The quality of a prayer


It is mentioned in previous newsletteron the “Sirius” website (Sirius US №1, №2, №3 August 2016) that in order for the Prayer Vigil to be effective, the participation of at least 2,000 people is necessary.

However, can everyone participate in the Vigil?

Of course, everyone can participate, but will their participation be effective?


Our world is dual. There is both the Good and Evil in it. Therefore, each phenomenon has two sides: positive and negative.

Can a prayer be harmful?

It turns out that a prayer can bring harm instead of good.

If we pray with a wrong motive, the result of our prayer can be negative.


There are several conditions that must be fulfilled, so that our prayers can bring the desired benefit to the world.


1.    Faith.

The absolute and unconditional faith in God, and the faith that we are capable of changing the situation in Russia and the whole world with the help of our prayers.

2.    Love.

The performing of our prayers from the highest point of unconditional Love to one's neighbor, the Motherland, the planet, and the whole of creation.

3.    Reverence.

Reverence for God, the Masters, and the Higher world.

4.    Selflessness.

The understanding that God Himself can dispose of the energy that we give to Him when praying, at His own discretion. The unconditional sacrifice of the energy.

5.    Humility.

The understanding that we are in the hands of God. And we are ready to obey the Will of God, whatever it may be.

6.    Children's state of consciousness.

We are the children sitting on the shores of the ocean of the Divine Wisdom, trying to perceive this Wisdom with our childish inquisitive mind.

7.    Repentance.

The understanding that we have been wrong many times. The confessions of our sins and repentance for them. The repentance facilitates our karmic burden by half. Even prior the prayer, we are freed from extra loads.

8.    The motive.

The right motivation will be if we pray not for ourselves but for others, for our country, for peace and for the happiness of all living beings.


If we are able to meet these conditions, then we will be able to achieve the prayerful state of consciousness where there is an upward flow of energy from us to God and a downward one of the more subtle energy from God into our being. In this state, the Grace of God is becoming available to us.


Of course, the achievement of the prayerful state of consciousness requires the application of our everyday efforts for many years.

Just as athletes train daily to achieve results at the Olympics, so a prayer requires constant practice and diligence.

You can start performing your prayer with 15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to an hour or more.


The regular readers of the “Sirius” website had the opportunity to get the most detailed recommendations in the dictations of the Masters.

In order to perform the prayer practice effectively, the physical conditions should be observed.


1)   A Place for a prayer.

It is desirable to have a permanent place for praying, before the Altar. There should be the pictures of the Masters, flowers, icons, candles and crystals… on the Altar, everything capable of elevating your consciousness and creating the Divine attunement.

The room should be tidied and aired.

2)   Preparation of the physical body.

Do not eat meat. Do not use alcohol, nicotine or drugs. Do not pray on a full stomach, at least two hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.

The body should be clean. The clothes should be neat and clean, white or light colored.

Do not watch TV. Do not listen to poor-quality music.

3)   Conditions.

It is advisable to be aware of the silence at the time of the prayer. It is good to pray together with your whole family. Arrange with your family for the TVs, radio, and music to be turned off during the prayer, if for some reason you cannot pray with the whole family.

Turn off cell phones.

In a large city, the night or the time before dawn is ideal for a prayer, when the fuss moves away and there is silence.

4)   Harmonization and attunement.

You should come into a harmonious, balanced state of consciousness 20 - 30 minutes before the prayer. You need to find your own methods of harmonization: the listening to calm music, mantras or watching meditative movies, etc.


For 13 years, the audience of the “Sirius” website has been gradually preparing for the prayer practice that needs to be done at present time.

The Masters have been giving their Messages, which contain the recommendations for our time and which allow you to keep your consciousness at a high level. The Masters repeatedly asked us to read one dictation every day.

Since 2008, a weekly internet broadcasting of the Rosaries has been taking place on the “Sirius” website on Sundays that allows you to gain experience of a joint prayer.

The number of people who connect to the internet broadcasting ranged from 300 to 800.

Since 2014 there have been over 20 of the Prayer Vigils. Among them there were: 24-hour, 3-day, 9-day and 33-day Prayer Vigils.


We had the opportunity to obtain both the theoretical knowledge and practical training.


And now the time has come, for which many of us have come into embodiment.

Are we ready?

Could we perform our part for God?


Tatyana Mickushina

Light and Love!