The reasons for the current situation in Russia and in the world.

Tests Of The Masters Of Wisdom


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Test number two.

Dispensation of Lord Shiva.

International Social Movement " For Morality!".

April 13, 2014 August 7, 2015


Tatyana Mickushina, March 17, 2018: "This test came in 2014 when Lord Shiva came and said: "We need to create an International Social  Movement For Morality! He showed me the symbols, he showed me the people who would participate in this International movement, how they do it. So, there were such pictures. And I believed that it was really possible to do it.




Tatyana Mickushina, at the meeting of the founders of the ISM ForMorality, Moscow, April 13, 2014:

 "When public intolerance for something is created, people can't act morally. They have no choice. If the whole society says: "We are for morality!", even if a person is not for morality, he will never tell you this, because public opinion has already been formed

The only thing that can save Russia and the whole world is a new, fundamentally new ideology."


The First Congress of the ISM For Morality!" was held in Moscow on May 24, 2014.






Tatyana Mickushina:

"We have gathered for the first Congress of the International Social Movement For Morality! At the time 500 light bearers gathered those people who can change the situation in the country thanks to their spiritual achievements in the past.

The task is much simpler. If for the first time, in 2009, you had to make a fateful decision move with your family to distant Siberia, find a school for your children, wonder where to look for work, wonder how to build a house, where to look for funds for all this In other words, the task was quite difficult, and I agree that we found no one to implement this task. The second time the test was simpler.

There was no need to look for any additional funds. Ten ribbons were issued. These 500 people each received 10 ribbons and 10 flyers. And it was necessary for each of these 500 people to go home and find 10 people in the first three days who would also want to become members of the Movement "For Morality!". Thus, after a week, from 500 people, we should have grown to 5,000 participants in the Movement. And then, thanks to this large number of people who profess moral principles, we would have been able to change the situation in Russia and then in the world.

 But these 500 people apparently forgot to hand out these ribbons when they got home.  And, even after 1.5 years of activity of this Movement, we have not recruited 5,000 members."



Lord Shiva, December 21, 2015:


“I personally granted a tremendous dispensation that alone was able to turn around the situation in the entire world.


You need to agree that after 10 years of instruction we have the right to ask you to do something for the benefit of humankind. <…>

I asked our Messenger to found The Morality Movement.

So, what happened? Did the thousands of people around the world who were reading our Messages rush to fulfill my request: to carry the idea of morality into the world?

No. During those exact six months when I was maintaining the stream of energy and directing it to the expansion of this dispensation, our followers were disserting and doubting.

You missed an enormous opportunity. The best representatives of humankind did not pass the final exam of our school.

You failed the test.

The result was not long in coming.<…>

You refuse morality and receive completely immoral manifestations of your world… <…>

Each of your choices leads to corresponding results. The missed opportunities turn into a humanitarian disaster that you have been facilitating by any means. In this way, the leaders of humanity who have been reading our Messages all this time have made their choice…”


Forgive us, Lord Shiva





Test number three.

Dispensation Of Lord Shiva.

33-day Prayer Vigil "Repentance will save Russia.

October 6 November 7, 2017


Tatyana Mickushina on the Vigil, September 2016:


"Yes, of course, this is very important, very serious spiritual work. In theory, this can change everything! Prayer can change everything!

When we participate in the Vigil while being in the correct state of consciousness, we thereby raise our energy, our vibration level to the highest permissible level possible for our lifestream. And so we give the energy of prayer, but we also receive additional energy from the Divine world in our world. Accordingly, this Divine energy that we acquire during prayer, produces the potentially positive changes  around us. It turns out that a person not only changes himself, but  also changes the surrounding space. This then affects all people. It is as if we become transmitters of Divine energy in our world, simply by participating in the Vigil.

Since there are quite a large number of people involved, and in different parts of the world too, we are not only changing the space around us in Russia (in this case, we were holding a Vigil for Russia), but we are also changing the space and energy around the world. This has  a global impact.

And if more people had participated in the Vigil, it would have been possible to change the situation in the world in one Vigil. In 33 days of Vigil, the situation in the world could have changed drastically. But for that there had to be a sufficiently large number of people involved."





Mother Mary, June 23, 2013:


The power of our joint prayers is reinforced now as never before. And I assure you that we can prevent the most terrible consequences of any incorrect actions of people in the past and present if we oppose the negative energies with our faith and unity.


Imagine a mighty prayer wheel that is rolling from one side of Earth to the other end. Imagine how the faithful voices of those who are praying merge into one loud voice. And that this voice is heard everywhere on Earth.


Together we will be able to withstand!


I am telling you that the situation is so difficult that it is hard to believe. And the only thing that I am asking you for now is to give me the energy of your prayers so that I can allocate the energy according to my view.


Tatyana Mickushina, March 17, 2018:


"The third test happened just recently. This happened in the fall of last year. Lord Shiva asked me to declare a 33-day Vigil for the transmutation of the karma of the revolution, the karma of the murder of the Royal family this hundred-year-old karma of ungodliness.

And in order to transmute this karma it was necessary to recruit 1,200 people from Russia. These 1,200 people from Russia, thanks to the multiplied prayer efforts (1200 x 1200), would make up for 1% of the Russian population. And   if we had recruited these 1,200 people, Lord Shiva would have already enlisted the support of the Karmic Board  to allocate additional cosmic energy to transmute karma, so that this karma of ungodliness would have been stopped.

And we didn't find these 1,200 people from Russia, we didn't even find 1,200 people from all over the world."



Was it possible to find so many people? Let's look at the statistics of the participants.


33-day Prayer Vigil for Russia in August-September 2016

about 1,400 people.


33-day Prayer Vigil

"Repentance will save Russia" in October-November 2017 about 650 people."





Lord Shiva, December 20, 2017:


I personally gave several dispensations through this Messenger. And ... none of the dispensations have been used by you.

The last example is the dispensation of the 33-day Prayer Vigil that was held at My request this autumn.

We chose an important historical moment and important astrological time. A huge amount of energy, intended to transmute the karma of centuries-old deposits, was allocated by the Karmic Board. These are: the karma of the First World War, the revolutions in Russia, and the 100-year time period of atheism in Russia and in the whole world. Dozens of the most developed countries were involved in this tangle of karma.

The participation of only 1,200 people from Russia during these 33 days was required to open the Heavenly floodgates, transmuting the lion's share of 100-year-old karma. It was a grand dispensation that would have allowed the easing of the karmic burden by a thousand fold.

Much to our regret, only half of those light-bearers whom we expected participated in the Vigil.

The rest of the people abstained for various reasons: laziness, dogmas that a person could not get rid of, or lack of desire and time.

You probably just do not understand what an abyss you are facing.”





Sanat Kumara,  June 20, 2018:


It is time for the descent of karma. However, We never slam the door. We always leave Our door slightly open…”


Repentance- is a process of rebirth, resurrection. At the same time, it is both a test and an opportunity for someone to find their true identity.