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The highest moral ideals should germinate in the family first

Lady Master Nada
June 26, 2014

I AM Nada.

I have come today to hold a peaceful talk on the issues that apply to almost everyone who lives on planet Earth.

I have come to talk about the family, about the home, about what is an indispensable part of a human life, without which a human life would not be complete and harmonious.

Many people are disappointed with their families. They express their discontent and their homes have become torture chambers.

Why does this happen? And how did it come to be that the most sacred for many of you — your children — do not receive love and care and have to grow up in an atmosphere of conflict and open hostility?

Beloved, it has not always been this way. And it is in your power to return harmony, love, and peace to your family.

I would like to talk about the role of the woman in modern society. I would like you to remember that the woman is primarily the homemaker, the one who keeps peace and quiet at home.

When peace, harmony, and love come to every family and to every home, it will be very difficult for the opposing forces to keep society in a constant fear of the future.

It is the family and its well-being that lies at the base of a healthy society.

The woman plays a special role in the family because it is the woman who creates the coziness and the environment of care and love at home.

That is why today I am addressing primarily women. Your role in the society is now coming to the fore. It is you who determine what ideals will be practiced by the next generation of people. It is you who determine the moral principles that you will be able to instill in your children and the moral base that you will be able to maintain in your family.

The purity of the relationships between a husband and a wife automatically promotes the health of the family and children.

When your relationships are based on true love, you are faithful to the highest moral ideals, and in this environment your children are capable of absorbing true genuine love. And the quality of love absorbed with mother’s milk will stay with your children for life.

Have you ever thought that the creation of a Divine environment in the majority of families of a certain country within just one generation can create social relationships in that country that correspond to the highest standards of morality?

That is why the family, the relationships within the family, and the attitude toward children, is where the efforts of the progressive part of society should be directed.

There are no secondary issues in the family. Everything is important. It is important to plan the birth of a child, to care about his or her upbringing and education. It is important to create relationships within the family based on care and nurturing. In such an environment, the future generation will absorb everything needed to carry it along in life and apply it in any field of activity.

Have you thought about why you get married? What is the purpose of it?

As with any other human activity, when creating a family the motive is very important.

If you get married only to have sex and to legally satisfy your sexual instincts, it is very likely that after some time your family will become a burden and literally a torture for you.

That is because whatever you do for personal pleasure and enjoyment cannot bring you true happiness.

If you create a family in order to help each other go through life and to have children that you will bring up in the best traditions, then your family will be closer to the ideal.

However, for you to always be happy in your family, your family should give primary importance to worshiping the highest moral law — that is what the Divine Law is called in the common language in your lives.

So, when you devote all your life to the Highest Law, then the relationships in your family will also be built upon high moral standards.

Tolerance and patience are the traits of a husband and wife that are simply indispensable for a long and happy life together. Tolerance and patience are the qualities that result from the quality of love, the true love based on the Divine standard.

As you may notice, everything in your life depends on how capable you are at carrying the Divine Law into your life.

In any sphere of human life, there are always two approaches: the Divine and the non-divine.

The family, the family life, is no exception to this rule.

Moreover, I will tell you that it is in the family that the highest moral ideals should germinate first.

When you are properly oriented in the very beginning of creating your family, and when you patiently and systematically retain your intention throughout your entire life, you will undoubtedly get a strong family in which happiness will have a permanent presence.

Since one of the main goals of creating a family is to have children, you should start planning their birth long before conceiving them because the more virtuous and pure the relationship between the husband and the wife is, the greater the likelihood will be that you will attract a soul that has great spiritual achievements to be your child.

Why are so many children being born and why do these children evoke dissatisfaction from their parents with the passing of time?

That is because the process of having children is given a free rein. You do not care about whether the conception happens as the highest act of the Divine creation. It is exactly in the process of conceiving and giving birth to children that you humans are like Gods.

In the majority of cases, this highest act of creativity is a mere side effect of sexual pleasures.

Should you be complaining about your children after that? No, in accordance with the Law of Karma, you attract the soul to be your child that corresponds to your level of consciousness and the motive of your marriage during conception and pregnancy. During the first few years of your baby’s life, the role of the mother is very important because it is during this time that your child literally absorbs not only your deeds but also your thoughts.

If you are properly attuned, if you have proper motives, then with every child that you deliver you gain happiness and create merits for future incarnations. And even in the current life, in your mature years, you receive the well-deserved gifts of family happiness.

But, if your children are accidentally created, then it is unlikely that you will be happy and that happiness will live in your home.

In this short talk, I was not able to touch upon all issues concerning family and childhood.

However, it is important that I have led many of you think about the importance of everything in your life. And every step you take creates consequences that can bring happiness or unhappiness.

In fact, you create your own happiness.

It is only necessary to constantly maintain awareness and constantly feel your oneness with God.

I AM Nada.

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Tatyana Mickushina
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