HELIOS - God of our solar system

«And where the eyes turned to the morning dawn,

We only see the soulless orb in it,

There Helios in a shining chariot shone,

sparkled and drove his horses».[1]

Helios is the God of this solar system and abides in the very heart of the physical Sun. With Goddess Vesta, he serves to represent the Godhead to those evolving on the planets orbiting the Sun. It is their God consciousness that sustains our physical Solar System.

Our Sun is a giant celestial body, a mass of energetic activity in which the Creator's Self-expression is focused on all levels of Spirit and Matter.

ГЕЛИОС – Бог нашей солнечной системы

Like the ebbs and flow of the sea, the waves of the Eternal Sunshine are constantly repeating cycles. When the wave of the tide of the great Sunlight comes into our world, it is God who gives us His mercy and gifts. When the wave leaves, this is the time to express to Him our gratitude and desire to become one with Him.

Those who are eager to receive the light that is incoming, with its buoyancy, its joy, its power, often do not recognize the moments when God is asking them to send Love and supplication in his direction.

Helios, the Lord of the Dawn, and Vesta, the Mother of Eternal Cycles, are known as Presiding Solar Deities

ГЕЛИОС – Бог нашей солнечной системы

Helios and Vesta spiritualize the Sun of our Solar System, providing protection to its evolution, being representatives of the spiritual, Great Central Sun, which is reflected in our physical Sun.

By receiving the light of this Sun and lowering its intensity, Helios and Vesta make it available for the diverse lifeforms of the planets in our solar system.

Helios serves on the Golden Ray, and Vesta, on the Pink Ray. Among the twelve Solar Hierarchies, They represent the Hierarchy of Aries (the three o’clock line) to the evolutions of this Solar system.

The ancient Greeks knew Helios as the Sun God, and this Legend which has survived to the present day, says:

«Far on the eastern edge of the Earth was the golden palace of Helios, the Sun God. Every morning, when the East was beginning to turn pink, the pink-footed Eos-Goddess of the Dawn opened the golden gate, and Helios rode out of the gate on his golden chariot, which was drawn by four white, like snow, winged horses. Standing in the chariot, Helios was holding tightly the reins of his riotous horses. And he shone with the blinding light emitted by his golden long garment and radiant crown on his head. At first, its rays illuminated the highest peaks of the mountains, and they began to glow, as if they were engulfed in fire.

The chariot was rising higher and higher, and the rays of Helios poured onto the Earth, giving it light, heat and life.

ГЕЛИОС – Бог нашей солнечной системы

After Helios reached the heights of heaven, he began to slowly descend in his chariot to the western edge of the Earth. There, on the sacred waters of the Ocean, a golden boat was waiting for him. Winged horses brought the chariot with the rider right into the boat, and Helios rode on it along the underground river to the east into his golden palaces. There Helios rested at night. With the onset of the day, he again went out on his golden chariot to the heavenly expanses in order to give light and joy to the Earth. ».

In Roman mythology, Vesta was worshiped as the Goddess of the Hearth. The Greeks knew her as Hestia. Every Roman and Greek household and city kept a fire burning perpetually in the honor of Vesta. In Rome, the sacred fire in the Temple of Vesta was tended by six priestesses called vestal virgins.

The God of our solar system, the Lord of the Morning Dawn - Beloved Helios came from the Sun and transferred His Teaching to humanity of the Earth through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatiana Nickolaevna Mickushina.

His three Messages are filled with boundless Love, Light, Joy and Optimism, which gives us Hope and Belief in the fact that “everything that is taking place on Earth now is only one unfortunate episode” [2].

In His first Message, «Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven», transmitted on May 13, 2005, Beloved Helios gave us a Teaching on the nature of the Sun, its meaning, as well as His responsibility for the existence of life on all planets in the solar system:

«I AM Helios. I send you my greetings from the Sun of our solar system!

I have come to give a small Teaching on the nature of the Sun. You see the Sun every day, and it seems to you so natural to watch the sunrise and the sunset that you do not pay attention to them.

…the Sun is just that center in our solar system without which life would be unable to exist on any of the solar system planets, both visible and invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, a great responsibility lies with me, as I am the Being inspiring our Sun by my presence».

Further, in this Message, Beloved Helios confirms what has been said above, that He and the Messengers of the Great Central Sun exercise God’s control over the life which is flowing through us:

ГЕЛИОС – Бог нашей солнечной системы

«Your Sun is a star inhabited by very reasonable and highly evolved beings. Therefore, all the processes that take place in our solar system are under our absolute control. No matter how much your scientists will prove that life cannot exist in such high temperatures, I am here. I exist and I render my help and sponsorship to every planet of the solar system including your Earth».

Beloved Helios told us about the upcoming changes on our planet that will occur through our minds and hearts, and about the most important role of the Sun in transforming our consciousness:

«Your planet is undergoing changes and in the near future — in cosmic measures indeed — you will countenance serious changes on your planet. This will affect all living creatures inhabiting planet Earth. The Sun, its radiation, its magnetic and gravitational fields as well as its thinner fields that your scientists are not able to fix, will play not a secondary role in the transformations expected on Earth.

… all the changes expected in the future will be of a planned character. The Earth will gradually become clear of the consequences of the influence of your civilization and will take on a more natural appearance with a milder climate, and the very existence on the planet will become safer and more pleasant.

All this will happen in the near future according to the cosmic measures. And all these changes will take place through the change of your consciousness, through your minds and hearts.

Your consciousness changes under the influence of many factors, among which the main factor is your Sun and the processes occurring on it both in the physical and in the higher planes».

Beloved Helios revealed to us one more mystery of the Cosmos- about how this miracle happens of transmitting the Messages to Earth:

«... receiving of these Dictations is realized with the help of the sun’s energy, on condition of My immediate participation and in My presence during the transmission of every Dictation. Yes, beloved, the transmission of our Messages is realized on condition of using the sun’s energy that helps to intensify the transmitted information.».

Beloved Helios compares the light of the Sun with the Divine energy contained in the Masters' Messages transmitted to Earth. He explains that the impact of this energy can be beneficial for some, and destructive for others:

«In exactly the same way as the sun shines for everybody without exception, the Dictations that we have been giving every day for the third month already are given to everybody without limitations.

And in exactly the same way as the sun exerts a beneficial influence upon some people and a destructive influence upon others, the influence of these Dictations is just identical.

There are people who find perfect life-giving nectar of the Divine energy in these Dictations. They are ready to absorb this nectar every day and cannot be sated. And there are people who feel a very negative inner state under the influence of the energies contained in the Dictations.

Such is the quality of the Divine energy, beloved — it speeds up the inner processes that take place within you. And if you aspire to the Light and the Sun, to the Good and God with all your heart and being, the additional Divine energy will speed up your high aspirations and you will receive an unprecedented impulse for your growth and evolution».

At the conclusion of this Message, Beloved Helios emphasizes the great importance of the transmitted Teaching, which we will only understand and appreciate in the future:

«…This is really God’s mercy and favor towards you. But you will be able to appreciate all the meaning of this mercy only in the course of time..

The cautious and careful hands of the Cosmic Beings are ready to give you all the necessary help for days and nights. It is only you who decide whether to take this help or to reject it..

Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven and put your chakras under the gush of never-ending Divine energy — a cascade of Light flowing on you..

I AM Helios, standing in front of you in the cascades of Sunlight and the Divine energy».

In the Message of December 23, 2008, «I am able to feel your being with an extra amount of energy and vitality» Beloved Helios says that he is our friend and helper, and opens up a way for us to gain vitality through consonance with the Sun:

«Perhaps you don't realize that your Sun is not only the energy source in our solar system, but the Sun is also your old friend and helper.

... I inspire the physical Sun and I stand behind the visible Sun. Therefore, the extent of your transmission of the Divine principles to your world depends on your ability to establish your personal relationships with the Sun and me.

In order to carry the Light to your world, you need to gain consonance with the Light. The simplest way to do it is to gain consonance with me. I am your real friend and your helper on the Path.

Glorify me, glorify every sunrise, enjoy my warmth and light when it is possible.

Even a mental image of me, an image of the luminous fiery sphere, is able to give you assurance, cheerfulness, and a necessary burst of energy».

Н.К. Рерих «Кришна –Лель (Святой пастырь)»

N.K. Roerich «Krishna – Lel (Holy Shepherd)»

In His third Message, delivered on December 31, 2009, «I wish that all of you learn to keep your consciousness at the level where there is only Love, joy, peace, and harmony» Beloved Helios gave us His Teaching on Joy and Love:

«I AM Helios. I have come today and I am full of joy! I would like to share this joy with you!

My joy is boundless! And if only I could share my Love, my joy, and my optimism with at least those of you who are reading this Message of mine, you can imagine how the atmosphere on Earth would be brighter and more joyful!

Joy is a state of consciousness that is not attached to the physical world. This consciousness reflects the Higher worlds. And may God grant all of you the ability to learn to feel a quiet joy that makes your life meaningful and makes you straighten your shoulders and not just walk but soar above Earth.

This is special Wisdom that is best matched with Love. Joy and Love. It is enough for you to cultivate only these two qualities within yourselves, and you will see how everything will start changing in your life. Look at me. Don’t you want to smile back at me?»

And if we are overcome by sadness, Beloved Helios, like a wizard, can instantly change our state:

«Always, when sadness or a bad state takes control of you, search for me in the sky, catch my ray of Love directed personally to you, and remember this Message of mine.

Promise yourself always to remember me when you are overwhelmed by heavy thoughts and doubts. You simply visualize a huge, fiery solar disk in the heavenly blue sky. This visualization can change your state right before the eyes of the people around you.

Yes, I am a magician, and I can work miracles».

Beloved Helios teaches us to pray for a gift - to kindle the hearts of people:

«...special mercy that can be revealed to you as a gift. This is a gift to kindle the hearts of people. All who are in your presence will be able to experience a surge of strength, energy, and high spirits.

Pray for this gift to be granted to you. The secret of this gift is very simple. You become a transmitter of the Divine energy into your world. And when you receive this gift due to your merits, you become similar to the sun for your world. You share the warmth of your soul and your energy with everyone around you without any limitations.

...in order to reach this state, it is necessary to devote many years to the elevation to this level of consciousness».

At the conclusion of this Message, Beloved Helios gives us his farewell:

«I wish that all of you learn to keep your consciousness at the level where there is only Love, joy, peace, and harmony. The more human individuals that are able to keep this state constantly, the easier it will be for everyone else. It is difficult for the pioneers. It is easier for the ones who follow them».

ХРАМ СОЛНЦА, Обитель Гелиоса и Весты в центре Солнца

TEMPLE OF THE SUN, Retreat of Helios and Vesta in the center of the Sun

The Great Temple of the Sun of Helios and Vesta is located in the center of the Sun of our solar system, in the heart of the sun, known as VICTORY.

This is the very heart of hearts, the heart of Being...

The key note of Beloved Helios is the «Helios» Overture , the composer is Carl Nielsen.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.


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