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An ability to admit

Master Morya
June 26, 2011

Master Morya
About Master Morya

I AM Morya.

I have come again through our Messenger!

Beloved, today I have come to affirm the principle of Divine guidance in your minds and hearts, since there is nothing in your lives more important than following and obeying the Will of God.

This simple Truth can work miracles on all the planes of Existence when it takes hold of a human individual.

You are limited by the framework of matter and the laws operating within matter only until you raise your consciousness and progress to the Divine level of consciousness. All the limitations of the material world vanish at this level of consciousness, and you escape into the freedom of the universe.

The other Ascended Masters and I are trying to convey this simple Truth to your consciousness because this process of comprehension of the Divine Truth is the most important. As soon as your consciousness admits that there is another world and that this world is open for exploration by your inquisitive mind, opportunities immediately open up in your life that inspire you to experiment and explore the New World.

Do not be afraid of what is ahead for you, because what awaits you is more joyful and inspiring than everything that surrounds you in the physical world. It is the ability to admit the prospects of a new life within your being that will make it possible for you to surmount many of the imperfections, habits, and attachments that are characteristic of you at present.

Your aspiration and desire to rise to a new level of comprehension of the Divine reality can work miracles in your life.

Therefore, go for it! The path is open! All you need to do is to take the first step and go forward without stopping!

When your mind is obstructing you and pointing to impossibilities and circumstances, you should know that all the obstacles and circumstances are surmountable with the help of God and the Ascended Hosts.

Therefore, Faith — Faith and Love — should always be with you. This is what should guide all your actions and deeds in the physical plane.

Common sense and intellect are guided purely by human logic. And from the point of view of human logic, many things that we are talking about and to which we are directing you, are illogical.

However, we are calling you to be guided by the Divine logic. And for this logic there are no limits or obstacles in the physical world.

You imagine that water is solid like rock, and you walk on the water.

You imagine that you are lighter than air, and you fly.

You imagine that you are rising to a new level of consciousness, and you are already on a new level of consciousness.

Everything is surmountable, and everything is possible with God!

Therefore, the qualities of Faith, aspiration, and constancy are irreplaceable for you at this stage of your development.

What man is unable to do, God can do — even that which seems impossible from the point of view of human logic.

Just let God into your consciousness and the rest He will do Himself.

It is uncomfortable to repeat these simple Truths. However, the bustle and the conditions of your life constantly hide from you the perspectives that we are revealing in our Messages. Therefore, every day you should literally drag yourself out of the swamp of mass consciousness and aspire to the heavenly peaks of the Divine consciousness. One day that you miss throws you back for one week.

Thus, only your daily work upon yourself, only your everyday efforts, can change you and the illusion surrounding you.

Do not think that everything will change quickly. Each of you is on your part of the Path. For one person it is enough to apply a small effort to overcome the pass from which there opens a view of the peak of the Divine consciousness, while others will have to go through a thick forest of karmic mistakes and delusions of the past.

So, do not relax even for a minute. Each of your daily efforts while you are in embodiment equals a thousand years of effort that you apply in the Higher world between incarnations.

Do not waste even a minute of your stay in the dense world. Believe me; it is now the time when each day of your aspirations takes you to the future of the New Day in quantum leaps.

Do not pay attention to the people around you. Each of them chooses his own future. And it is impossible to make anyone aspire to God. A premature contact with the Light of our Teaching can be as unbearable for some souls, who dwell in the darkness of illusion, as contact with the bright light of the day is for a person who has just come out of a dungeon.

Eyes should get used to the Light. A soul should be yearning for the real world to set out on the Path, and then none of the temptations of the illusory world and none of the obstacles can overcome the Spirit of a person who has escaped from the dungeon of the dense world and rushed to the Light that he already sees within his being.

Your planet is taking in more and more new energy of revitalization — the energy of new vibrations. And this energy is rousing more and more souls and encouraging them to wake up and stretch with pleasure in anticipation of the New Day.

The arrival of the New Day, new consciousness, and the transition to a new reality are inevitable for those who are able to awaken, for those who are still alive.

Sooner or later, the soul of a person will make him rise and set his heart on his return journey back to the real world.

Today I have come to give you an impulse of my energy, to give you the right direction of movement, and to instill hope for the New Day into your being!

I AM El Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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