Why is this upcoming Prayer Vigil only for Russia, and not for the whole World?



Question:  “From August 15 till September 16, 2016, a 33-day Prayer Vigil is scheduled for Russia. Some foreign readers of the “Sirius” website are wondering why it needs to pray for Russia and not for the whole World.”




Answer: by Tatyana N. Mickushina – Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood :

Prayer Vigils have been held since 2014 on the “Sirius” website. Because the World’s situation has been getting hotter and hotter, the vigils began to be held almost every month. Since then, more than 20 Prayer Vigils have been held, and most of them were dedicated to World Peace.

I never set up the Vigils on my own behalf. Usually, I get an indication from Above to hold one or another Vigil, or I coordinate the Vigil with the Hierarchy, and I get the blessing from my Teacher for holding the Vigil.

Because there are very few of us, these astrologically and spiritually important moments for making prayer efforts are being chosen. It allows for the achievement of greater results from pinpointed actions, with small effort.

Any bloodshed, any violence, any injustice, any cataclysm can be stopped with the power of joint prayer. Only the motive and the purity of thought count. The higher the level of consciousness of the people who participate in joint prayers, the more Divine strength comes to our physical world. More subtle energies of Love, Peace, and Creation can change this world for the better.

Not strong, but very weak influences are the most important for positive, evolutionary, and structural changes. When not the size, but the quantity and choice of points for applying the influences are important. According to this, we should remember the words of the great Lao-tzu,” weak wins over strong, and quiet wins over loud.”

Lao-tzu used to say, “Man is born soft and weak, and he dies hard and rough.” Force and harshness are companions of death.

In this way, Lao-tzu wanted to show the way of overcoming difficulties. Force shouldn’t be won over by force, more force is needed for this, and anger shouldn’t be won over by anger because it will require even more anger. He showed us, that wiser ways exist, which require from us less effort, than straight ones. The flow of evolution can be turned into a favorable corridor with prayer, intelligent words, culture, and spirituality.

Besides the temporary exertion of force, sometimes the exertion of force on a certain place in the World is needed.

As Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.”

Thus, this time, the Masters have chosen to hold a Vigil for Russia.

If conditions for the appearance of an alternative system of world order as a counter to that which is existing in the whole world society of consumption are not created in the shortest time, Russia will not be able to perform its mission – to show a spiritual Path of development to civilization. And civilization on the planet can be destroyed during a planetary cataclysm. Something, which tears itself away from God, will not be able to live.

It is now a critical time for Russia and the whole world.

In July I was in my hometown of Omsk.

I am still under the impression of what I saw on the subtle plane over there. Big trouble is looming over Russia. It is felt very strongly. If it is on the higher plane, it will inevitably settle on the physical plane… if we continue to do nothing.

We can change the balance of power by our prayer efforts. We can help to change the situation with the help of the Prayer Vigil.

For this, as many people as possible should participate in the Vigil. At least 2000 people every day. 10,000 worshippers can make a difference instantly.

If we can create a model of a new world order in a country like Russia, we will be able to reverse and change the situation around the world.

In such a chaotic situation, things can change very quickly both for the better and for worse. Our efforts may be sufficient for this.

I take the opportunity to seek assistance from the “Sirius” site readers who live in other countries. Especially in the countries that once were part of Russia or were at war with Russia. We have a common karma which can be released in a joint prayer and not in the political, economic or military conflicts.

In your personal appeal, provided in the general invocation, you can ask for the transmutation of some particular karma which lies between your country and Russia. For example, you can ask for the transmutation of karma from the intervention during the civil war (see below the list of the countries that participated in the intervention against Russia in 1918-1921) or the transmutation of karma from any unfair historical steps on the part of your country towards Russia or on the part of Russia/USSR towards your country. The dissolution of negative karma during prayer can help the people of Russia find the Divine vision.

Please, participate in the Vigil!

God can do anything! But for a Miracle to happen, you need to ask for a Miracle and to give the Ascended Hosts the energy of your prayers, which is necessary for the implementation of a Miracle.



Tatyana N. Mickushina

Light and Love!








  1. During the intervention of 1918-1921, the following countries according to Wikipedia fought against Russia: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_intervention_in_the_Russian_Civil_War)


German Empire (modern Germany),

Austro-Hungarian Empire (modern Austria and Hungary),

Ottoman Empire (Turkey and the dependent countries, including part of Syria and Lebanon),





Great Britain,










Modern countries that were part of the Russian Empire: