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The greatest among you is the one who serves others most of all

Beloved Vairochana
April 16, 2005

Beloved Vairochana

I AM Vairochana, having come through this Messenger.

I AM a Buddha of one of the Secret Rays, and I belong to the Mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.[1]

I AM also a member of the Karmic Board.

I am to give you some knowledge concerning the Secret Rays today.

You know, perhaps, that in addition to the seven basic rays corresponding to the seven basic chakras located along the spinal column, there are also secret rays.

You know from the Teachings of the past that the secret rays’ chakras are focused on the palms, feet and in the place that was pierced with a spear when Jesus was on the cross.

Perhaps not everybody knows that apart from the seven basic chakras along the spine, there are other chakras alternating with the basic ones. These are also the secret rays’ chakras.

My chakra is the one located between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. I point at this chakra with a gesture of my hands when I am portrayed as a statue.

Today I would like to give a certain Teaching concerning the chakra located in the center of the chest.

This is the central chakra, and this chakra is activated only in people who have a great level of merit in their past that is confirmed in the current embodiment. This chakra connects you straight with your I AM Presence. This is the chakra of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

A person having received access to this chakra’s energies can use its help of his own will and transmute not only his karma but the karma of the world.

That is why Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are said to serve the world and to transmute the karma of the world.

Buddha’s prayers are chakras’ pulsation. Buddha’s prayers become achievable only for those individuals who have balanced their karma up to 100 percent and have made a vow to serve mankind.

Every Buddha who is embodied now bears on his shoulders an enormous piece of the planetary karma. That is why many individuals who have achieved the level of a Buddha’s consciousness aspire to be embodied in the physical body, to pass through the necessary initiations so as to activate their chakras and to serve the world with the help of Buddha’s prayers.

Many Buddhas are embodied on Earth now. Each of these Buddhas purifies karma from a space for many hundreds and even thousands of kilometers around him through his self-sacrificing service. The service of such a Buddha substitutes the service of tens of thousands of pure monks and virtuous people.

You are not able to define the level of merit of a Buddha with your human consciousness. But every such Buddha, when meeting an embodied brother-in-service and communicating with him for just a few minutes, is able to recognize familiar and close vibrations manifested in everything — in the tone of voice, gestures, even in the way of dressing and behaving.

The main problem that the Buddhas in embodiment face in their life is the dense and low vibrations of the surrounding world. They cannot practically be in large cities among masses of people. That is why they choose solitary dwelling places in overgrown parts and in the mountains. However, the basic principle of such Buddhas’ service is the enlightenment of mankind. Therefore, they meet with people and give them their Teaching as far as their external circumstances allow.

But many of them still never meet with ordinary people until the end of their life so as to stay in the places where their chakras can work with all their might and pass Light into the dense physical world.

Today I have partly unveiled information connected with the service of the Ascended Hosts to ordinary people whom they even do not see. It would be strange if, at this difficult time for Earth, the Ascended Hosts relied only on the prayers of neophytes making their initial scarcely-visible steps on their Path leading them back to God. Their steps are so hesitant and unsteady; at times the surrounding illusion carries them away so completely that they forget about both God and their Path.

But let us not judge these people sternly. Each of them is on his own part of the Path, and each of them does his best according to his level of merit.

In fact, these neophytes do not bear any significant karmic responsibility for their actions, sometimes even seriously wrong ones. Such actions lead to the multiplication of the illusion and are expressed in performing too many external rituals that divert people’s attention from the essence of the Teaching about God.

However, there are people who have achieved a significant level of merit on their Path and who consciously use their achievements for receiving external signs of power and authority. They manipulate neophytes who suspect nothing and even use the energy of prayers for their mercenary purposes.

These people create a heavy karma that will be followed by a just karmic retribution.

The higher your level of merit is, the greater karmic responsibility you undertake when receding from the Path and leading others from this Path.

Therefore, the only way for people sincerely aspiring to God to see the danger from these false shepherds is to purify their bodies, thoughts and feelings so as to obtain a clear vision and the gift of recognition that will allow them to understand who is who.

I am fully aware of the fact that it is too hard to make such identification with your external consciousness. But I assure you that in your soul you always know who is a true bearer of the Divine Energy and who only picks the light of others and lives at the expense of this light.

Having received this knowledge from your soul, you simultaneously face up to the karmic responsibility for using your light in support of such false shepherds.

You have understood my thought. Only such a person bears a karmic responsibility for his false usage of light that has recognized false shepherds but still goes on giving his light in their support due to reasons connected with his ego.

But if a false teacher leads innocent people from the true Path, even I would not like to use my abilities to foresee the consequences of the karma created by him.

Today I have given you the knowledge about true servants, and I have given you the understanding of false service.

And having received this knowledge, you will not be able to choose your teachers irresponsibly any longer. Watch and observe. In doubtful situations you can always make a sincere appeal to the Ascended Hosts or to the Lord who is closest to you and to whom you feel a deep inner affinity and link, and you will receive help. One nice day you will be given a vision, and you will see the inner essence of the teacher whom you follow.

You just need to trust your Higher Part more. Oh, you are much more than the reflection you see in front of you in the mirror every day. In reality you are mighty spiritual beings who have come into this world to obtain a human experience. It was your soul who chose the circumstances of your current embodiment even before it began.

And you knew that no matter how hard your Path would be, you would accomplish the mission undertaken to expand the consciousness of people around you.

I have come today to awaken the memory of your soul about the responsibilities that it undertook before the current embodiment.

So leave aside the toys you play with even after having matured to adulthood. It is time to become adults, to raise your consciousness up to the level of a mature person and to undertake responsibility not only for yourselves but also for those whose level of consciousness is lower than yours.

Remember that the greatest among you is that one who serves others most of all. The greatest servant of mankind is a Buddha sitting meekly in the pose of meditation in the mountains and transmuting the world’s karma with the help of his chakras.

I do not ask you to sit in the pose of meditation and to try to transmute the world’s karma.

Each of you was born exactly in that very place, in that country and in the midst of those external circumstances that you must use for your achievements, and the people and circumstances around you are exactly those that need your help.

I am leaving you alone with your thoughts about the directions you have received today.

I AM Vairochana, and I have been with you today.

[1] To the initiate, the mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas represents both a cosmic diagram of the world and of himself. It is a tool for spiritual growth and mystical experience — a map to enlightenment saturated with Divine possibilities. (Translator’s footnote.)

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