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You can start your service exactly where you are at this moment

Beloved Nada
December 17, 2009

I AM Nada. I have come through this Messenger for the first time. My task for today is to give you an idea of the role that each of you can play in your lives.

There are certain expectations in your mind concerning your possible service to the Brotherhood. I must clarify this point for you. Beloved, you do not need to wait for opportunities, money, power, or a position.

When you need something in addition to what you already have to start your service, you act according to the prompting of your carnal mind. The only thing you need to start your service to the Brotherhood is your desire. Nothing else is needed.

You can start your service exactly where you are at this moment. Everything you are doing now can be directed by you for the service to the Brotherhood. Look, what are you doing now?

You are at home and you are busy with your household duties. It’s beautiful! You are already serving the Brotherhood!

How can it be that when you clean the house or wash the dishes you are also serving the Brotherhood? Oh, beloved, the point is in the way you are doing it. Even the smallest and most insignificant task that you do in your life can be done with great Love. If you perform small deeds with great Love, thinking about how your family and your closest ones will be happy when they enter a clean home and put on their snow-white and freshly laundered clothes, then you are already serving the Brotherhood. Your service can be manifested in every task. And if you do your work very carefully and with Love, any kind of activity transforms the space there. When your children or spouse comes home tired and burdened from the bustle that they have been in all day, the atmosphere of Love that you have created at home can transform their hearts and restore harmony in their souls.

It is very difficult to maintain inner balance and feelings of Love when you are at work because not all of the people you encounter during the day are harmonious and friendly. You more often face imperfect manifestations of human consciousness. That is where a wide field for your action opens for you and your service. You must master the skill of neutralizing any negativity using Love, patience, and humility. You are given so many opportunities in your life to manifest your service! Almost every task, every meeting, everything that happens to you during the day can be used to fulfill your service. Only when you learn to find the points in your life where you can apply the best qualities of your soul in everyday activities and in the details of life and when none of the outer problems can break your inner peace and harmony, only then will the other opportunity for your service appear. And you will be able to use the qualities that you have already developed in the new stage of your service to the Brotherhood, which is inseparable from service to Life.

Many of you seek the help of the Ascended Masters and ask to be given an opportunity to serve, to be given an opportunity to prove yourself in service. Beloved, be honest with yourself. God has already taken care of everything. You already have the best conditions to start your service and to work on those qualities of yours that prevent you from manifesting Love and care for your neighbors in the most difficult life situations. Until you learn to see great service in the little nothings of life, you will not be able to progress along the Path, because many of you wish to become Messengers or manage our organizations. Look, what do you really want? Do you want to be somebody or to manage something, or do you really wish to serve?

The answer to this question will determine your future life. You will either struggle to the end of your life to take up a post or to prove to someone that you already have great spiritual attainments, or you will serve without attracting any outside attention and do God’s deeds on Earth, and subsequently, on a much larger scale.

I have come to you today in order to give you an understanding of true service and false service. Yes, beloved, since everything in your world has two sides, likewise service has two different sides.

Always, before you start doing something, think about what you are really driven by. Is it a desire to prove something to others, to show your greatness, or to show everyone your diligence? Are you driven by Love for your neighbor, a Love that is inherent in you and affects everything you do? Very simple things that you perform selflessly with great unconditional Love remain with you forever as the treasures of your causal body. Your earthly life will be over, but your attitude toward your deeds and toward people will remain with you and will accompany you in your next incarnation.

The world lacks so much for the quality of true service to Life, which is automatically the service to the Brotherhood, because the main goal of the Great White Brotherhood is service to humankind of Earth.

I have told you these simple truths today. I am even convinced that you already know all of this or you have read it or heard of it.

Yet, let me ask you: What prevents you from applying this knowledge in your lives?

There is sometimes an abyss between something that you know or have read or heard of and your real application of this knowledge in your lives.

You need to think more about what prevents you from manifesting Divine qualities in your life and gradually, step by step, get rid of everything that impedes you.

I would not have become the Ascended Lady Master if I had not mastered all this science that I teach you in practice, in my incarnations. I have gone through the earthly school, and now I have an opportunity to be of greater service to humankind.

Do not think that your attitude toward work, people, plants, or animals goes unnoticed if there are no witnesses to your good deeds or actions. Everything is recorded in the Akashic Records: every action, thought, feeling, and deed, both negative and positive. Think about it and go through your life carefully, leaving behind no astral or mental garbage.

May all your progress through life be accompanied only by Love and the fragrance of roses!

With Love, I AM Nada.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia