- the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity
Member Of The Karmic Board



Through thousands of years of service to God on the Seventh Ray of Justice, Freedom, Mercy, Forgiveness, Alchemy and Sacred ritual, Beloved Portia attained to the embodiment of the God flame and God consciousness of Divine Justice as Divine Opportunity. Hence, she is called the Goddess of Justice or the Goddess of Opportunity.

Representing the Sixth Ray of Service and Ministration on the Karmic Board, Portia keeps the flame of Justice and Opportunity on behalf of the evolutions of Earth.

Serving with the hierarchy of Libra, She teaches mankind to hold the balance of the flame of the Christ in the four lower bodies through mastery over the four elements.

Since justice is the pivotal point between though and feeling, her balance is between the creative polarities of the masculine and feminine rays of the Deity, or between the Yin and Yang of Creation.

In past ages of beauty, perfection and abundance, Justice reigned Supreme.

Before discord began to manifest upon the Earth, Portia made her ascension in the Light.

When mankind’s sense of justice became wrapped, thus causing an imbalance in all she undertook, she could but fold her Mantle about her and remain in the Great Silence ( in higher realms of consciousness ), for the Ascended Masters never interfere with the doings of men unless invoked by their decree as it manifests as thought, word or deed.

In the 20th century, the cycles of life have demanded that the scales of Justice be balanced in preparation for the Golden Age, and since some among mankind had begun to request that Divine Justice be reestablished, Portia came forth from the Great Silence to speak for the first time since her ascension.

Even now Portia seldom speaks, but when she does ,her Divine attribute of Perfect Balance ( symbolized by the scales ) is anchored in the forcefield of all who will receive it.

In our time, in the 21st century, Beloved Portia delivered her first Message “A Teaching about the Mantle of the Messenger “ through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N.Mickushina on December 25, 2009.

This is what She said about some little-known, but very important features of the action of the Mantle of the Messenger, which we now need to know.


“I AM Portia. I have come through this Messenger for the first time.


I AM the Goddess of Fairness and Divine Justice.I also open Divine opportunity if it is deserved and justified.


Perhaps you do not realize that there is an aspect of our Messenger’s activities that is not widely advertised.

There is something in the aura of the Messenger that allows us to sometimes be present and act in your octave.

When our presence in the Messenger’s aura increases, we are able to attract from your world those individuals who are drawn to the Light.


In most cases the individuals who are attracted to the Light are those who want to taste the Light, to enjoy the Light, and after they have absorbed enough Light, they continue to perform unrighteous deeds in your octave.


…one of the Messenger’s function is to attract such individuals. Then the sword of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood becomes activated. This sword cuts of all character clothes from those individuals and makes them show their true selves. That is when Divine Justice has the opportunity to manifest.


When Tatyana received the Mantle of Messenger, she did not know that this Mantle has such an effect. She gladly welcomed each person who came to her. She sincerely believed that Light can only attract Light, not knowing that Light also attracts the darkness that wants to take possession of this Light and use it for it’s own purposes.

Portia - Member Of The Karmic Board

…as the Goddess responsible for Divine Justice, I also had the opportunity to observe all the legal proceedings that were started against our Messenger.

What did we see there? We saw a complete disrespect of the law,of the Divine Law, and of our Messenger as our representative in the physical plane.


Many people had the opportunity to manifest their true essence. Too many people had that opportunity.


Do you see it as a defeat? I am an optimist and tireless warrior!

And I will tell you that we have achieved a great victory! That is because what was unattainable for the Divine Justice has finally become evident, and I was able to raise my sword of the Divine Fairness and Justice over many individuals who showed themselves, thanks to our Messenger.

After all, the goal has been achieved. Our goal at this stage is to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Now the time for my work is coming. I assure you that I will perform it in the best possible way!”

Further, in this Message, Beloved Portia speaks about balancing the qualities of Justice and Mercy:

“ All is not lost yet! But where are the best representatives of the forces of Light who came down into embodiment?

I know many of them who stumbled and cannot straighten their shoulders until the end of the current incarnation. My sister Quan Yin will help you “.

Beloved Portia is known as the Goddess of Righteousness and Justice, and Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, they are always close, balancing and combining Justice and Mercy.

Beloved Portia also gave us a very serious warning, as well as a guide to action in her Extraordinary Message, transmitted to humanity through the Messenger Tatyana N.Mickushina on June 27, 2014.

“We expect from our chelas who are in embodiment more quickness, more understanding of the tasks, and the strict observance of all the requirements we have for our disciples.

And right up-front, your discipline does not convince us.

Many people try to do things aimed at the benefit of humankind from their point of view.

Yet, please tell me why you think that what you redoing now is in line with our requirements today?

We specifically maintain and support the mission of our Messenger in order to concentrate our efforts, even having no superiority in numbers to achieve greater results.

However, many of our disciples, because of their own pride or laziness, make their own plans and solve the problems that they deem important, but truly those problems are not as important at the present moment “.

Later, in the same Message, Beloved Portia calls us to concrete actions and efforts:

“Your physical platform that has been providing for your development over many millions of years needs immediate help.

The negative space generated by the mental activity of humankind has created an impenetrable armor through which even the most powerful life-saving rays sent by our Hierarchy cannot penetrate.

You must focus all your efforts on neutralizing the negativity that has accumulated on the planet.


We have been speaking about the need for prayer vigils and prayer work 24-hour around the clock.


It is necessary to make certain efforts in the physical plane to neutralize the negativity in people’s consciousness. For this, there needs to be collective actions directed at neutralizing the negativity.


Practically the entire information field of the planet has turned out to be occupied by people who represent the interests of the forces opposite to us.

Why do so-called light-bearers not take as an example what is already done in the field of mass media, including the internet, and simply change a minus sigh into a plus sigh?

There are technologies well-tested for decades designed to change the mass consciousness of people. However, at the given moment these technologies are working against the Light and against the evolutionary path of development “.

In the conclusion of her Extraordinary Message, Beloved Portia called:

“…I strongly urge you to put aside your personal initiatives and completely focus your efforts on maintaining the balance on the planet with the help of prayer work and with the help of your concrete activities”.

As we already know, Beloved Portia is an optimist and tireless warrior!

In this Message from June 18, 2010 the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Possibility-Beloved Portia affirmed in our minds that everything is possible with God!


Portia - Member Of The Karmic Board

“I AM Portia!

I am the Goddess of Opportunities. So, I declare that there are grand opportunities before you!

…you can take advantage of them at any moment.

There are many desires associated with your world of illusion that you would like to realize.

I am immediately making the stipulation that your desires have to be in accordance with the Divine Will in order to be realized. And then they will certainly be realized by all means! Yet, what is separating you from the satisfaction of your desires in this case?

It is your karma, the energies that are present in your aura and do not allow the Divine opportunity to manifest in your life.

Therefore, when you write your letters to the Karmic Board and ask for the fulfillment of some of your desires, I take the scale and place your wish to receive some opportunity on one side of the scale, and I put your karma, which impedes the realization of this opportunity, on the other side of the scale. And either you receive what you ask for or you do not.

However, karma is not something fixed. It can be change for the better or for the worse.

When you write letters to the Karmic Board, you take obligations upon your self to read a certain number of prayers or Rosaries with some periodicity in the next half year for the realization of your request.

And if the energy of your prayers is directed in the appropriate way, then the karma on the scales decreases and the Divine opportunity can outweigh it. This may happen or it may not. Everything depends on the weigh of the karma that is on the opposite side of the scale.

However, any karma can be balanced and any impediment can be removed. Everything depends only on your determination.

I do not know specifically how long which of you will need to ask God in order for your request to be fulfilled, but I know that this will happen without fail when your wish is constantly pressing down the scale of the Divine opportunity opposite to the scale on which your karma is lying, your karma that stands between you and the realization of the Divine opportunity.

This is the mechanism for realizing opportunities in your world.

…if you, with exactly the same determination that you sometimes try to realize your desires in the physical world, were striving for the Divine opportunities that are forthcoming for humankind in the Golden Age, and if the Divine models were desired by at least a small percent of incarnated humankind on Earth, then the Golden Age would gradually start to manifest in your physical world.

The Divine models are ready for manifestation. They are only waiting for your consciousness to be free from the constant focus on the illusion around you so that the Divine models can penetrate your physical world through your consciousness.

Believe me that everything is going to happen as if by itself. Only the readiness of your consciousness to move to the new stage of evolutionary development is required.

Everything is possible with God!

The believe in what is invisible allows your consciousness to catch the object of your faith, and the Divine starts to be attracted to your world.

I have come to you today in order to give you assurance that you are not alone, and the whole Hierarchy of the beings of Light is working to help the humankind on Earth at this critical moment.

Do not lose Faith or Hope, and keep Love in your hearts. And I am sure that we will succeed!

I AM Portia, the Goddess of Opportunities “.

Portia has a Retreat over Ghana. This is an important focus, and Portia focuses the Flame of Justice here.

Also on the African continent is the violet-flame Retreat of the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, south of Ghana in Luanda, Angola.

This Retreat focuses the Flame of Freedom.



In Accra, the capital of Ghana, there is a monument known as the Freedom and Justice Arch- the flames that are focused in these two Retreats. This arch focuses as an outer arc of the inner etheric Retreat of Portia.


Portia asked us to use the music of Johann Strauss the “Radetzky March” to magnetize her presence.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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