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I am able to fill your being with an extra amount of energy and vitality

Beloved Helios
December 23, 2008

Beloved Helios

I AM Helios, having come to you today when the majority of mankind, living in the northern hemisphere, is experiencing the lack of sunlight.

Well, that is natural, and it is caused by the annual cycle.

I have come to give you some of my joy and to fill your hearts with love and tenderness, which you lack so much during these winter days.

I have also come to tell you that no matter how hopeless and desperate your state in this physical world may sometimes seem and no matter how heavy the atmosphere is around you, everything can be changed and everything can be improved.

Your world is an obedient tool in your hands. You should simply remember that you are gods and you created this world yourself in your own image and likeness. Now, when you have realized that you can change some things, you should set to work at once and start the process of making changes. As soon as the idea of changes captures the minds of quite a large number of individuals, the changes start to accumulate in your physical world from the more subtle worlds of thoughts and feelings. That is why you should not hesitate. I will help you in this process of change.

When you lack joy, cheerfulness, and sunlight, you can appeal to me for help because I am capable of filling your being with an extra amount of energy and vitality.

You should come out in the sun or imagine that you stand in the rays of the sun, which is shining on you from Heaven. When you feel the warmth and energy that come from the Sun with your whole being, you need to ask me:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, beloved Helios, I ask you to clean my aura and my chakras from everything that is not from God. I ask you to fill my being with your energy, the energy of the Sun."

You can make this appeal every day, regardless of the time of day, but the appeal is the most efficient when the Sun is at its highest point and when you stand turning your whole being toward the Sun.

I can and I am able to help you and respond to your call when you appeal to me.

I also understand very well that sometimes you feel so bad that you are even unable to make this call. In this case, I can advise you to keep a photograph of the rising Sun or any other image of the Sun in front of your eyes. The Sun plays a very important role in your life and in the life of all living beings. That's why your meditation on the Sun will be very beneficial and will give you strength.

Keep photographs of the Sun at your work place or in your apartment.

Everything that surrounds you has much more influence on you than you can imagine. So, surround yourself with proper patterns, seek to be in a harmonious atmosphere, and then many of your psychological problems will either leave you or will be weakened to the extent that they will not dispirit you.

I always try to give all possible help to every living being. When you think that nobody is watching you, you are mistaken; I like to watch you and stroke and pet your faces.

Perhaps you don't realize that your Sun is not only the energy source in our solar system, but the Sun is also your old friend and helper.

I inspire the physical Sun and I stand behind the visible Sun. Therefore, the extent of your transmission of the Divine principles to your world depends on your ability to establish your personal relationships with the Sun and me.

In order to carry the Light to your world, you need to gain consonance with the Light. The simplest way to do it is to gain consonance with me. I am your real friend and your helper on the Path.

Glorify me, glorify every sunrise, enjoy my warmth and light when it is possible.

Now my rays shine differently. Now my rays awaken the Divine nature in you. And you probably started noticing that even a short stay in the Sun during the day gives you a burst of energy and strength.

It is just because my glow has changed. Your scientists will soon discover the characteristics in the spectrum of my glow that have changed, but without the knowledge of the Divine Science, they will hardly be able to explain the meaning of it.

I also have to warn you that the intensity of my rays have become stronger, especially the invisible part of the spectrum. Therefore, an excessively long stay in the Sun may harm your organism.

There are some individuals who are afraid of my rays and hide from me. Subconsciously, intuitively they understand that there's something within them that prevents them from communicating with me and from staying in the Sun. I have an oppressing effect on them, because their nature and mine differ so much from each other.

As a planet, Earth allows the coexistence of many totally different beings. Not all of them are following the course that is destined for planet Earth.

Since our meeting is about to end, I would like to remind you again that you will find a faithful and sincere friend in me; all you need to do is simply to appeal to me. Even a mental image of me, an image of the luminous fiery sphere, is able to give you assurance, cheerfulness, and a necessary burst of energy.

I AM Helios, with love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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