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About The Members of The Karmic Board
The Karmic Board is a body of eight Ascended Masters who are assigned the responsibility to dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy and judgment on behalf of every lifestream.
Members of the Karmic Board: The Great Divine Director, The Goddess of Liberty , Beloved Nada, Elohim Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, Portia, Beloved Quan Yin, Buddha Vairochana.
The Lords of Karma are our Divine intercessors, serving as intermediaries between people and their karma.

Members of The Karmic Board Lords of Karma


Archangel Michael

My Angels and I are always at your service, particularly at difficult moments of your life when you lose control over yourself and become vulnerable to the dark forces. You can always turn to us for help. Whole legions of my guardian angels are ready to give you help and protection 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to ask us for help; it is our duty and obligation to help people. We cannot start fulfilling our duties until you call us; however, your call makes us respond and come to you to help in a difficult situation.

Saint Michael the Archangel, June 28, 2007

John the Baptist

Contrary to most of the people, the ruling clergymen soon realized that my Teaching, if it had been understood by the people, would have deterred the flock from external worshipping and external rituals forever and would have directed them to the meeting with the real Messiah, to their inner meeting with God and the real part within them.

…Having obtained such an inner communion and such bliss inside of them, people would never have been able to trust any external religion or teachers.

After having received access to the Divine state of consciousness, people would have been drawn to the like ones very quickly. The Divine state of consciousness is as catching as any manifestation of a non-divine state of consciousness, characteristic of many people now.

John the Baptist, April 11, 2005

Pallas Athena

There is so much that is beautiful and charming in this world. There is so much of what God had given to mankind absolutely free, as a Divine gift. There are sunrises and sunsets, there is the heat of the sun, the singing of the birds, the blooming of the flowers, the singing of the wind and the babbling of the brooks.

God has given so much to mankind!

Pallas Athena, June 23, 2014


Sanat Kumara

...I am referring to those who are ready, to my children, who I have worked with for many incarnations.

A crucial section of the Path has begun for you. And you will have to apply the maximum effort, all your strength and all your abilities accrued by your previous incarnations.

I come to you again, my beloved, my nestlings from my eagle's nest. I have nurtured you with the wisdom of the ages, and I have given you to drink the Divine energy of Light. I have the right to ask you for help, and I have the right to count on you at this difficult time.

I hope you will respond to my appeal. And even those of you who have made big and small mistakes, do not persist. Come back under my paternal wing.

There are no such misconducts which cannot be corrected by selfless Service and devotion to the Masters.

Sanat Kumara, December 20, 2007

Lord Shiva

You will be looking for your God for long. And you will find Him one nice day when it seems to you that life is meaningless for you, when you are not attached to anything in your world any more. You will be back where you started your life, being at a loose end with your family or your job, or anything else that was important for you and that has gone. And at that moment when there is nothing in your world to which you feel the attachment, at that moment you will turn your eyes towards the sky in your last hope and you will say in your heart:

"Lord, help me, Lord. I know that You exist. I know that You hear me. I believe in Your Might and Your Mercy. I love You, Lord, and I believe that all You have done to me was necessary only for my coming to You. Lord, forgive me everything that I did through my foolishness. I thank You, Lord, for Your teaching and Your letting me go through all tests and coming out of them with credit. Lord, help me find You and never part with You ever in my life."

And it will seem to you at that moment that the Heavens have opened. You will feel what you have never felt in your life. You will understand that everything you have aspired to, you already have and you always had. And all that is within you, in your heart, but you did not want to see that and hear that up to this moment of your life, when your ears started hearing and your eyes opened.

Lord Shiva, January 2, 2007

Jesus Christ

The Divine Thought is simple. The Divine Love is open to all. Everything is on the surface, and you needn’t pay money for the Divine Wisdom. God gives everything to everybody for free.

You just need to find a narrow path leading you to the Divine Summit among thousands of roads and highways leading to dead ends.

You need to realize that the true faith has nothing to do with rites and ceremonies. The True Faith is in your hearts. And God abides in your hearts. And it makes no difference for people who cognized the true God dwelling in the hearts what temple to go to for a pray.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to a Buddhist pagoda, to a Christian church, to a synagogue, to a mosque to a prayer house. If you go there to God, you will find him everywhere.

And if you are going there with an empty heart, you will find God nowhere.

Jesus Christ, 3. Januar 2009

Beloved Hilarion

I, Lord Hilarion, remember the minutes when, being in incarnation and leading a solitary life in the backwoods, I had a chance to observe myself as if from outside all day long. I understood that I was flesh and blood in incarnation with all the functions of my body. But at the same time I began to realize that within me there was another man who was not connected directly with the functions of my physical body. It was a strange feeling of double personality. I was on earth in incarnation, and at the same time I understood that I was immortal. I was eternal. I was thrown upon my own resources in that incarnation, and I tried to understand the reason for my being, but at the same time I was much more than my physical body. In fact, my physical body was just like a suit of armor enabling my Higher Self to dwell within me...

Beloved Hilarion, January 4, 2007

Saint Germain

One person, afire with the materialization of the idea of the Golden Age for planet Earth, can ignite the hearts of many people in his environment.

We need light-bearers who are ready to sacrifice themselves, to sacrifice everything they have so as to smooth the progress of the new ideas and the new way of living that will inevitably replace the old way of living.

Get involved in the work of life transformation on planet Earth, on the basis of Divine principles and Divine guidance!

After all, it is so easy, beloved!

Only a desire on your part is necessary, and we will fill you with any determination you are lacking.

Just a small aspiration on your part is required and we will fill you with the energy and power!

Manifestation of love and compassion towards people who need love and compassion is required, and we will give you the Divine opportunity to transform society!

Are there daring and courageous people among you?

Saint Germain, June 18, 2011

Serapis Bey

We are calling you not only to prayer but also to be ready to do practical deeds in the physical plane. It does not mean that you must leave everything and aspire to the place we show you. You must bring the Divine consciousness and Divine patterns to the place on the globe where you live, to your family, and to your workplace. You and only you are able to bring the new consciousness into the world. And I foresee that it will not be easy for you to do. You will be required to perform a feat, many feats, because everything surrounding you will resist. You will face one difficulty after another, one obstacle after another. It is very difficult to act in the world surrounding you, and it is very difficult to introduce the new consciousness and the new thinking into the world.

Serapis Bey, June 24, 2007

Beloved El Morya

You have run out of time for learning. You are required to perform concrete actions and concrete steps in the physical plane.

It is hardly possible to formulate our demands to you more clearly than was done through this messenger. You should alter the priorities of your consciousness.

Remember, that we are powerless to do anything in your physical plane without your help and support. We have no access to your physical world, unless some of you prepare your temples for our presence and ask us to use your four lower bodies so that we can use your hands and feet for the implementing of our plans.

Thus, I give you this appeal. Please, make it every day.

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM”, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self I appeal to beloved El Morya to enter my temple and act through me so that the Will of God can be manifested in the physical octave and in the densest layers of the astral plane. Beloved El Morya, I grant all my four lower bodies at your full disposal: the physical body, the astral body, the mental body and the etheric body. Act through me if there is God’s Holy Will for that. Let God’s Will be done. Amen.”

I promise to you that as soon as an opportunity occurs I will enter your temples and act through you.

And thus we will change this world! And the Earth will live and become a beautiful star of liberty, joy and love!

Beloved El Morya, April 28, 2005


Lord Maitreya

…be vigilant. When your turn to pass tests and to go through initiations comes, do not turn off the chosen Path. Bring to mind that feeling of Love which was leading you and which was your guiding star and in any life situation try to find the decision which will help you regain your feeling of Love.

There are no easy tests and there are no painless trials and exams. But such is the Law of this universe. You should pass through the necessary tests before you are entrusted to service. And remember – there are no tests which are impossible to pass through. You are not tested with more than you can stand even if you are almost at the limits of your powers and abilities.

I AM Maitreya with Love towards you.

Lord Maitreya, May 27, 2005


Mother Mary

…that is the state of the world, beloved, that the best souls feel depressed and do not wish to live. While the people who are not burdened with big virtues feel wonderful in the environment around them.

Beloved, your souls have taken a heavy burden of incarnation at this hard time for the Earth. And I can only remind you of that and tell you the words of comfort and dry your tears. But you have to continue fulfilling your mission. Each of you is very dear to my heart, and this special connection with me will always bring you help at the time when it seems to you that you haven't got any energy and any possibility to bear that rudeness and ignorance around you. At the hardest moments of your life find the strength to get in touch with me in your mind. Just think about me, and I will manifest my presence beside you and share your burden. And you will feel relief and will be able to go your further way through life and completely fulfill your Service.

Mother Mary, June 11, 2010


Beloved Kuthumi

…the main thing for you is to make your choice and to start your progress on the Path of giving up your ego, on the Path of your coming back to the real world of God.

This very first and vital step in the right direction can become so decisive for you that it will change your whole life during a few years. You can waste millions of years more wandering around the illusory world. But when you make a right step in the right direction and continue to progress notwithstanding the trials you overcome on your Path, you make the right choice, and this choice will become the pledge of your victory and your exodus from the world of the illusion to the Divine world.

This world exists only within your consciousness, and you maintain the existence of this world with your consciousness. For that reason, you must transit onto a new level of your consciousness and understanding of the reality around you in order to leave the physical world and to obtain the Divine Freedom. There is nobody, no one man who can force you to make your choice. You and only you can make this far-reaching decision alone in the quiet of your heart.

Never forget that you will receive no reward in the physical world, and that you should never think about making a profit for yourself in the physical world. All your achievements and experience will remain with you during the entire period of existence of this universe and will transit together with you to the Higher Worlds.

Are you ready to enter on the Path and to follow it tirelessly towards your victory through all the barriers and difficulties?

Beloved Kuthumi, June 29, 2005


Gautama Buddha

…as trees lose their leaves during autumn, you also lose your physical bodies, but this gives you an opportunity to return to this world and to be born again and to get new bodies. A wise man thinks about his future life, while living in his current life. He realises that each of his choices, deeds, actions, thoughts and feelings compose his future in this life and the circumstances of his future life.

It will do much good for your evolution if every moment of your life you think over the consequences of your actions for your future. Do not strive to be rewarded for your good actions during this life. Strive to be rewarded in your future life. This is the minimum task facing you.

Those of you who have a more extended consciousness realise that you are an indivisible part of God and that you make up the body of God, just like all the other living creatures on earth. Thus, getting a reward loses its point for you even in the future life.

You see your aim in helping all the living creatures, because you are each of these living creatures simultaneously.

Gautama Buddha, March 17, 2005

Lady Theosophy

It is sad that the minds of the best representatives of humankind are distracted by many useless activities now. There are too many different activities around, which carry away from the mission for which many sincere souls have come in incarnation. And I can name several dozens of people who are in incarnation now and who had to work to bring home to humankind the ciphered statements of "The Secret Doctrine". However, they have all been interested in the things which do not speak well of them. I foresee their reaction when they perform their transition and see how meaningless their life was.

The interest in the illusionary problems and goals is the main trouble of modern people. Besides, there is one more difficulty. Modern ways of communication have led to the inability of the consciousness of people to focus and concentrate, which is necessary to cognize the Truth, to find this Truth between the lines, especially then, when it is deliberately scattered not only on different pages but also in different volumes.

Lady Theosophy, January 19, 2010


It is useless and pointless to set our own laws in the world we are living in. We must obey the Law which was created at the very moment of the birth of our universe and is the basis of it.
This Law claims that we must give up our wish to manifest ourselves and our ego in our life and instead we must do our best to let God manifest Himself through us.
Only then will we manage to restore our unity. Then we will be able to participate in the realisation of God’s plan for this universe.
This is the task and the job each person must fulfil. There is no person in the universe that can do this job for you. That is why this task is the most important and its fulfilment must become the meaning of your life which you are seeking but not able to find outside yourselves.

Confucius, March 31, 2005

Ascended Master Nicholas

Before God gives this country a new opportunity, it must go through the catharsis, a process of its freeing. This freeing must be followed by repentance, and only after that a radiant path will be revealed before the peoples of Russia.
You must oust all the darkness out of Russia with the might of your hearts and with your own example. Each of you must turn into a gigantic creator of Good and Light. And there will be no place for the forces of darkness near you.

Ascended Master Nicholas, April 24, 2005