About the impossibility of giving the Teaching in the current situation on Earth.[1]



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The date of the video: August 12, 2018

• The duality of the state of rest.

• Opposition to evil.

• World War III.

• About the impossibility of the Teaching in a state of chaos.

The Messages that the Masters give, contain the Teaching. This Teaching is very an-cient, and it is intended for this moment in time.

However, the Teaching itself is quite general and is not tied to specific events that occur on the physical plane. Therefore, it is very important to interpret this Teaching and link it to current modern events.


It should also be said that the interpretation of this Teaching given by the Masters, even though it is given to a very wide audience, nevertheless, can only be given indi-vidually according to the level of consciousness of the person who is familiar with this Teaching.

Therefore, for some people there will be some recommendations to act, for other people there will be completely different and even directly opposite recommenda-tions.

Therefore, this Teaching , although it is a very practical Teaching, does not work without an individual approach to each person who gets acquainted with this Teaching.

Indeed, the Masters teach us to observe a state of inner peace, harmony, joy, love and a state of non-violence, no fighting, not being involved in struggle. This is indeed a position of the Teaching that is not in doubt, it is there.

However, this is the resting state for our world. It has a dual character, like every-thing in our world. For example, if you are more than 70 or 80 years old, and you get a heart attack or a stroke, and you have some limited mobility, then for you, of course, it is very important to maintain a state of inner peace and, perhaps, you just need to limit yourself to reading Rosaries, or maybe watch some movies that elevate your consciousness.

However, for people who are at an active age, especially young people around the age of 30, of course if they will sit at home, meditating and not getting involved in external activities will probably not be quite right for them.

There are two states of rest: one resting state, which most people mean by rest, is not getting involved in anything - leave me alone. It's like a cockroach crawling into a crevice and sitting there to be left alone. But this state of rest is generated primarily by people's ignorance, laziness and unwillingness to participate actively in life.

Another state of peace is the one experienced by very spiritual beings who have reached the level of Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness, who perceive everything that is happening around them calmly, properly. We are, of course, still very far from this state.

As we can see, everything in this world is dual, and the resting state can also be viewed in two ways.

The Masters say that we must be active, we must act, that is, we should not just pray, but we must resist the evil of the world, the opposite forces of this world on all planes of existence. To resist is not to fight. The state of this opposition, i.e., con-fidence in our being right, and active opposition to the evil that exists in the world, is exactly the position that the Masters want us to profess.

In order for us to properly direct our efforts, we must know how to do this, and we must understand what events are happening around us on the physical plane. Oth-erwise, we will be like a person who is trying to drive a car with eyes closed.

Sooner or later, it's going to hit something. Therefore, behaving like an ostrich, bury-ing our head in the sand and saying that we are doing spiritual work, I think, is not quite correct. This, taking into consideration that the Masters constantly say that we should be active.

The mass media, in fact, mostly lie, i.e. they provide us with false information, on the basis of which it is very difficult to draw any conclusions.

But if you include intuition, then you will be able to find in that existing flow of in-formation a grain of Truth that you can rely on.

The information war that is taking place on planet Earth is part of World War III, which has been going on for quite a long time, and has made many more people become victims of this war than the victims of the First and Second World Wars in the last century. But this war is being fought so very secretive, and I have covered almost all the ways of waging this war on the site "Sirius": these are vaccinations that destroy the human immune system and prevent it from returning to health, this is the wrong food, including those genetically modified, as well as various chemical additives that lead to the situation that the physical body of a person is destroyed and ceases to perceive the vibrations of the Divine world. This is the micro-chipping of the population, it is about the impact of psychotronic weapons on the population, which leads to the fact that a person actually exists: he has no control over himself, he does not have free will, he just obeys the will that is imposed upon him from the outside. This is the different types of weapons including laser, tectonic, nuclear and other weapons. This is not a complete list of what modern society is exposed to and what leads to the premature death of many people. This is affects literally millions of people around the globe!

The forces that are acting, the opposite forces, the so-called forces that have now un-leashed this World War III, are waging it against the entire population of the world. They do this because those light bearers who are in incarnation and have to counter them with the power of their spirit, this Divine energy, conducting it through them-selves, think that they are engaged in spiritual practices, but they are simply doing nothing. They are doing nothing, and this situation is like death.

Now we have entered a phase where chaos is rising around us.

In this state of chaos, it will be very difficult to give any Teaching, because any word I say will be misinterpreted.

Therefore, the period when it was possible to safely carry on with the Divine Truth has ended. You only have books. You only have books; you have books that you can use.


For my part, I want to say that I have spent a lot of years and much effort in order to get a grain of the Divine Truth with God's help.

And these grains of Divine Truth are very difficult to find independently in the Messages that the Masters have given.

And the real disaster is that there is not a single person in the world who can take advantage of these grains of Divine Truth.

This is a disaster that will lead to another disaster sooner or later…


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[1] The text is typed from a video recording and retain all the features of spoken speech.