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The mission in Russia is over


From a speech by Tatyana Mickushina on April 6, 2018.

(A fragment from a Skype recording of a meeting of Sirius Centers and Book Centers, where 30 representatives from 7 countries - Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the USA, and Ukraine- gathered near Omsk: ).




"You know that on March 16, 2018, there was a big fire, the third one already,  that burned down my house.

The first fire was exactly 6 years ago, so, half of the 12-year cosmic cycle had passed. The first fire was on April 19, 2012. And it takes 5 years and eleven months, and there is another fire that this time burned down the house completely.

It is interesting to note that this happened March 16.

If you have read the Messages, you would have noticed that all events from the Masters began in the month of March.

The Mantle of the Messenger was given to me in 2004, on March 14. I started receiving the Messages  on March 4, 2005. And on March 16, 2018, everything comes to an end.  This must have been some big signal meant for the physical plane, so I couldn't help but ask the Masters what the ultimate meaning of it was.

So I am meditating on March 25, asking if there was a meeting of the Karmic Board, if there were any decisions about me. <>

As far  as it concerns humanity, this phrase was uttered, listen to it carefully:

"The mission in Russia is over.

There was a meeting of the Karmic Board on the day of the spring equinox, and the decision the Karmic Board had made about me was: The mission in Russia is over.

I meditated and asked again, because I didnt know what it all meant. I am told many things (and this is all what is being said about me personally).

That is something you could tell everyone .

A Divine opportunity was given to Russia which lasted from 2004 to 2018. And the light bearers have made a choice in favor of the non-divine way. The mission is over.

Remember that in carrying out this Mission by the Masters, a huge amount of effort and energy was spent. For what? In order to provide the world with an alternative path of development.

The entire society, the entire globe is now on the consumers path. And the Masters made an effort to show the world an alternative way to develop society. To this end, this Teaching was given on the territory of Russia for 14 years. And now it is obvious that the Mission has failed. So the Masters terminated it. What does that mean? This means, as I understand it, that no more initiatives will be taken on the territory of Russia.

But at the same time, the Masters assured me that I would keep the Mantle, the active Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. And it is working. I was not told for what this would be useful in the future. But in Russia, the Mission is over.

I asked further: "People will come together and  they will ask questions... What should I answer them?"

I will read the answer later, for now I will give you this image.

When the Mission started, that was 2004-2005, everything was easy. The task was like this: everyone has their own stone, and they need to take it to the top of the mountain. To the top of the mountain-a meter or two meters,  how far did everyone get? People make their choices individually. Someone thinks: why am I now dragging this stone, I'm still young, I have my things to do in life, and throws this stone away. The other says, well, I have a family, I have to take care of them, and drops the rock. The third one believes that one needs to get pleasure out of life or something else. Everyone makes their own choice.

And these stones fall with each choice and roll down to the base of the mountain. Do you understand what's going on? Several hundred, maybe even thousands of light bearers who came into incarnation with a certain mission ,"dropped their stones", they made their choice. It is not the choice of one person, it is not the choice of dozens of people it is the combined choice of the entire nation. Because the nation makes its choice by means of its best representatives. And for 14 years there was a great opportunity  to make distinctions. And everyone  decided that they had more important goals, tasks to do in fact, everyone has made their choices by now.

So what happened? It turned out that the stones that everyone had to carry to the top,  rolled down to the base.

Now I go back to the phrase that Sanat Kumara uttered.

I asked what to do with the people who are going to meet at Sirius Centers. The answer was:


They must earn a new Divine opportunity.


So, these "stones" that rolled down to the bottom from the top of the Divine consciousness, they now have to be picked up and dragged from the base to the top and not just those few meters to the top that remained at the beginning of the Divine opportunity.

"I had a feeling that this was the last meeting of representatives of Sirius Centers, Book Centers, and activists in my former Ashram. This is the last opportunity for representatives of different countries and cities to meet in person on the spot, develop ways of cooperation and interaction, and make plans.I spent two hours on Skype with the participants of the meeting. While answering questions, the participants asked if they could  see the place where the fire raged and we went together to see what was left of my house.On the last day of the meeting a question was raised at the very end: "Tatyana, why have You gathered us here? There was a purpose, wasn't there?"

Tatyana Mickushina



Video The mission in Russia is over:






From the Message Our Mission in Russia is over

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2018:

As you already know from Our Messages, with the help of Our Messenger, we tried to give humanity the best, most perfect Teaching that humanity was able to accept at the present time. The historical terms and place of the application of forces were carefully chosen. This time it was Russia. We hoped that through the qualities of faith and devotion to the Supreme Law inherent in the people of this country, we would be able to point out another path for the development of civilization, not based on the cult of pleasure and consumption but on higher spiritual values: faith and love.


We have done everything that was in Our power, beloved. And we have nothing to reproach Our Messenger. She stood firm in the face of all attacks and treacherous actions.


However, We cannot act against your free will. The collective consciousness of the people of Russia has made its choice. And this choice is not connected with the Divine Path that We teach to the humanity of  Earth.


Therefore, We are leaving. We will no longer try to reach your tightly closed hearts again and again.


What is next? Next comes into force the great and just Law: the Law of Karma.


When people do not heed Our instructions, when they reject Our Messengers and persecute them, it creates karma. We have said many times that karma with Our Messenger is tantamount to karma with God. And this is one of the heaviest types of karma on Earth.


Therefore, now is the time for the descent of karma.