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A Teaching about the mantle of the Messenger

Beloved Portia
December 25, 2009

I AM Portia.

I have come through this Messenger for the first time because there is a reason to make you aware of the information that I have within my competence.

I AM the Goddess of Fairness and Divine Justice. I also open Divine opportunity if it is deserved and justified.

Now, after I have introduced myself, I wish to convey to you the information that will not be very pleasant.

Perhaps you do not realize that there is an aspect of our Messenger’s activities that is not widely advertised. However, the time has come to tell you about something. There is something in the aura of the Messenger that allows us to sometimes be present and act in your octave. In this way we are able to learn about certain things. There is also one more characteristic or quality that is inherent to the function of our Messenger. When our presence in the Messenger’s aura increases, we are able to attract from your world those individuals who are drawn to the Light. Not all the people who come close to our Messenger are the light-bearers who are attracted based on vibrations. In most cases the individuals who are attracted to the Light are those who want to taste the Light, to enjoy the Light, and after they have absorbed enough Light, they continue to perform unrighteous deeds in your octave.

Sometimes we cannot bring certain individuals to our attention for many thousands of years, because their tricks are so sophisticated that they have learned how to avoid karma by using other people for their schemes and manipulation.

Therefore, one of the Messenger’s functions is to attract such individuals. Then the sword of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood becomes activated. This sword cuts off all character clothes from those individuals and makes them show their true selves. That is when Divine Justice has the opportunity to manifest. Yes, beloved, unfortunately for the most part, the Light attracts those people who want to use this Light in their own interests. When they realize that they cannot use our Messenger for their own selfish purposes, they disclose their true selves. That is when they appear in all their ugliness and imperfection.

When Tatyana received the mantle of Messenger, she did not know that this mantle has such an effect. She gladly welcomed each person who came to her. She sincerely believed that Light can only attract Light, not knowing that Light also attracts the darkness that wants to take possession of this Light and use it for its own purposes.

Meanwhile, we were able to observe.

You see that I am giving a Message for the first time, although I have been observing and making conclusions for all these years. Ultimately, I decide whether to continue to provide Russia, the country in which the Messenger lives, with the opportunity or to move our focus of Light to another country.

I have said nothing to make you happy yet. As the Goddess responsible for Divine Justice, I also had the opportunity to observe all the legal proceedings that were started against our Messenger. I saw that the legal system of this country did not pass the test. We did not interfere with the natural course of legal proceedings on purpose. We needed to get to the supreme law of this country.

What did we see there? We saw a complete disrespect of the law, of the Divine Law, and of our Messenger as our representative in the physical plane.

Everything that happened could not be done by one person. Such course of action was caused by silent and steady resistance of many individuals who did not want to come out to the Light and who did not want any changes.

Many people had the opportunity to manifest their true essence. Too many people had that opportunity.

Do you see it as a defeat? I am an optimist and a tireless warrior! And I will tell you that we have achieved a great victory! That is because what was unattainable for the Divine Justice has finally become evident, and I was able to raise my sword of the Divine Fairness and Justice over many individuals who showed themselves, thanks to our Messenger.

After all, the goal has been achieved. Our goal at this stage is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Certainly, one cannot envy our Messenger as she acts in the role of the Divine Grinder, the Divine thrasher, the Divine sword, or simply as a stick.

Well, that is the reverse side of the Messenger’s position that had not been disclosed until now. However, we have achieved an excellent result! We were able to detect those individuals who had always been at various churches. They were church leaders, managed the inquisition, and always knew how to put others under the effects of the Law of Karma while remaining unknown and celebrating their victory.

Over whom are you gaining the victory, ladies and gentlemen? Over God? That is impossible! Your time is running out! I am glad that we were able to identify many malicious individuals who dressed in monk’s clothes and played saints. Finally, they had to act and manifest their true essence!

Now the time for my work is coming. I assure you that I will perform it in the best possible way!

All is not lost yet! But where are the best representatives of the forces of Light who came down into embodiment?

I know many of them who stumbled and cannot straighten their shoulders until the end of the current incarnation. My sister Quan Yin will help you.

I anticipate many interesting moments that will allow us to solve many of our problems.

I will stand for the continuation of the Divine Opportunity, and then we will see what happens.

I AM Portia!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia