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Everything is possible with God!

Beloved Portia
June 18, 2010

I AM Portia having come to you again!

Today I intend to continue your training and provide you with an understanding of some processes that are well known in our world but are not too common in your world.

I am the Goddess of Opportunities. So, I declare that there are grand opportunities before you! They are just near at hand. And you can take advantage of them at any moment. And we have already showed you the grandiose prospects that are ready to be revealed to humankind of Earth. We have already told you about the opportunities of teleportation and levitation, and we have told you about the new sources of energy and other things that seem to you like wonders from fairy tales.

Now then, I am announcing to you that everything is right at hand and you can take advantage of all this.

Why do we not see it then? is a legitimate question for which I have an answer.

This is because first, you are not ready for your external consciousness to allow these opportunities and miracles in your life. And second, in order for all this to manifest in your life, you need to part with the illusion that surrounds you. You are stuck so deeply in the illusion around you, it has taken such control over your consciousness and your whole being, that there is simply no space for the new, the finer manifestation of the illusion that will bring you closer to our Divine world. There is just no room in your consciousness.

Only these two reasons separate you from the grandiose opportunities that are ready to be revealed before your eyes.

There are smaller opportunities that can manifest in your life literally this year. Those opportunities are related to some minor things in your life. For example, you would like to enter a university but you are afraid that you will not be selected from among other candidates, or you would like to travel to some country but you do not have the money.

There are many desires associated with your world of illusion that you would like to realize.

I am immediately making the stipulation that your desires have to be in accordance with the Divine Will in order to be realized. And then they will certainly be realized by all means! Yet, what is separating you from the satisfaction of your desires in this case?

It is your karma, the energies that are present in your aura and do not allow the Divine opportunity to manifest in your life.

Therefore, when you write your letters to the Karmic Board and ask for the fulfillment of some of your desires, I take the scales and place your wish to receive some opportunity on one side of the scale, and I put your karma, which impedes the realization of this opportunity, on the other side of the scale. And either you receive what you ask for or you do not.

However, karma is not something fixed. It can be changed for the better or for the worse. When you write letters to the Karmic Board, you take obligations upon yourself to read a certain number of prayers or Rosaries with some periodicity in the next half year for the realization of your requests. And if the energy of your prayers is directed in the appropriate way, then the karma on the scales decreases and the Divine opportunity can outweigh it. This may happen or it may not. Everything depends on the weight of the karma that is on the opposite side of the scale.

However, any karma can be balanced and any impediment can be removed. Everything depends only on your determination.

For example, I know people who tried to get rid of a bad habit — smoking, in particular. In the course of a half-year, every day they read Rosaries, but they did not give up smoking.

This addiction has been rooted in your subconsciousness for decades. Therefore, in extremely rare cases you can get rid of this habit during the course of a half-year. However, every day you constantly have to show your determination to get rid of your bad habit.

Do you understand? Every day you have to sincerely wish to get rid of bad habits and ask God to help you.

I do not know specifically how long each of you will need to ask God in order for your request to be fulfilled, but I know that this will happen without fail when your wish is constantly pressing down the scale of the Divine opportunity opposite to the scale on which your karma is lying, your karma that stands between you and the realization of the Divine opportunity.

This is the mechanism for realizing opportunities in your world.

If you, with exactly the same determination that you sometimes try to realize your desires in the physical world, were striving for the Divine opportunities that are forthcoming for humankind in the Golden Age, and if the Divine models were desired by at least a small percent of incarnated humankind of Earth, then the Golden Age would gradually start to manifest in your physical world.

The Divine models are ready for manifestation. They are only waiting for your consciousness to be free from the constant focus on the illusion around you so that the Divine models can penetrate your physical world through your consciousness.

Believe me that everything is going to happen as if by itself. Only the readiness of your consciousness to move to the new stage of evolutionary development is required.

Everything is possible with God! And it is very sad that the majority of humanity still has little faith. The belief in what is invisible allows your consciousness to catch the object of your faith, and the Divine starts to be attracted to your world.

I have come to you today in order to give you assurance that you are not alone, and the whole Hierarchy of the beings of Light is working to help the humankind of Earth at this critical moment.

Do not lose Faith or Hope, and keep Love in your hearts. And I am sure that we will succeed!

I AM Portia, the Goddess of Opportunities.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia