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9-day Prayer Vigil

For World Peace

September 20-28, 2015




Dear Friends,

In order to consolidate and multiply the prayer efforts that we have accumulated in our previous Vigils this year (February 22-23, March 15-23 und April 22-23, May 23, June 21, July 23 and August 23), please join in a 9-day Prayer Vigil for World Peace that will be held on September 20-28, 2015.

This particular period includes several important events in terms of astrology and spirituality.

September 23 is the day of autumnal equinox that traditionally brings powerful energies.

1427117899_2015-9-28-3September 23 is also the day of the dispensation of the 23rd day of the month. . On this day our prayer efforts will be multiplied not only by the number of people praying simultaneously, but also by the number of the participants in the Vigil throughout the whole day, praying on that day for no less than an hour according to the dispensation.

On Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 9:47 p.m. US Central Daylight Time (or September 28 at 2:47 a.m. UTC) a complete lunar eclipse will occur. The eclipse on September 28 is at 04 Aries, activating the Aries/Libra axis. The opposition in the world and the attempt to find balance between the peace (Libra) and the war (Aries) becomes intensified. At this time, even the conflicts that have been smoldering can flare up both on the world political arena and in the lives of individual people regardless of their culture or nationality.

The periods of eclipses in the Aries/Libra axis have always demanded a point-blank decision in terms of making a choice between peace and war by either of the sides. In other words, to a certain extent, we all get a choice at this time whether to begin confrontation or settle for a compromise. That is why on the day of the eclipse and during the preceding days you may face unexpected aggression or attempts to invoke negative emotions and arguments in you. Try to be as peaceful and wise as possible during these days. Remember that the conflicts that you begin during this period may last for a long time.


By directing the power of prayer to creation during critical moments and by taking advantage of the situation, we are able to prevent great miseries with small efforts.



From September 20 through September 28 we will hold a 9-day Prayer Vigil for World Peace. We will begin the Vigil eight days before the complete lunar eclipse in order to prevent the negative effects of the eclipse.


With the help of this Vigil, we hope to overcome the difficult situation on the planet and turn it in a positive direction. On the spiritual level, it is necessary to dissolve the cause and core of hatred, aggression, fear, and forces of anti-love, in order to neutralize the forces that facilitate the growth of wars, conflicts, and social tensions.


Any bloodshed, any violence, any injustice and any disaster can be stopped with the power of joint prayer. The only factor that matters is the motive and the purity of the thoughts of those who pray. The higher the level of consciousness of the people participating in the joint prayer, the greater is the Divine power that comes down to our physical world. More subtle energies of Love, Peace, and Creation can change this world for the better.


It is the super weak, and not the strong stimuli that are the most important for the positive, evolutionary, and structural changes. In that case, the number and location of application points of the stimuli and not the amount of energy of the stimuli are important. As the great Lao Tzu said, the soft overcomes the hard; and the weak the strong.

Lao Tzu used to say, A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff. Stiffness is thus a companion of death. In that way, Lao Tzu wanted to show the path for overcoming difficulties. Strength should not be overcome by strength, because then one needs to have even greater strength to do so. Anger should not be overcome by anger, as it will require even more anger. He showed us that there are wiser, gentler paths that require less effort than the straight, hard paths.

The course of the evolution can be turned in a favorable direction by means of prayer, wise words, culture, and spirituality.

Where there is God, there is always only Victory!


Every day we will read 1 short Rosary at 1 p.m. US Central Daylight Time (6 p.m. UTC).  The list of the Rosaries is given in the chart below. On Sundays, September 20 and 27, we will read the Rosary twice, at 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. CDT (12 p.m. and 6 p.m. UTC)



September 20

Rosary of Lord Shiva

7 a.m. CDT (12 p.m. UTC)

September 20, 21, 22

Rosary of Elohim Peace-1

Your primary mission is to elevate the consciousness of the people of planet Earth

1 p.m. CDT (6 p.m. UTC)

September 23, 24, 25

9th Short Mother Marys Rosary

The end of darkness is coming, and only Light is in store for you!

1 p.m. CDT (6 p.m. UTC)

September 26

Rosary of Elohim Peace-2

Peace on the Earth depends on the level of consciousness that the best sons and daughters of God are capable of manifesting on the Earth

1 p.m. CDT (6 p.m. UTC)

September 27

12th Short Mother Marys Rosary

Always stay in Love, and everything will start changing around you

7 a.m. CDT (12 p.m. UTC)

September 27, 28

Rosary of Elohim Peace-2

Peace on the Earth depends on the level of consciousness that the best sons and daughters of God are capable of manifesting on the Earth

1 p.m. CDT (6 p.m. UTC)



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Rosary of Lord Shiva:


Rosary of Elohim Peace-1:


9th Short Mother Marys Rosary:


Rosary of Elohim Peace-2:


12th Short Mother Marys Rosary:






Please read the following prayer call

in order to concentrate the efforts before reading the Rosary:


In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of God the Almighty, I am asking God and the Ascended Hosts to direct the energy of my prayer to neutralize all of the negative astrological aspects and to reinforce all the positive astrological aspects of the total lunar eclipse on 28 September, 2015.

I am asking that the energy of my prayer be directed by the Ascended Hosts at neutralizing the activity of those forces that promote incitement to war, animosity of a national, property, or religious character, implement terrorist acts, and create points of tension on Earth.

I am also asking that the energy of my prayer be directed by the Ascended Hosts at creating peace in the whole world and elevating the consciousness of mankind on planet Earth to the level at which all the people on planet Earth feel like brothers and sisters regardless of their faith, religion, skin color, nationality, or ethnicity.

Personal prayer-(Here you can say your personal requests and wishes)

I am asking that the power of my prayer be multiplied by the number of people participating in this Vigil for peace in the whole world!

Let God's Holy Will be done! Amen!

Tatyana Mickushina

Light and Love!



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and read them on your own if for any reason you are not able to connect to the streaming on the website.