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You must return God into your life!

Master Morya
December 27, 2013

Master Morya
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I AM El Morya!

Today I have come to you!

My dear chelas, beloved, every time my arrival becomes more and more sorrowful.

Yes, I must state the fact that many of my disciples, whom I laid my hopes on, have left the Path.

Illusion, its charm, led away from the Path many of the most devoted disciples of mine, who were with me throughout many incarnations.

And today I am stating this sorrowful fact.

What is to be done? Is it worth spreading panic and despair?

I will tell you that our assignments have not changed. Even having no superiority in numbers, we can manage to carry out these grandiose tasks!

Each of you, of my disciples, who are in embodiment, becomes as good as gold. Each of you is forced to struggle against the thousand-fold superior forces of the illusion.

Well, it is not the first time for you. Recall your incarnation with me in the days of King Arthur.

Your spirit of chivalry and devotion to God must be awakened!

I must tell you that not all the plans of the Masters are promoted the way that they were planned. We suffer one defeat after another and lose our most experienced warriors. This is sorrowful. But I invoke you always to go along the Supreme Path only!

Only if you constantly keep your consciousness focused on God, do you become invulnerable to the forces that oppose us.

Only your devotion to the Will of God!

Only your determination to gain a victory!

Only your desire to withstand!

I know that it is hard. I know that many have lost the Path. But I also know that the outcome of the battle between the Light and the dark is predetermined! I know that each devoted collaborator of the Brotherhood is able to resist the whole hordes of the forces of death and hell.

Knights of the Spirit! You are to unite before the crucial battles!

I say that you are to show all of your abilities and talents. You are to throw off everything that ties you to the illusion and its manifestations, both outside of you and inside of you.

Right now! Exactly at this time we are to withstand and create the overbalance of forces at the crucial part of the battle!

Therefore, I think, it’s not worth going limp; do not panic.

It is necessary to draw up the battle formation and to aspire to our victory.

Yes, not all goes well. Yes, the majority is still on the side of the opposite forces.

However, we tirelessly repeat to you that the forces of Light will gain the Victory! For this is the Law of this Universe!

Every minute and every second of your embodiment you must be aware of your connection with God. Only in this case you will get the invulnerable protection of the Light!

Only in this case you will be able to advance toward your victory!

But if you weep and search for the causes of your failures outside of you, you will never gain the victory.

All the causes of your failures and defeats are inside you.

When your Faith becomes weaker, when you lose the connection with your Spirit, you become vulnerable to the opposite forces. The worm of doubt and sadness penetrates into your consciousness and inevitably brings the mood of defeat.

Therefore, do tirelessly bear your responsibility for the destiny of the world every day!

Every day, keep the victorious spirit and your devotion to God!

I know that the opposite forces use the craftiest methods. And I am telling you that your protection and your invulnerability are in the maintenance of your connection with God.

How many hours a day do you think about God?

How many days a week do you dedicate to your praying vigils?

How many days a year do you devote to the deeds for God and the Masters?

You must set in your bookkeeping records the time that you spare for God and the Masters in your life.

Then the cause of your defeats and failures will be clear for you.

Have I stated your forthcoming tasks clearly enough?

There is no excuse — and there cannot be any excuses — for your inactivity and laziness!

It is impossible to lie on the stove-bench when the enemy is conquering your land, your children, and your family.

Everyone must fight the illusory forces like you are tenfold.

One can withstand the onslaught of a thousand if he is with God!

I will personally come and reinforce each of you who risk showing determination and resist the illusory forces at this time, at the cost of his reputation and of his life.

Nothing matters in the situation that has formed on Earth except for one thing — you must return God into your life!

At any cost, even at the cost of your life.

I bless you for this feat of arms in the name of Life!

I AM El Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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