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If you really want to change something in your life, you should think about your consciousness more often

Beloved Surya
April 27, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya, having come to you again through this Messenger.

The subject of our talk today will be your consciousness. While staying amidst the vanity of your everyday life you do not slip into thinking about the thing most important for you — your consciousness. You think about things: food, work, family, entertainment. You think about a lot of things, but you seldom think about your consciousness.

I want to tell you that the question of your consciousness is as important as the question of God because it is your consciousness that outlasts you and keeps all your life experience and attainments of the whole sequence of your lives. As a matter of fact, the level of your consciousness determines all the events of your life. The level of your consciousness is tightly connected with your karma and the karma of the people around you. The greater the percentage of the worked off karma, the higher is the level of your consciousness and the closer you are to God.

The level of your consciousness is connected with your vibrations as well. The higher the level of your vibrations, the higher is the level of your consciousness. Therefore, the level of your consciousness draws you to these or those surroundings. Like draws to like. Therefore, if you really want to change something in your life, you should think about your consciousness more often.

Any event and anything of the physical world surrounding you can be approached from two sides. There are two main points of view on everything in the world. All the diversity of life and life choices is reduced to your choice: Which world do you choose? Do you choose the illusory world or the real world of God?

I will give you examples to explain the subject of my talk.

Imagine that you are in an absolutely harmonious state of consciousness. You must have experienced such states in life. You feel deep inner peace, balance, causeless joy, and love toward everything around you. God sends you such minutes to enable you to return during difficult life situations to the feelings that you experience in these blissful minutes of your life. I recommend that you recollect such states, or try to fix such a state firmly in your memory when it descends upon you in the near future. This is the criterion with which you will compare your states of consciousness at other moments of your life.

Now imagine yourself facing any disharmonious situation in life. This may be roaring rock music, disharmonious people, and many non-divine manifestations you encounter every day. And when you clash with these disharmonious life situations, a very important moment occurs. You may either get involved in this situation or keep a balanced state.

I will give you a concrete example. You were insulted at work, at home or in the street. The insult seems to you absolutely undeserved. You may react in two different ways as I have told you. You may involve yourself in the situation and start proving that you are right and were insulted undeservedly. You may also stay away from the situation but simply fix it in your consciousness and not put your energy into it.

Remember that this entire illusory world is supported by your energy only. Every minute and every second you make your choice where to direct your energy. And if you involve yourself in an unpleasant situation into which you were drawn, you start putting into this situation the energy flowing to your aura from the Divine world along a crystal cord.

What happens at such moments? You put your energy into imperfection and you multiply the illusion. Most of the people living on Earth act in such a way.

This world is supported only by your energy. And you feed all the imperfections of this world with your energy.

The other choice you can make when being drawn into a disharmonious situation is to refuse to put your energies into imperfection. Yes, you note that this situation is unfair, but you understand that everything happening in your physical world is an illusion. Therefore, you simply remove this situation from your consciousness and do not let your consciousness think about it.

This does not mean that you are indifferent to the non-divine manifestations of your world. You show your appreciation. You are obliged to show your proper appreciation, you may even tell the people around you about your appreciation in simple language, but you do not put energy into it. You recollect those harmonious states in which you happened to be, and you raise your consciousness up to this level, away from the disharmonious situation surrounding you.

I am fully aware of the fact that the thing I am talking about can be done by someone who is adept at a very high level, but for the majority of the people reading these lines such a reaction to life situations will be difficult to reach. But you should know the aims of your aspirations. And you should attempt to change your consciousness. The entire Divine perfection is inside of you. Only you decide whether to dwell in this perfection or to give yourself up to the illusion of this world.

In conclusion, I would like to show you an image of Buddha sitting on the bank of the river. Buddha is sitting in the pose of meditation, watching the river. He sees a small piece of wood drifting by, then a log. Then he sees a boat with people sailing by. Buddha sees all this. And he assesses everything or phenomenon that he sees, but he does not put his energies into any of these things. He just calls the things by their names and that’s it.

If an ordinary person sits in Buddha’s place, his thoughts will stick to everything he sees. Looking at the small piece of wood he will think how irresponsible people are to pollute the river. When looking at the log he will think how he could use it in his household. And he will examine in his consciousness every person sitting in the boat sailing by.

I gave this example to you to finally clarify how you create the surrounding illusion with your consciousness.

When you constantly keep in your mind the negative situations that you face in life, keep going over your reaction to these situations, and bottle up people’s reactions to your reactions, you send the energy given to you by God onto the multiplicity of the surrounding illusion.

The same applies to any imperfect feeling that you allow into your consciousness. You should constantly analyze all your thoughts and feelings and compare them with the criterion of the perfect state that you must always keep in your memory. That is why you must reject the feeling of conflict in your consciousness. When you are tuned in to a conflict you attract the subject of the conflict into your world.

This also concerns the subject of the fight with the fallen angels so much loved by you. If you are tuned into a conflict, you will always find the object of your conflict among the people around you. But if you do not want conflicts, you will not meet people to clash with on your path. Moreover, if you constantly keep your consciousness at a high level you will be able to infect with your high state of consciousness every person you meet in life.

Today I have attempted to fix your attention on your consciousness because this is the thing with which you must work constantly.

Do agree, that in order to work with your consciousness you need nothing but your wish and aspiration to change your consciousness. I will be happy if you take today’s talk not as an abstract debate but as a guide to action.

I AM Surya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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