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I have come to awaken your consciousness from its enduring lethargy

Gautama Buddha
March 23, 2005

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama Buddha. I have come through this Messenger again.

I have come today to give you the knowledge that dates back to the times of my last incarnation as Prince Siddharta. I had been in the jungle for many days, and I lost count of those days. Jungle rains were pouring down. The heat was terrible. Nights turned into days, days turned into nights.

Nothing was of any importance for me anymore. I realized that there was nothing in the world I was interested in and nothing drew my attention.

I was sitting under a banyan tree in the meditation pose. My consciousness left me and I ascended to another reality. It was a higher reality that became more real for me than the jungle where I had left my physical body.

I went on sitting under the tree and at the same time dwelling in another reality that had no time limits. I was experiencing bliss, and joy, and freedom. There cannot be feelings in this world mightier than those I was experiencing while dwelling in that reality.

I did not want to return to my body. There were so many limitations and such darkness in the world where I had left my body, in comparison to the world of my meditation.

I was experiencing the entire unity with the Divine, which I took for the Atman. It was an ecstasy of bliss that cannot be expressed verbally in any of the earthly languages.

What made me return to my body sitting in the jungle under the banyan tree in the pose of meditation?

I had to tell other people about the experience I had and about the place I had found inside of me where there was neither pain nor suffering, where there was only bliss, and peace, and infinite Love.

I could keep dwelling in that place more. I had been seeking that place for many years, and I found it. I think that my decision to return to my body was my greatest attainment during the years of my last incarnation. I was prompted to do it only by compassion to those living beings that were still on Earth and had no idea within their external consciousness of the place I had just visited.

I returned to my body. I felt cold and darkness around me irrespective of the fact that the sun was shining and it was hot.

I was facing a hard task — to tell the people about the place I had visited and to show them the Path to it that I had found inside of myself.

You can imagine my surprise when some followers of mine emerged. Those people had never experienced the bliss that I was experiencing during my meditations. They were far from perfection. They were not able to feel the purity of my vibrations.

Many of them just trusted me blindly. In their eyes I saw a painful longing for the world that they were no longer able to recollect with their conscious minds. But they believed in everything I told them. They would agree to obey all my demands in order to acquire the state of absolute bliss and peace again. I worshipped these people.

I was ready to serve them and I returned for their sake.

Millions of living creatures suffer terribly on this planet. They are trapped inside their physical bodies, which are like mummies.

These people needed my help. I returned to be able to help all the living beings.

And I keep doing this so far.

I dwell in Tatyana’s body just as I dwell in the bodies of many other people on this planet. I am inside of them and I help them from within. It is hard for you to believe in it. Probably, it does not correspond to the ideas you have got from different sources and books.

I keep dwelling in you as a part of you, as your Higher Self. The other Masters of Wisdom are doing the same.

We cannot leave this planet until the smallest part of ourselves remains inside a body of any human who still has to incarnate on this planet and is not able to become free from the wheel of sansara.[1]

Therefore, we come with our Teachings again and again and we speak from the level that is accessible for the audience that, as we know, will receive access to our information.

It is impossible for you to comprehend the Truth irrespective of whether our description of it is simple or sophisticated. But you are able to know the whole Truth at once if it dawns upon your consciousness or if you experience a sudden moment of enlightenment. All of you are able to know the Truth. And this will happen with all of you. Probably, it will not happen with each of you during the current embodiment. But you will experience the state of enlightenment without fail. The Truth will come to you not in the shape of words or images. It will simply flash through your mind and it will be like a flash of lightning that will light up the whole planet. And you will not be able to go on sleeping. This moment of enlightenment will be like an awakening from an enduring lethargy in which you have been staying for millions of years.

And this moment of awakening cannot be taken for any other thing. This is the moment when your consciousness rises to the level of your Higher Self. And you will recollect who you are and why you have come to Earth.

You will not be able to sleep any more. You will use every minute and second of your life on Earth to help all living creatures, to tell them about the enlightenment you have experienced, and to show them the Path that is inside of you, inside of your hearts.

You will become an awakened Buddha in incarnation.

This is the next level of the evolution of mankind when you will become a race consisting of Buddhas.

But before that more and more people will emerge whose potential will differ greatly from the abilities of other people. These new people will find people similar to them throughout the globe and will unite with them on the basis of common service to the entire life on the planet. This is a new race of people, the Sixth Human Race, which is now coming into incarnation and manifesting itself among the ordinary people who have not overcome many limitations of their consciousness yet.

When snow melts you can see the first places free of snow. Then in a while there are more and more such places around. Grass sprouts and flowers appear. And during a short period of time all the ground, as far as you can see, transforms and becomes full of new colors and odors.

Speaking in terms of space measures, the transformation of Earth will take place very soon. Now we are already watching separate places liberated from the cold sleep of the human consciousness that was locking them in. These are places ready for awakening or having been already awakened and blossoming with the first flowers that have emerged from under the snow.

We are watching you blossoming. In truth, a human with an open consciousness is like an extraordinary flower when you look at him at the higher plane.

I have come to awaken your consciousness from its enduring lethargy. Do awake! Look at the sun of your Atman dwelling inside of you.

I AM Gautama, your brother.

[1] Sansara – in Hindu philosophy this is a cycle of an individual life process with all its sufferings. Indian wisdom says that everywhere you look you see aspirations and lusts, chase for pleasures, quick flight from pain and death; everywhere there is void and heat of destructive passions. The world is full of links and transformation. This is sansara. (Translator’s footnote.)

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