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A gigantic potential of self-attunement to the Higher worlds is concealed within you

Buddha Vairochana
December 26, 2012

Buddha Vairochana

I AM Vairochana.

I AM and I wish to give my Message today to those who are ready to listen to me and to accept my Teaching.

Do not rush to start reading my Message. First, focus on your heart, on your sensations. If the fuss of the world, vain thoughts, or any unbalanced manifestations has control over you, then put off reading my Message. It will be of no use to you.

Our vibrations must equalize, come into alignment. Only in this way will you be able to perceive my Message, and the nectar of my Message will penetrate into the innermost part of your soul and bring you an incomparable bliss.

Our Messages penetrate into your being and exert a subtle influence on your energy system. It may seem that nothing is happening or on the contrary, the energy penetrating into your being may be sensed. In both cases, the benefit that your souls receive will be enormous because the interaction of our worlds takes place within your being when you are attuned to the Higher worlds and are ready to perceive the energies of the Higher worlds.

Now that I have prepared your consciousness, I am ready to start.

You know that you are not only a physical being consisting of muscles and bones. You are a finely-organized energy being. When you pay no attention to your subtle nature, it may not reveal itself. But the moment comes in the life of every living being when it is ready for the perception of the subtle worlds. It looks like the blossoming of your energy system. All your chakras unfold and resemble miraculous flowers colored in the most delicate tints, with very fine petals arranged in a specific way. Your chakras are a finely-tuned mechanism capable of interacting with the Higher worlds. Along with your consciousness, the chakras are the antennas and radars that enable you to penetrate into the Higher worlds.

Then, when your energy system is tuned up, you receive an opportunity to freely communicate with the more subtle worlds and the worlds’ systems.

Unfortunately, when I observe humanity from my plane of being, I rarely see the blooming flowers of your chakras that show your spiritual level and the ability to perceive the Higher worlds. Typically, human individuals have only one, two, or three lower chakras open. And some individuals have surrendered to be tormented by their desires and lusts, and their torches — the chakras — have gone out and become black holes in the space where the energy of their insatiable desires flows.

It is terrible to see what some people have done with themselves. Instead of manifesting themselves as Divine beings, they have become absorbers of the Divine energy.

The whole point of your further evolutionary development is in the extent to which you can open your energy centers, your chakras — and not only the lower chakras but also the entire energy system of your being. The more balanced your chakras are, the closer you come to the ideal of a Divine human.

Many of you are engaged in various spiritual practices. However, sometimes your efforts are simply meaningless, sometimes they are useless, and sometimes they harm your soul and your development.

How do you determine whether you need this practice or not? How do you find exactly what your soul needs at the present moment?

Of course, if I were giving a lecture to the disciples in the East, I would advise them to appeal to a Teacher devoted to some of the ancient traditions. Over the millennia, the practice of many spiritual traditions proved its right to be taught and brought fruits in the form of spiritual attainments of the disciples following these traditions.

Having lost the true traditions, what can Western humanity do when the frauds who come to teach have not sufficiently mastered the spiritual traditions themselves and mislead those who try to follow them?

However, there are grains of the ancient knowledge in your world, and there are the traditions and practices that have not lost the Knowledge of the Higher Teachers of past ages.

It was precisely then, many millennia ago, that the wise men were able to perceive genuine techniques and knowledge about the energy system of a human. These were the last of the ancient wise men and yogis who were preserving the Knowledge. The mission and the goal of the incarnations of many spiritual Teachers were to give humanity an understanding of the subtle energy structure of a human because it was presupposed that during the age of Kali-Yuga, humanity would lose the fundamentals of the ancient knowledge. So it happened. Humanity lost the fundamental parts of the knowledge. And only the sparks of the ancient knowledge in the form of the attainments of the disciples of the ancient schools blaze up here and there on the planet.

Your level of consciousness does not allow you to even touch the ancient truths. However, in varying degrees, we give you the necessary keys in our Messages that, on closer examination, can develop your consciousness and your dormant abilities and show you the right direction of your spiritual quest.

We start with elementary things. You must constantly surround yourselves with the right patterns. Each object or image that comes into your visual field exerts an influence on your entire energy system. And if you always watch commercials with wrong images, this makes your energy concentrate in the lower chakras and prevents the Sacred Flame from rising to the higher chakras of your being. You voluntarily block the flow of the higher energies in your spine.

Low-quality music, meat products, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and pornography drag you down to the lower energy levels and prevent your soul from developing.

If you give up the wrong patterns and manifestations, then your Higher Self will be able to lead you to the right Path. You will acquire the ability to make distinctions and you will no longer resemble blind kittens that poke about from one spiritual direction to another.

The whole Path lies within you. And your energy system, when liberated from the patterns of mass consciousness, will be able to tune you up. A gigantic potential of self-attunement to the Higher worlds is concealed within you.

If you manage to unfetter yourselves from the shackles of the mass consciousness and the wrong patterns surrounding you, then within just a few years you will acquire spiritual gifts, including the gift of distinction.

Mass consciousness and the structures that support it are the personification of the forces of evil. And on the next stage, humanity is called to liberate itself from everything that prevents your Kundalini energy from rising from the chakra at the base of your spine.

The Mother of the World is now concealed under the veil of the illusion, but the upcoming epoch will uncover the face of the Mother of the World. After that, nothing will be able to stop the advancement of humanity toward the period of the Golden Age.

Our discourse today contains many secret keys. I have touched your dormant consciousness with my caring fatherly hand. And I am patiently waiting for the best representatives of humanity to awaken from the sweet sleep and aspire to the sun of the Divine knowledge.

I AM Vairochana.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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