SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations


"The Miracle of the Divine Messages"

is a fragment of Tatyana Mickushina's interview to
the television of Omsk, Russia.
The interview is Tatyana Mickushina's talk about her starting receiving
the Messages of Beings of Light.

Russia. Omsk. March 2009

T.N. Mickushina about the moral facet of the Teaching:

"The moral law is the basis of the Messages..."

Each of us is responsible for the state of planet Earth

The fragments of the following Messages have been used in that film:

Beloved Alpha, December 14, 2005 and December 29, 2009,
Sanat Kumara, November 28, 2005, March 22, 2005 and
December 12, 2005,
Gautama Buddha January 1, 2011, Kuthumi July 2, 2009,
Hilarion April 10, 2005,
Lord Surya June 21,2007 and May 10, 2005.

If you really want to change something in your life,
you should think about your consciousness more often

Slide film based on Beloved Surya Dictation, April 27, 2005

Slide film “A Message to mankind of the Earth”, Beloved Alpha

The Dictaton was given by Beloved Alpha through the Messenger T.N.Mickushina June 1, 2005.

Peace on the Earth depends on the level of consciousness

"Peace on the Earth depends on the level of consciousness that the best sons and daughters of God are capable of manifesting on the Earth"

FILM-MEDITATION based on the Dictation by Elohim Peace  January 4, 2010


"You must return God into your life!"
Slide-film based on Beloved El Morya' Dictation December 27, 2013

You must return God into your life!

Slide-film based on Beloved El Morya' Dictation December 27, 2013


The harmony of music and nature. Beautiful images of nature along with the music by Giovanni Marradi.

Franz Schubert. Serenade.

Only flowers, blossoming trees, beautiful landscapes and music…

The Grace from the Retreat of Mother Mary

The film presents meditation on the Mother's Flame.


Slide-film based on Archangel Michael Dictation June 22, 2009

I have come to awaken your consciousness
from its enduring lethargy

Slide-film based on Gautama Buddha's Dictation March 23, 2005

Meditation on Saint Germain's words

also based on the Dictation by Saint Germain of 26 June 2012

Words of Babaji

also based on the Dictation by Beloved Babaji of June 23, 2012

Bestow your Love upon the world!


Path of Initiations
(13 parts)

The seminar Path of Initiations was held in Moscow in March 2007. It was impossible to seat in the auditorium all the comers who wished to visit the seminar.

As there was video filming of the event we would like to bring fragments of the essential parts of the seminar Path of Initiations to your attention.

We hope that to some extent that will help those people who didn’t visit the seminar have notion about Path of Initiations.

Watch video fragments now!