The reasons for the current situation in Russia and in the world.

Tests Of The Masters Of Wisdom


 Why Repentance will save Russia



Repentance (from ancient Greek μετάνοια) shift of mind, change of thoughts.


Tatyana Mickushina:


"Why will repentance save Russia? Because if we compare historical facts with an open mind, many true seekers will come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, for 100 years of our history, we  have been  going the wrong way. And it was prohibited to kill the innocent tsar and his children.


And when everyone comes to this conclusion, so, everyone practically will  make a change of mind  regarding the events which took place a century ago, and when there will be a sufficient number of such people, then this understanding will enter the collective consciousness of the nation. The collective consciousness will then find another way to develop. And this most likely will be the Divine way, because we, as a nation, as a country, have already paid too much to understand this truth."



Ascended Master Nicholas, April 24, 2005


Before God gives a new opportunity for this country, the country must go through the catharsis, the purification. The purification must be followed by repentance, and only then will a bright path be open for the peoples of Russia.



Catharsis (from ancient Greek κάθαρσις "elevation, purification, recovery) the cleansing of the spirit and moral purification.



Master Morya, December 28, 2012



Any karma can be worked off in the easiest way if you admit making a mistake and apologize. But if ignorance and arrogance do not allow people to admit their mistakes and to repent of them, then the negative karma starts to manifest in the physical plane in the form of different cataclysms, social coups, and financial disasters.


Therefore, you have no time to sit on your hands. It is necessary to start acting! Do not be afraid of creating karma with your incorrect actions. If your motive is right, then regardless of how incorrect your actions seem to be at the current historical moment, God will always be able to straighten out the situation and to correct your mistakes. The karma of inactivity is much worse when, under a plausible pretext, you do not interfere in the fight, and you lose the won positions and the advantages of swiftness and inrush.


Do learn from your mistakes.


Do not hesitate to act for the benefit of the evolutions of planet Earth!



Tatyana Mickushina:


"We don't need to change anything in the external environment! We just need to make this change of mind  internally. Because, according to the Teachings of the Masters, the external is determined by the internal. So, when everything has been put in order inside of us, when everything is sorted out in our minds, when we know exactly where Good and Evil are, and we separate these grains from the chaff inside of us, then everything changes outside of us. Chaos is replaced by order, and a completely different era begins. The timing of entering this epoch depends only on us."



 Repentance  does not refer so much to regret  about the past, but to a new view of man on himself, on others, and on God.



Beloved Mother Mary, December 23, 2014


The tears of repentance that I often see in your eyes during our conversation tell me much more about you than your words and even your prayers.


You cannot imagine what kind of work the Ascended Hosts have to do in order to enable your souls to realize many of your sins and to repent for them.


When repentance comes into your heart, your karmic burden becomes easier by half. And you can dissolve the remaining half by your daily prayers and efforts aimed at relieving the plight of other suffering souls.



Tatyana Mickushina, the interview after a fire at her home in Russia on March 16, 2018:


"Not all people who consider themselves light bearers understand why they should repent. Perhaps they misunderstand the word repent? Maybe because of some of their inner qualities, they do not want to do this


The last time there was a fire in April 2012 and then in July 2012 (on the land around the house of the Messenger), all of Siberia was on fire. All Siberia was burning the forests were burning. This time, if only the walls of my house remained, I think that only the name of Russia will remain. And in fact, this is the case already: in fact so it is already. There is only  a name left for Russia, in essence there is no such country.

 It does not protect its people: it does not protect the elderly, it does not care about children, it does not protect the rights of people in any way... In reality, Russia, as such, no longer exists. That's how I see it.


  What threatens us with the fire which happened today. Probably, for all of us, this event is another reason to reconsider whether we did everything right, perhaps repent and try to get up and  move on again."


Lord Shiva, June 21, 2014

it is possible to get back to the easier path at any moment.






The Repentance


Repentance (from Hebrew תְּשׁוּבָה) comeback, confession of guilt in something with a request for forgiveness.

Fire in the house of the Messenger on March 16, 2018







                                 Burnt books




Tatyana Mickushina, March 17, 2018:


"Of course, this event did not happen by itself. This event is part of a particular chain of events that took place over a period of approximately 15 years. And, of course, in order for us to understand what this event means for the future of Russia and the world, we need to try to understand the entire chain of events that led to this one event.


The Teaching is quite practical, it is not mere theory. And if the Masters give some knowledge, information, and the Teaching, then after some time, we can say, an examination should be made to see how much people have learned from this Teaching.


And as far as I can tell now, there have been three global tests for the light bearers over the course of these 15 years."







Test number one. The Masters address to the people of Russia.


From Tatyana Mickushina's speech in Moscow on March 24, 2007:


"Russia has not given me anything during this time. I don't even have a place to live. The way how people treat the Messenger of the Masters tells a lot...


<...> It's really hard for me to say all this. <...> But this is very serious.


And if the Masters take away the focus of Light, Russia will not pass its test. ...the nation makes choices through people ... <...> So, God is speaking for you.


This is what I learned yesterday from my meditation with Lord Maitreya."



From the webinar "Recognition of the Teaching and Messenger" by Olga Ivanova, March 24, 2018:


The Masters asked us to give Them a sign on the physical plane that we have learned from Their Teaching. And this sign should be a clean place on the land of Russia, which would serve as a physical focus of Light and where the new consciousness should begin its journey not only on the land of Russia, but also on the entire planet.


In August 2007, through the Sirius mailing list, Tatyana Mickushina appealed to us with an open letter:


"I serve the Masters. Their will and Their decisions are my law. Therefore,  after the end of the Dictation cycle, I devoted all my time to building an Ashram. Im getting started at 8 a.m., and my construction-related  workday ends at 11pm. <...>


The people who volunteered to help me build the Ashram gradually stepped away for various reasons, while others kept their help at a minimum. However, the work of the Masters had to continue.


There was not a single person in Russia who would... take on all the care  for the construction site. That's why I did the construction myself."





Sanat Kumara, January 7, 2010:


The Messenger cannot do the work for those of you who have come into incarnation and are now quietly lying on the couch.


We have been observing the heroic efforts of our Messenger And now we clearly see that we can no longer exploit her devotion and self-sacrifice. <>


And, if there is nobody in the physical plane that can take care of our Messenger and protect her, then I will do that.




Lord Shiva, December 21, 2015:


When our Messenger gets persecuted, discredited, or accused, it creates a tremendous karma, equivalent to the level of karma with God.


As it is known, God deprives intelligence to those whom He wishes to punish. Insanity can take over not only a single person but also entire countries and nations.


The Masters said:

"We wish there would be an Ashram where We could establish Our own order."

Now on the site of the Ashram smouldering ruins.

Тhe burnt-down house of the Messenger



God, forgive us



To be continued