Dear friends, we continue to introduce you to the Members of the Karmic Board. Today, our story is about Lady Nada.

The Ascended Lady Master Nada is the Chohan of the Sixth Ray ( purple and gold) Ray of peace, ministration and service, helps Saint Germain in the great work of “ gathering the elect,” and together with Him will serve the common cause of the world freedom.

She is also a member of the Karmic Board, on which She serves as a representative of the Third Ray ( pink) Ray of Divine Love.

From Nada we learn the practical application of love and the path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.

In Atlantis, Nada worked in the healing arts and served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The etheric counterpart of this temple, which is designed after the pattern of a rose, is centered above New Bedford, Massachusetts.


She was also embodied as a lawyer in Atlantis, where She championed the cause of Divine justice for downtrodden and oppressed.

Through meditations on the Law of God while serving in the temple, She realized that the Law is a reliable instrument that a Mother should use to protect her children from the cunning of this world.

In her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. She was tutored by Charity, Archeia of the Third Ray, in how to expand the threefold flame of Love in her heart for the quickening of the chakras of her talented brothers and sisters so that, thanks to their increased inner awareness,they can bring people to Benefit and use the art to elevate the culture of the Divine Mother on Earth.

She chose to forgo pursuing her own career in that embodiment and, instead, kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer for her brothers and sisters in their various fields of endeavor.

The Ascended Lady Master Nada assists ministers, missionaries, teachers, healers, psychologists, counselors at law and public servants- all who are involved in serving the needs of others, as well as those who have dedicated themselves to the care of God’s children in social services and healthcare.

Of course, Lady Master Nada loves them all, and She teaches the principles of a sacred labor, like Service.

Nowadays, Beloved Nada comes through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatiana N. Mickushina, to continue her education and thereby help Earth’s humanity at this difficult time.

In Her Message of December 17, 2009, “ You can start your service exactly where you are at this moment “, Beloved Nada says:


“ I have come through this Messenger for the first time.


There are certain expectations in your mind concerning your possible service to the Brotherhood.


When you need something in addition to what you already have to start your service, you act according to the prompting of your carnal mind. The only thing you need to start your service to the Brotherhood is your desire. Nothing else is need.

You can start your service exactly where you are at this moment. Everything you are doing now can be directed by you for the service to the Brotherhood.


Even the smallest and most insignificant task that you do in your life can be done with great Love. If you preform small deeds with great Love, then you are already serving the Brotherhood.


… Only when you learn to find the points indoor life where you can apply the best qualities of your soul in everyday activities and in the details of life and when none of the outer problems can brake your inner peace and harmony, only then will the other opportunity for your service appear. And you will be able to use the qualities that you have already developed in the new stage of your service to the Brotherhood, which is inseparable from service to Life.


Until you learn to see great service in the little nothings of life, you will not be able to progress along the Path.


The world lacks so much for the quality of true service to Life, which is automatically the service to the Brotherhood, because the main goal of the Great White Brotherhood is service to humankind of Earth.


You need to think more about what prevents you from manifesting Divine qualities in your life and gradually, step by step, get rid of everything that impedes you.

I would not become the Ascended Lady Master if I had not mastered all the science that I teach you in practice, in my incarnations. I have gone through the earthly school, and now I have an opportunity to be of greater service to humankind.

Do not think that your attitude toward work, people, plants, or animals goes unnoticed if there are no witnesses to your good deeds or actions.Everything is recorded in the Akashic Records: every action, though, feeling, and deed, both negative and positive. Think about it and go through your life carefully, leaving behind no astral or mental garbage.

May all your progress through life be accompanied only by Love and the fragrance of roses!

With Love, I AM Nada.”



Nada teaches at the Retreat of Jesus in the etheric octave over Saudi Arabia, where she instructs on the God-mastery of the emotions and the quieting of inordinate desire. This is the mastery of the solar-plexus chakra, which is the instrument for the Sixth Ray, the place where you radiate peace. This is the Ray of the Piscean dispensation, and Jesus is the great master of this Ray- He is the Prince of Peace. Nada comes in the footsteps of Jesus Christ,and it is his path that she teaches. She succeeded him in the office of Chohan of the Sixth Ray when He assumed the office of World Teacher in 1956.



Nada also serves in the Rose Temple, her Retreat located above New Bedford, Massachusetts. Designed after the pattern of a rose, each petal is a room representing an initiation in the flame of love. In the center of the Retreat there burns the flame of Divine Love, tended by brothers and sisters of the Third Ray for the healing of earth’s evolutions by Love.

Nada is an initiate and master of the path of the Ruby Ray, and She teaches the unfolding of the rose of the heart, helping us to develop the sensitivity of the heart for the receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit of diverse kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

She is very much involved with the initiation and sponsorship of twin flames and the Aquarianage family. She also ministers to the world’s children with legions of angels who personally tend to the needs of the youth.

Lady Nada still pays great attention to family and childhood issues.

In her Message of June 26, 2014, transmitted through T.N.Mickushina Lady Master Nada says:

“ I AM Nada.

I have come today to hold a peaceful talk on the issues that apply to almost everyone who lives on planet Earth.

I have come to talk about the family, about the home, about what is indispensable part of human life, without which a human life would not be complete and harmonious.


It is the family and its well-being that lies at the base of a healthy society.


Have you ever thought that the creation of a Divine environment in the majority of families of a certain country within just one generation can create social relationships in that country that correspond to the highest standards of morality? That is why the family, the relationship within the family, and the attitude toward children, is where the efforts of the progressive part of society should be directed.


However, for you to always be happy in your family, your family should give primary importance to worshiping the highest moral law- that is what the Divine Law is called in the common language in your lives.


…when you devote all your life to the Highest Law, then the relationships in your family will also be built upon high moral standards.


…I will tell you that it is in the family at the highest moral ideals should germinate first.


In this short talk, I was not able to touch upon all issues concerning family and childhood.

However, it is important that I have led many of you think about the importance of everything in your life. And every step you take creates consequences that can bring happiness or unhappiness.

In fact, you create your own happiness.

It is only necessary to constantly maintain awareness and constantly feel your oneness with God.

I AM Nada.”


The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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You can start your service exactly where you are at this moment.

December 17, 2009

The highest moral ideals should germinate in the family first.

June 26, 2014