that the government of the country that recognizes our Messenger at the official level and can fulfill our plans at the official level will receive all our blessings and help. That will be the next very important step in the development of planet Earth. That is because until this time, even if the rulers of various countries were under our influence, our relations were shrouded in mystery and hidden from prying eyes. Now the time has come when we are ready to come out of the veil of secrecy and give our knowledge and our Teaching openly because the situation on the planet is currently favorable to this course of events. To make it more clear to you, I will say that the past Messengers had already tried to establish contacts with the governments of different countries on the federal level, but they did not succeed. We did not leave our attempts, and we declare now through our Messenger that the Great White Brotherhood is open for collaboration at the federal level with all governments of all countries in the world. We have nothing to hide anymore, because the Truth is being proclaimed freely through the Internet, and our Messengers have the opportunity to freely declare the Truth without being persecuted.

Now I would like to dwell on another important subject that concerns the future of mankind of planet Earth. Your future is directly connected with your children. Depending on how well you manage to prepare the future generation, that generation will be able to develop Divine qualities within themselves and fulfill their Divine purpose. Do not forget that by taking care of the next generation, you are practically taking care of yourselves. That is because not so much time will pass by in earthly standards before you incarnate on Earth again. Depending on your efforts that you make now to bring up the growing generation, you will receive incarnation in a more favorable environment that will facilitate your spiritual development. God has thought through everything, and all consequences come out of their causes. Think over what I have told you. Even if the efforts that you direct at bringing up your children do not lead to success in your current life, your momentum of care about the future generation will leave an indelible imprint in your aura, and the attainments of your causal body will be used by you yourselves in the future lives.

The Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation are the two most important laws that must be studied in your educational institutions side-by-side with physics, mathematics, and chemistry. Believe me; the benefits of learning these laws will be far greater than the benefits of learning the laws of Newton or Pascal.

Now I would like you to think over carefully in your hearts and create an image in your hearts about what you personally can do so that the new generation that comes to this world, from their very first steps can receive the true knowledge and a true representation of the world into which they have come — knowledge that is not based on old human truths but based on the Truth that has been affirmed for centuries. For no matter how our Messengers were persecuted in the past and are persecuted now, the Truth that they have been teaching lives and will live forever. For everything that is from God will live eternally and everything that is from a human will be forgotten either in this or the next generation.

Do not rush searching for the truth that is coming from the human consciousness; strive for the Truth that is coming into your world from the Higher octaves of Light; then you will manifest a bright future for planet Earth.

I AM Cyclopea, foreseeing a bright future for planet Earth.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
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