Buddha Vairochana
- Member of the Karmic Board.



The name Vairochana means “ He Who Is Like the Sun ” or “ the Radiating One.”

Vairochana represents either the integration of, or the origin of, the Dhyani Buddhas. His wisdom is the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu.

The Dharmadhatu is the Realm of Truth, in which all things exist as they really are.

Vairochana’s wisdom is also referred to as the All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya, the body of the Law, or the absolute Buddha nature.

Vairochana’s transcendent wisdom reveals the realm of the highest reality and overcomes the poison of ignorance, or delusion.

Buddha Vairochana supports the matrix of perfect manifestation for the manifested world.

Vairochana stands between the Real World and the manifested universe. Through Him, through His energy centers the connection between the worlds is realized.

His wisdom is considered to be the origin of, or the total of all the wisdom of the Dhyani Buddhas.

Buddha Vairochana is part of the mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, and represents the most subtle part of this mandala.

The Five Dhyani Buddhas are Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi.

The Five Dhyani Buddhas are celestial Buddhas visualized during meditation.


The Five Dhyani Buddhas Mandala


The word Dhyani is derived from the Sanskrit dhyana, meaning “meditation.” The Dhyani Buddhas are also called Jinas (“Victors,” or “Conquerors”) and are considered to be great healers of the mind and soul. They are not historical figures like Gautama Buddha, but transcendent beings who symbolize universal Divine principles or forces. They represent various aspects of the enlightened consciousness and are guides to spiritual transformation. Meditative powers are also secret-ray powers, and the Dhyani Buddhas hold the keys to the mastery of the five secret rays.

Each Dhyani Buddha is associated with certain attributes and symbols. Each one embodies one of the five wisdoms, which are antidotes to the five deadly poisons of: ignorance, malice, eagerness, pride, and envy which are of ultimate danger to man’s spiritual progress and keep him tied to worldly existence.

Each Buddha rules over one of the directions of space and one of the cosmic realms of: ether, water, earth, fire and air. The Dhyani Buddhas also personify the five skandhas, components that make up cosmic existence as well as human personality. These components are: consciousness, form, feeling, perception and volition.

In addition, each Dhyani Buddha is associated with a specific color, mudra (hand gesture), symbolic animal that supports his throne, sacred symbol and bija (seed syllable). The bija represents the essence of the Dhyani Buddha. It can be used along with the sacred syllable Om and the Buddha’s name to create a mantra, a series of mystic syllables that have an esoteric meaning.


Buddhists often depict the Dhyani Buddhas in a mandala. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle,” translated in Tibetan texts as “center” or “what surrounds.”

The mandala as a circle denotes wholeness, completeness and the perfection of Buddhahood.


Mandala -circle of friends, a gathering of Buddhas


The mandala is also a “circle of friends”—a gathering of Buddhas. A mandala is a sacred, consecrated space where no obstacles, impurities or distracting influences exist.

Vairochana is usually located in the center of mandalas of the Dhyani Buddhas.

His color is white (or blue), symbolizing a pure consciousness.

He rules over the element of ether and embodies the skandha of consciousness.

The Skandha of consciousness corresponds to the Wisdom of Dharmadhatu.

His symbol is the dharmachakra, the Wheel of the Teaching, or the Wheel of the Law. It denotes the teaching of the Buddha.


Dharmachakra, the Wheel of the Teaching, or the Wheel of the Law.


Its eight spokes represent the Noble Eightfold Path, which Gautama revealed in his first sermon after his enlightenment.

Vairochana’s lotus throne is supported by the lion, a symbol of courage, boldness, and an eager, advancing spirit.

His mudra is the dharmachakra mudra, the gesture of turning the Wheel of the Teaching.


Vairochana’s Mudra- dharmachakra, the gesture of turning the Wheel of the Teaching


Because he embodies the wisdom of all Buddhas, Vairochana’s bija is the universal sound Om. His mantra is Om Vairochana Om.

Buddha Vairochana is the eighth member of the Karmic Board, a group of spiritual overseers who adjudicate the karma for the evolutions of this system of worlds.

Buddha Vairochana did not disregard the humankind of the Earth at this difficult time and passed His Teaching from the Higher Etheric Octaves of Light through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina.

The Messages of the Beloved Vairochana are permeated with sincere care and Love - this is a helping hand stretched to us through the worlds.

In his first Message, “ The greatest among you is the one who serves others most of all ” from April 16, 2005, Buddha Vairochana gave an intimate Knowledge about our energy structure — about the secret rays and about the chakras of the secret rays:

“I AM a Buddha of one of the Secret Rays, and I belong to the Mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

I AM also a member of the Karmic Board.

I am to give you some knowledge concerning the Secret Rays today.

You know, perhaps, that in addition to the seven basic rays corresponding to the seven basic chakras located along the spinal column, there are also secret rays.

You know from the Teachings of the past that the secret rays’ chakras are focused on the palms, feet and in the place that was pierced with a spear when Jesus was on the cross.

Perhaps not everybody knows that apart from the seven basic chakras along the spine, there are other chakras alternating with the basic ones. These are also the secret rays chakras ”.

Buddha Vairochana - Member of the Karmic Board.

And further, Buddha Vairochana reports:

“My chakra is the one located between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. I point at this chakra with a gesture of my hands when I am portrayed as a statue.”

The Buddha Vairochana gives us the Teaching associated with this chakra, located in the center of the chest, the Buddha and Bodhisattva chakra:

“This is the central chakra, and this chakra is activated only in people who have a great level of merit in their past that is confirmed in the current embodiment. This chakra connects you straight with your I AM Presence. This is the chakra of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

A person having received access to this chakra’s energies can use its help of his own will and transmute not only his karma but the karma of the world.

That is why Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are said to serve the world and to transmute the karma of the world ”.

Beloved Vairochana says that the Buddha’s Prayer is the pulsation of the chakras. He explains that for those who can attain it:

“Buddha’s prayers become achievable only for those individuals who have balanced their karma up to 100 percent and have made a vow to serve mankind ”.


N.K.Roerich.On the heights of Tumo


Buddha Vairochana opened the part of the veil that is associated with the ministry of the Ascended Hosts. Usually Their ministry is invisible for people:

“Every Buddha who is embodied now bears on his shoulders an enormous piece of the planetary karma. That is why many individuals who have achieved the level of a Buddha’s consciousness aspire to be embodied in the physical body, to pass through the necessary initiations so as to activate their chakras and to serve the world with the help of Buddha’s prayers.

Many Buddhas are embodied on Earth now. Each of these Buddhas purifies karma from a space for many hundreds and even thousands of kilometers around him through his self-sacrificing service. The service of such a Buddha substitutes the service of tens of thousands of pure monks and virtuous people.


The main problem that the Buddhas in embodiment face in their life is the dense and low vibrations of the surrounding world. They cannot practically be in large cities among masses of people. That is why they choose solitary dwelling places in overgrown parts and in the mountains. ”.


Svyatoslav Roerich. Karma Dordje


In this Message, Beloved Vairochana explains that He has also come to awaken the memory of our soul about the obligations assumed before the current incarnation:

“... you are much more than the reflection you see in front of you in the mirror every day. In reality you are mighty spiritual beings who have come into this world to obtain a human experience. It was your soul who chose the circumstances of your current embodiment even before it began.

And you knew that no matter how hard your Path would be, you would accomplish the mission undertaken to expand the consciousness of people around you.


Remember that the greatest among you is that one who serves others most of all. The greatest servant of mankind is a Buddha sitting meekly in the pose of meditation in the mountains and transmuting the world’s karma with the help of his chakras.


N.K. Roerich. Buddha Winner


I do not ask you to sit in the pose of meditation and to try to transmute the world’s karma.

Each of you was born exactly in that very place, in that country and in the midst of those external circumstances that you must use for your achievements, and the people and circumstances around you are exactly those that need your help ”.


In His Message of December 24, 2009 “ The light of your spirit and the flame of your heart should be your first concern ”, Beloved Vairochana explains to us that in the world of the Ascended Hosts, only the qualities of our spirit and the level of our consciousness are valuable, because they determine the degree of access to omniscience and all perfection:

“...what is valuable for you does not deserve even the slightest attention in our world.

Only the qualities of your spirit and the skills from the best experiences that you can acquire in your incarnations are important and can be valuable in our world.


…only the level of consciousness that determines the degree of access to omniscience and all-perfection in our world.

The Universal computer that contains information about the entire Creation becomes available to you only if you have the proper experience within your spirit.

You have to understand that the qualities of spirit are not related to the amount of money, a prestigious post, or any other status in your world that you can achieve or strive for”.

The Buddha Vairochana explains how the Higher Forces determine a man’s suitability for further evolution, and what we should worry about first:

«The qualities of spirit are not manifested among the crowds of people but in your everyday life.


There is something inherent in great spirits that is manifested from incarnation to incarnation. In the same life situation, one person is capable of self-denial, heroism, and sacrifice; and another person refuses to manifest these qualities in favor of the satisfaction of his or her momentary interests and attachments. <...>

We judge the capability or incapability of a person for further evolution by the way he or she is able to manifest the best qualities of the spirit in the little things of life.



The light of your spirit and the flame of your heart should be your first concern. You should not be concerned about the things that belong to your world. Only the qualities of the spirit are important.

I am telling you this.

I AM Vairochana. Om.”


In the Message of July 3, 2010, Buddha Vairochana reveals to us some of the secrets of the Cosmos:

Buddha Vairochana - Member of the Karmic Board.

“Earth is destined to become a radiant star of Freedom that will be a model for many other evolutions inhabiting the worlds of this Universe. <...>

…the doors of the Divine opportunity to incarnate on Earth have closed for those individuals who have dropped behind in their development. And now the planet will be inhabited by the other individuals who will form the majority on planet Earth very soon.

According to the cosmic clock tuned to eternity, the last minutes of the opportunity are over for those souls that are incarnated now but do not wish to verify their timing with the Great Central Sun. <...>

Do not think that everything is over. Everything is just beginning! And brilliant discoveries are waiting for you in the very near future!”

In the Message of December 26, 2012, Beloved Vairochana reminds us that man is not only a physical being, but, is in fact, a finely organized energy being capable of penetrating into the Higher worlds through his consciousness:

“You know that you are not only a physical being consisting of muscles and bones. You are a finely-organized energy being. When you pay no attention to your subtle nature, it may not reveal itself. But the moment comes in the life of every living being when it is ready for the perception of the subtle worlds. It looks like the blossoming of your energy system. All your chakras unfold and resemble miraculous flowers colored in the most delicate tints, with very fine petals arranged in a specific way. Your chakras are a finely-tuned mechanism capable of interacting with the Higher worlds. Along with your consciousness, the chakras are the antennas and radars that enable you to penetrate into the Higher worlds.

Then, when your energy system is tuned up, you receive an opportunity to freely communicate with the more subtle worlds and the worlds’ systems ”.



N.K.Roerich. The Mother of the World


Buddha Vairochana explains our further evolutionary development:

“The whole point of your further evolutionary development is in the extent to which you can open your energy centers, your chakras — and not only the lower chakras but also the entire energy system of your being. The more balanced your chakras are, the closer you come to the ideal of a Divine human.”.

He recalls that the Ascended Masters give us in Their Messages all the necessary keys to Knowledge, revealing our consciousness and our sleeping abilities:

“Your level of consciousness does not allow you to even touch the ancient truths. However, in varying degrees, we give you the necessary keys in our Messages that, on closer examination, can develop your consciousness and your dormant abilities and show you the right direction of your spiritual quest.

We start with elementary things. You must constantly surround yourselves with the right patterns. Each object or image that comes into your visual field exerts an influence on your entire energy system.

<...> Give up the wrong patterns and manifestations, and your Higher Self will be able to lead you to the right Path”.

At the conclusion of this Message, Beloved Vairochana instils in us Faith and Hope, reminding us that there is huge potential in each of us for self-tuning to the Higher Worlds:

“The whole Path lies within you. And your energy system, when liberated from the patterns of mass consciousness, will be able to tune you up. A gigantic potential of self-attunement to the Higher worlds is concealed within you ”.

He proclaims that in the next era, humanity will certainly come to the period of the Golden Age:

“… humanity is called to liberate itself from everything that prevents your Kundalini energy from rising from the chakra at the base of your spine.


N.K.Roerich. The Mother of the World


The Mother of the World is now concealed under the veil of the illusion, but the upcoming epoch will uncover the face of the Mother of the World. After that, nothing will be able to stop the advancement of humanity toward the period of the Golden Age. ”.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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