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Extraordinary Message

Beloved Portia
June 27, 2014

I AM Portia!

I have come again, and I can assure you that our talk today will not be very joyful.

I have just left the session of the Karmic Board in order to come to you and to give this Message of mine. The Karmic Board session is very intensive. We are trying to find at least several positive facts over the past six months that would illustrate the positive changes in the consciousness of humankind.

However, we cannot be sure that a few convincing steps by a few individuals is enough.

We expect from our chelas who are in embodiment more quickness, more understanding of the tasks, and the strict observance of all the requirements we have for our disciples.

And right up-front, your discipline does not convince us.

Many people try to do things aimed at the benefit of humankind from their point of view.

Yet, please tell me why you think that what you are doing now is in line with our requirements today?

We specifically maintain and support the mission of our Messenger in order to concentrate our efforts, even having no superiority in numbers to achieve greater results.

However, many of our disciples, because of their own pride or laziness, make their own plans and solve the problems that they deem important, but truly those problems are not as important at the present moment.

Imagine that your house is on fire. A fire begins rising up and ignites one thing after another, while you are trying to play the piano at the time.

Will this be reasonable or will this be not quite adequate?

Many of our chelas continue doing the things that are not bad in themselves and can even lead to the development of their souls. However, one of the cornerstones of our Teaching is the Teaching on the need to help all living creatures.

Your physical platform that has been providing for your development over many millions of years needs immediate help.

The negative space generated by the mental activity of humankind has created an impenetrable armor through which even the most powerful life-saving rays sent by our Hierarchy cannot penetrate.

You must focus all your efforts on neutralizing the negativity that has accumulated on the planet.

However, instead we have been observing the increase of the negativity for the last half-year.

We have set goals and tasks quite clearly.

We have been speaking about the need for prayer vigils and prayer work 24-hours around the clock.

We are saying that simple prayer work is not enough in your time. It is necessary to make certain efforts in the physical plane to neutralize the negativity in people’s consciousness. For this, there needs to be collective actions directed at neutralizing the negativity.

Our opposing forces appear to be more efficient and organized. Practically the entire information field of the planet has turned out to be occupied by people who represent the interests of the forces opposite to us.

Why do so-called light-bearers not take as an example what is already done in the field of mass media, including the Internet, and simply change a minus sign into a plus sign?

There are technologies well-tested for decades designed to change the mass consciousness of people. However, at the given moment these technologies are working against the Light and against the evolutionary path of development.

If you procrastinate during the next six months, then neither I nor any other Master will guarantee a favorable outcome from the lack-of-faith crisis that has now covered Earth.

Yes, this is because the Divine consciousness has left the lives of people; we are witnessing the crisis in all spheres of human life.

I will remind you of the technology according to which the dark forces are acting.

First, irregular rhythms are introduced into the environment. This is reflected in the modern music that young people like so much. At the same time, instead of subtle Divine sensations, drugs are introduced that give similar sensations but totally destroy the subtle bodies of a human. After the destruction of the subtle bodies, the physical body becomes sick and dies.

The next stage is temptations. You see advertisements that fuel your desires and your needs.

Immediately after that, you are helpfully offered money with an interest charge to purchase the things that tempt you. You are hooked by financial dependence until your incarnation is over.

Instead of working and taking pride in their own work, young people are forced to simply make money, pieces of paper that substitute for the joy that normally arises from authentically working for the common good. It causes dissatisfaction with life and protest.

The next stage is cultivated and created with a cult of violence and force using weapons. Then, the image of an enemy that is outside of you is generated. This can either be a nation, a country, or a class that, depending on the ideology being implemented, represents an outer barrier that blocks your happy future.

Generation after generation of young people die for false ideals and false values. Karma becomes more and more entangled and compounded.

We come and give you prepared recipes and explanations for everything that is happening on Earth.

In addition, we clearly show you the Path and the direction of your advancement.

However, there is hardly one person in a million living on the planet that possesses the necessary faith and awareness to heed our advice. The rest stubbornly carry on their procession into the abyss.

I have come today for a decisive and extraordinary talk.

I have tried to dot all the i's.

However, I must tell you about one more important thing. It is connected with your future. Neither I nor any other member of the Karmic Board can guarantee that we will manage to hold the balance on the planet in the following half-year.

We could enlist the energy support of the Great Central Sun. However, in order for this help to be rendered, we need the facts that prove that humanity heeds us and tries to follow the Path shown by us.

We cannot collect the sufficient number of such facts.

Therefore, I strongly urge you to put aside your personal initiatives and completely focus your efforts on maintaining the balance on the planet with the help of prayer work and with the help of your concrete activities.

If after my Message today some of our chelas ask what to do, I will refuse to come and give my Messages and guidance in the future.

I AM Portia.

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia