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The Bronze Medal, Readers’ Favorite-2022



The writer, philosopher, public figure Tatyana  Mickushina and the Book "Morya" were awarded a bronze medal at the largest international contest " The Readers' Favorite Book - 2022" which is held annually in the USA.



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We are delighted to announce that the writer, philosopher, public figure Tatyana  Mickushina and the book "Morya" have been awarded a bronze medal at the largest international contest "The Readers' Favorite Book - 2022" which is held annually in the USA.



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Even though In the previous three years Tatyana Mikushina's books ("Treasures of Divine Wisdom" -2019, "Sanat Kumara" - 2020, “Maitreya"-2021) obtained 5 star reviews, this is the first time that she ended up further in the contest by winning an award in the form of a bronze medal.








For the first time, this year, the work of the author Tatyana  Mickushina and the book "Morya" containing the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom were marked at a higher level.



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A long-awaited event has happened - the participation of the author and the book in the biggest international books contest Readers' Favorite-2022 WINNERS' CONTEST and the assignment of A BRONZE Award!




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The Book "Morya" was nominated in the area of non-fiction-new age.


Glossy embossed stickers on the cover of the book indicate that this book has won the bronze medal of the Readers' Favorite Book - 2022 competition "Readers' Favorite -2022 Bronze Medal."



This is an amazing accomplishment for Tatyana Mickushina and for the SiriuS Publishing House.



We send our heartfelt congratulations to our Beloved Teacher Tatyana  Mickushina on both her and the book "Morya" being awarded this Bronze Medal of the largest international book competition "Reader's Favorite-2022", held in America!





We dream, believe and hope to Win!



Always A Victory!

Always A Victory!

Always A Victory!



With the Love of our hearts and boundless Gratitude!


The team of the International Sirius Center.









And in return, I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the International Team for your long-term selfless work for the Common Good!


Everything is possible with God!



Tatyana Mickushina.








The book “Morya” by Tatyana Mickushina from the series “The Masters of Wisdom.”




The book presents the Teachings of Master El Morya, transmitted through Tatyana Mickushina in the period from 2005 to 2016.


Master Morya (El Morya) – the Mahatma of the Great White Brotherhood – became known to the world in the 19th century, thanks to the organization called the Theosophical Society. At first It was reported by Helena Blavatsky in 1880. Until the middle of the 20th century, Master Morya collaborated with Helena and Nicholas Roerich. As a result of this cooperation during the 1920s and 30s, the Teaching of Agni Yoga or Living Ethics appeared in the world, designed to prepare the consciousness of humanity for a new stage of its development.


Many of us have been and continue to be disciples of Master Morya, although we may not even be aware of this with our external consciousness. In His Messages, Morya gives the Teaching about right actions in the physical world, about Serving the Brotherhood and about the need to change our consciousness. To do this, the

Disciple must acquire the qualities necessary for each student, such as dedication, perseverance, determination, discipline. The Master spoke about our duty and why we came to this world, about the need to act for the Common Good, about the true understanding of Serving one's neighbor and Serving the world.

“…the qualities of Faith, aspiration, and constancy are irreplaceable for you at this stage of your development.

What man is unable to do, God can do — even that which seems impossible from the point of view of human logic.

Just let God into your consciousness and the rest He will do Himself.

It is uncomfortable to repeat these simple Truths. However, the bustle and the conditions of your life constantly hide from you the perspectives that we are revealing in our Messages. Therefore, every day you should literally drag yourself out of the swamp of mass consciousness and aspire to the heavenly peaks of the Divine consciousness. One day that you miss throws you back for one week.

Thus, only your daily work upon yourself, only your everyday efforts, can change you and the illusion surrounding you.”(Master Morya, June 26,2011)



The Messages of Master Morya are filled with deep wisdom and fatherly love for humanity.