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On the conclusions of the Karmic Board meeting

Buddha Vairochana
July 3, 2010

Buddha Vairochana

I AM Vairochana. I have come on this day to inform you about the results of the work of the Karmic Board. I have the honor of doing this.

Those of you who have been carefully studying the Teachings given by us through this Messenger know that the decision of the Karmic Board is always thoroughly in agreement with the Great Central Sun. That is why the decision taken by us will be in force the next half-year.

So, I am ready to inform you about the decisions made that are within the limits that can be brought to non-ascended humankind.

Of course you are interested whether the Teaching will continue to be given through this Messenger.

We use every opportunity to give the Teaching. And to not use the Messenger prepared by us, who is incarnated and has already been enjoying our confidence for six years, will not meet the requirements of the Cosmic Law.

Therefore, we will continue the work through our Messenger. And I have to tell you that we have gotten the permission from the Great Central Sun to use one more reservoir of Divine energy for the benefit of the evolution of planet Earth.

However, we will not waste our energy on the transmission of the cycles of Messages any more. We will use the transmission of the energy another way — a more purposeful, precise, and even more powerful way.

So, for those of you who are used to reading the Messages, getting the Divine energy contained in them without using it according to its intended purpose for the development of your consciousness, and moreover, using this energy for non-divine purposes, we now block this source of the Divine energy.

However, there are a certain number of human individuals who have prepared themselves for perceiving our Teaching. They have prepared the soil of their souls into which our seeds of the Divine Wisdom have been falling during these six years.

Now the time has come for the seeds of the Divine Wisdom to sprout. And we will be looking forward to these shoots.

Each of you will receive our help and support. And that energy that has been flowing widely up to this moment, pouring over all who put their vessels under this stream, will now come purposefully to the vessels of those who are able to use our energy most effectively to grow their consciousness and help the people around them.

We cannot leave humankind without our help and support at this difficult time. And for those of you who have been reading our Teaching thoughtlessly, without delving deeply enough into its meaning, the time of the test has come. Now you have to master this Teaching with your own efforts, rereading each of our Messages as many times as necessary so that it can be perceived by your consciousness.

The time has come to prove that you are capable of evolving.

The new stage of our work has come. In the first half of the 12-year cycle of the work through our Messenger, we sowed our seeds and watered them with the Divine energy. In the second half of this 12-year cycle, that is, in the next six years, you will have to sprout the seeds of Wisdom in your souls.

In the first half of the 12-year cycle, the Spirit filled your souls with Divine energy. And now the ascending cycle has come when your souls should give rise to the sprouts of Divine consciousness.

We are in charge of the work of caring for those sprouts of your consciousness that will appear here and there on Earth.

None of the sprouts can be lost. Every soul should receive the greatest possible help and care.

Therefore, in the coming years you must gather all your strength to overcome the karmic circumstances that prevent you from rising above the illusion. And when the sprouts of the Divine consciousness get to a certain level, you will no longer be afraid of the weeds of the human consciousness of the people around you.

We hope to reap a good harvest in six years. We have finished the sowing. And now we are waiting for the growth of the Divine consciousness to gather the harvest for the Divine granary in the form of shining causal bodies of your Spirit.

Thus, one cycle gives way to another cycle. And what is capable of further evolution has the opportunity to develop. And what cannot evolve gradually gives way to the coming Races who are ready to incarnate on this wonderful planet from the ethereal octaves of Light.

Earth is destined to become a radiant star of Freedom that will be a model for many other evolutions inhabiting the worlds of this Universe.

Now I have to tell you one more thing. And for many of you that will be news or a discovery because you did not think that something on your planet could be changed. However, the time has come. And the doors of the Divine opportunity to incarnate on Earth have closed for those individuals who have dropped behind in their development. And now the planet will be inhabited by the other individuals who will form the majority on planet Earth very soon.

According to the cosmic clock tuned to eternity, the last minutes of the opportunity are over for those souls that are incarnated now but do not wish to verify their timing with the Great Central Sun.

I was glad to fulfill this mission of the Karmic Board: to convey to you the results of our meeting.

Do not think that everything is over. Everything is just beginning! And brilliant discoveries are waiting for you in the very near future!

I AM Vairochana. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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