SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations


Lord Maitreya, September 13, 2006

The quality of changing consciousness is the most important quality at the present historical period of time

Lord Maitreya, September 13, 2006

Now I’m ready to give you some more information regarding the relationship with your Higher self. Very recently a new Message was given by the Highest Cosmic Council regarding special Divine mercy toward planet Earth. Now, those of you who express the necessary everyday aspiration will be helped in establishing the connection with your Higher self. For this you need to write a letter to the Karmic Board and ask so that, according to the Cosmic Law, you will receive mercy, and the descent of karma that blocks you from establishing connection with your Higher self will be temporarily stopped.

Do you understand ,beloved? This doesn’t mean that everybody will have his or her karma descent stopped. No, we are talking about those individuals who have almost reached the level required to achieve the connection with their Higher Self, but some old karma or energy, some quality that hasn’t been worked off, is in their way. In this case, you will receive mercy and this part of karma will stop descending so that you can establish connection with your Higher Self. You will fill this connection, and you will be guided by your experience and your senses in the future. And when karma descent is restored, nothing will be able to block you from reconnecting with your Higher Self again.

Beloved Kuthumi, July 6, 2006

The expansion of the understanding of The Law of Karma

Beloved Kuthumi, July 6, 2006

Now I will give you a formula that will enable you to get relief from your karmic burden if your good karma allows you to. So, you say:

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self ( or simply in the name of God Almighty ), I appeal to the Great Karmic Board and ask you to use the momentum of my righteous achievements for the purpose of neutralizing the karma which has led to… ( you should describe the situation for which you wish to receive help from the Karmic Board ).

May all the things take place in accordance with the Will of God.”

You can write a letter addressed to the Karmic Board, read your call aloud, and burn the letter. If the amount of your accumulated good karma allows, and the Karmic Board decides that your request can be granted, your karmic situation will be resolved ti a greater or lesser degree.

I am offering you to be the chosen ones who will help humankind during a critical moment

Beloved Quan Yin, June 28, 2014

It is difficult for you to understand the essence of our Service. However, when a person is facing a horrible misery and his soul is suffering, if instead of curses and threatening,words of gratitude are coming out of his mouth, then for the enlightenment that he has experienced during the most difficult moment of his life, that person is capable of understanding our Service and our Heroic Act in the name of the evolution of planet Earth.

Today I have come to tell you that at today’s session of the Karmic Board a decision has been made, among others, about the sacrifice that several Beings of Light have made so that humankind can continue its evolution.

Now you are under obligation to these Beings of Light, who have chosen to remain anonymous.

During the next six months, you can be of invaluable service to these Masters. In order to do that , you have to write letters to the Karmic Board and undertake a commitment of advanced Service. I am asking you to take on extra responsibilities in the form of prayer vigils and service to those who are disadvantaged and in need.

Those of you who have certain merits can even give away a part of your causal body.

All of your letters will be reviewed by us, the members of the Karmic Board.

The extent to which the sufferings of humankind will be alleviated in the future depends on how considerable your contributions are.