Ashram Babaji in Haidakhan in the XX century 


Around the middle of the 20th century, prophecies and revelations appeared about the arrival of Babaji in our world for a special, visible purpose. There were even published stories in Hindi about how this would happen, and spiritual instructions were given on how to prepare for His coming. In 1970, a resident of northern India had a dream about the phenomenon Babaji being in a cave in Haidakhan. The next day, when he arrived at the cave, he found Babaji there in the form of a young person, very much resembling the descriptions given by the disciples in the book of Yogananda.

At first, Babaji was sitting in meditation for several hours, hardly speaking, and only raising His right hand for blessing when people performed pranam (prostration) at His feet. And only after a while, He began to communicate more closely with people.

Babaji established His ashram in the place where He appeared, at the foot of the Himalayas near the mountain Kailash,  the sacred birthplace and place of asceticism of many Indian saints. In the 1970s, it was inaccessible, rocky, uneven and uninhabitable, even birds could not live there. By Babaji’s blessing, people from all over the world came to make this place prosperous and happy, to "bring beauty from heaven to earth"[1]. In a fairly short time, the mountainside was turned into a flat area, a staircase of 108 steps was erected to climb up to the ashram, residential buildings, temples, cowshedsimage005.jpg were built, and the Brotherhood garden was laid out.

Through hard and creative work, Babaji initiated people into Karma Yoga, considering work the highest form of service to God. The Master spoke to the spiritual seekers coming to the ashram from all over the world: "First of all, I give you Karma Yoga. You can only improve through Karma Yoga, and through Karma Yoga you can also benefit others."

And Babaji Himself was a daily example of such work. All the work in the ashram was done in His presence. Despite the hot sun, the rain, and the cold wind, He was involved in everything: observing the details of the work, directing it properly, and even sometimes working like a laborer, showing others how to dig the earth and remove the stones. The people who worked with Babaji in the ashram said, "We are all witness that Sri Ramana is a great teacher." Mahaprabhuji[2] the great Karma Yogi Himself. He is constantly present among us to teach us Karma Yoga, tirelessly directing all the work from morning till night, without demanding anything in return. He immerses himself in activity. Look, Babaji worked here from morning till night like clockwork."

One of the devotees spoke about the discipline of living with Babaji as the hardest one can face, but if you accepted it with enthusiasm and openness, you would "become pure enough to know Babaji and receive the Love that He has to offer."

Babaji’s discipline was as follows: "I want all the work to be done accurately, on time. I instruct you to always use your time wiselyYou must always be precise when performing any duty. Those who don't follow it can't stay here. Anyone who can't be punctual has no right to be here. People who are devoted to God need to train themselves to discipline in order to be as efficient as security agents of Scotland Yard or the CIA… You must all learn to be disciplined. Be alert 24 hours a day. If you are not disciplined and you are wasting your time, there is no point in coming to Haidakhan."image007.jpg


Daily routine set by Babaji in the ashram: devote the whole day to creative work – Karma Yoga, and spend time in the morning and evening reading the scriptures and literature of Haidakhan.

All those who came to the ashram had to live and work as one family. There was no difference in nationality, caste, or religion. Babaji said: "You can adhere to any religion, any practice and any path, but you need to be human… Why the battle between creeds and castes, when Humanity is one? They are fictional."

Babaji unites all religions by the Law of Truth, Simplicity, and Love. "We are all united. We are a worldwide family. Don't think about separation, about establishing identity – get rid of the feeling of isolation."

For people of different faiths, nine temples were built on the territory of the ashram – symbols of all religions. Apart from religious Indian holidays, Babaji organized the annual international celebration of Christmas in Haidakhan – "a wonderful pious event.” "This Christmas holiday is a very significant event in the history of mankind. People will remember this for centuries, not years. People all over the world should know that the Birth of Christ was celebrated in the heart of the Himalayas.” On this day, Babaji gave His blessing of happiness and peace to everyone who came to celebrate Christmas: "Today, everyone is blessed. Your body, mind, and soul are cleansed. You have come with the same faith, love, and devotion as before, to celebrate the Birth of Christ with great enthusiasm. May it be a happy day!”

According to eyewitnesses, Babaji possessed immeasurable powers – he had "power over the primary elements of nature, the spiritual world." When He spoke, the terrible rain stopped and the strong cold wind subsided.  By virtue of the blessings of Babaji the weather was beautiful during the holy holidays[3]: "You see, nature has covered the sun with a beautiful veil of clouds – it's not too hot, and it doesn't rain.image009.jpg Even nature has taken the trouble to deal with today's case."

Everything that Babaji taught, He showed by the example of His daily life, showing the top of perfection in everything, remaining in perfection. During one evening's ablution He said: "My body's destiny is to dry up one day, so don't be afraid to pour too much oil on it. This body is here only to serve the people. All living things, animals, flowers, plants, and stones have received their form from God, and this body is given by God to fulfill His duty in this world. Therefore, even my body exists only to fulfill the duty and serve all people and living beings. But when people come to this world, they forget about their duty and become dependent on the illusion and concepts of "I" and "mine", and thus they forget God."

Babaji always showed complete selflessness and absolute non-attachment to material things. He distributed all the expensive clothes that were given to Him, and even washed the fruits Himself and treated everyone around Him with them, thus "He teaches us to share with everyone in a brotherly way, everything that we have. No part of the Lord's creation belongs to one person, all belong to everyone." Babaji called for: "Forget about the benefits and losses, be indifferent to praise and insults, march through life!", " Think about the good. Please. "Do good."

In the ashram of Babaji in Haidakhan free distribution of clothing, free medical care had been set up, the poor could get free education at the expense of the ashram. Such ashrams dedicated to Babaji appeared in other places in India and in other countries, including Russia[4]. With the help of Babaji, destroyed temples were restored and religious centers in India revived. He traveled the country blessing all people individually, going from door to door. In the provinces of India, He performed 147 sacred fire rituals "yajna", and this helped solve the problem of food – India became self-sufficient in terms of grain. Babaji blessed the country and blessed the whole world: "In India, there is a slogan – "JAY HIND!", which means "Victory for India!" But I want the well-being of the entire universe, so I introduce a new motto: "JAY VISHWA!" - "The victory of the entire Universe!”… So, my goal is to benefit the whole world, not just one person or country. JAY VISHWA!”


Loving all people, all humanity, Babaji tried to help everyone individually, not only healing the bodies, but inspiring and guiding them on the right path. "If you're in the world, I'm in the world, if you're worried, I'm worried, if you're in trouble – I'm in trouble… You must seek harmony in everything you do. I am harmony. Thank you for your love."


At the general meetings held in the ashram, Babaji would answer any question asked, such as: how can I calm my mind? what should I do to be happy, to have my heart always open? what is the fastest way to God? is it necessary to have children in these times? is being afraid a good thing or a bad thing?


A Western disciple once asked Babaji if he could be initiated into yoga by another disciple, and at the same time he asked permission to move to another ashram handing over all his possessions to Babaji. To which Babaji replied that he should accept the initiation from another and return back to his own country. And then He said, "You are being sent back home because you have lost your faith. If you were truly devoted to God, you would have an unshakable faith and an unshakable mind. What are you doing when you think that a person who is not a yogi himself could initiate you into yoga? I don't like that. In giving you the duties of the temple, I have admitted you as a devotee. To the devotees, I give Abhayana Dhan, the blessing of my protection, by which you will always be protected and so you must be fearless. I am responsible for you and for your release. Whatever dedication you need, I will give it to you. Why do you doubt and search somewhere else? " The disciple replied that he was driven by a spiritual search. "What are you not getting from me? Your faith must be as powerful as Mount Meru. Even the sun and the moon may go off their trajectories, but the student's faith must be unshakeable. A true devotee would be willing to give his life for God and would have faith until his last breath. Never confuse yourself with false goals. You are always protected."image011.jpg


Babaji predicted the coming destructive changes in the world (Maha Kranti) and pointed out the way to help people at this time – in order to realize the Truth within themselves and change the hearts of people, spreading His Teachings, telling the world about His Message: "Everything you do should benefit humanity. By saving humanity, everyone will save themselves."


Working together teaches everyone a sense of love, friendship, and humanity. This cannot be developed by lectures and conversations, "but it is necessary to awaken in everyone the spirit of humanity, erasing the boundaries between themselves and others, working as one.” This applies not only to the ashram in Haidakhan – “any place, wherever you go or wherever you work, you must imbue it with the atmosphere of this Path.


On February 14, 1984, in Haidakhan, Babaji said His last words: "I am always with you."

A few days before His departure, the Great Teacher left a spiritual testament to the world:


“Love and serve all humanity.

Assist everyone.

Be happy.

Be courteous.

Be a source of irrepressible joy.

Recognize God and goodness in every face.

There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.

Praise everyone. If you cannot praise someone, let him or her out of your life.

Be original.

Be inventive.

Be courageous. Take courage again and again.

Do not imitate.

Be strong. Be upright.

Do not lean on the crutches of others.

Think with your own head. Be yourself.

All perfection and every divine virtue are hidden within you – reveal them to the world.

Wisdom, too, is already within you. Let it shine forth.

Let the Lords grace set you free.

Let your life be that of the rose – in silence it speaks the language of fragrance."[5].


Olga Ivanova, Elena Ilyina


Part 3. Babaji’s Messages in the XXI century





[1] Here and later in this chapter quotes and sayings Babaji is given according to the book: Teaching Babaji. Truth. Simplicity. Love. Service to humanity. Chronicle of Haidakhan. - Omkar Shiva Dham, Okunevo, 2004.

[2] One of the Babaji’s names, as He was called.

[3] Note that the Babaji's power over the forces of nature was also manifested in the twenty-first century during His mediated arrival. See the note to the Message of Babaji, December 23, 2006: "It was cloudy in the morning, it was snowing. At the moment when he came Babaji, a ray of the sun appeared from behind the clouds, and the sun was present all the time while the dictation was going on, and then it became overcast again, and it began to snow" (quoted from the Words of Wisdom.)

[4] In Siberia, which Babaji considered the most sacred place in Russia, in the village of Okunevo, which is 240 km north of Omsk, is an ashram of Babaji "Omkar Shiva Dham”.

[5] Spiritual Testament of Babaji was included in the Rosary "Karma Yoga", compiled by Tatyana Mickushina in 2008.