Babaji’s Messages in the twenty-first century


Each time has its own characteristics. Our time marks not only the change of centuries, but above all the change of epochs, also called the Great Transition. The New Era also provides new Divine opportunities – to change your consciousness in order to follow the evolutionary path together with planet Earth.

Since the majority of humanity is not ready for the new stage envisaged by evolution, the Great Teachers do Тheir best to help as many souls as possible to awaken.

But whereas in earlier times the Teachers were able to help directly by incarnating among the earth's humanity as wise rulers, priests, founders of religions, and other prominent figures, now the vibrations of the modern world have become too low for the presence of Great Teachers. Therefore, Тhey can either use partial incarnations, or briefly be present in those incarnated people who have reached a high level in their consciousness.

In the XXI century, the choice of the Great Teachers, or Masters of Wisdom fell on a Russian woman, her name is Tatyana Mickushina, who passed difficult tests and examinations, proving her dedication and willingness to work  with the Teachers for the benefit of humanity. The Masters worked for a long time with the subtle bodies of Tatyana Mickushina, before she became a pure conductor, able to conduct the energies of the Masters to the Earth. The Teachers gave her the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and began to transmit Their Messages. More than 50 Beings of Light took part in this grand Mission, transmitting a new Teaching through Their Messenger from 2005 to 2015. The Teaching can be called new under certain conditions, since it is from ancient times. However, the ancient Truths were given in a new form, accessible to most members of the human community at this stage.


If you understand this Teaching, digest it, apply it in your life, then consciousness will change and provide a person a pass to a New World.

One of the Masters of Wisdom working with the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina is Babaji. He comes to give us an impulse, to speed things up, to encourage, and also to remind us of the truths that He taught in the past while He was on Earth in a physical body.

Babaji says:

“…When I was in embodiment, I exerted all my efforts to ensure that the people who came to see me from all over the world lost their interests in external manifestations and strove to reach the eternal world with their entire being."[6].image013.jpg

As before, Babaji again calls us to allow guidance from Higher Wisdom and to follow the Higher Path, which is also called the Path of Initiations.

As before, Babaji draws our attention to Karma Yoga and, building on the previous postulates, gives the Teaching about work and the attitude towards money:

I gave the Teaching about Karma Yoga. And I continue to assert from my ascended state of consciousness that only Karma Yoga, the efforts of constructive labor for Common Good that you direct correctly, can change and reverse the situation that has formed in the world.

It is labor, correct labor, which can change everything.

While you work to earn money, you move nowhere. What nonsense is it to attach your labor to some result on the physical plane. Labor itself is of great value. And true labor is the highest good for the development of a human soul.


It was silly to think that the Teaching could be obtained for money.

There is no true value that can be obtained for money. Love cannot be obtained for money. Devotion cannot be obtained for money. Serving cannot be obtained for money.”

As before, Babaji urges us to overcome the stereotypes that cause religious contradictions in our minds:

Your contradictions on religious grounds are made up and created by the people who are trying to go their own way and who are ready to commit any misdeed for this. Go along the Supreme Path! Always try to see some common things that are present in different religions and different confessions, and you will see that there are more common things than differences.

All of us represent one family.”


Drawing on His rich experience from a long stay in the earthly body as a Guru, Babaji raises questions about the reverence for the Teaching and reverence for the Messenger as the representative of the Brotherhood of the Great Teachers on Earth.  He says that, as before, people show curiosity when they get acquainted with the Teaching, only because of their thirst for a miracle, but at the same time they despise the Messenger of the Masters.

There are many who come to see the miracle, but there are very few who are truly devoted to the business that the Masters are carrying out, and there are even fewer peopleimage015.jpg who are devoted to our Messenger.

The external representative of the Hierarchy is a key figure in this process. And the way people perceive our representative and the Teaching that she gives, either opens the Divine opportunity for the development of humankind or closes it.

<…> …The criterion for your level of consciousness is your attitude toward our Messenger. It is impossible to take the Teaching and disregard the source of the Teaching…

The worship of the Higher Source is a necessary condition.

…you are talking with God. Therefore, you have to do this with awe, with great reverence in your heart.”

By becoming acquainted with the Teaching and entering into a relationship with the Messenger, people receive the energy and help from the Masters. This energy starts displacing all imperfections, all the negativity accumulated over many incarnations, and therefore the difficulties in everyone's life increase. The karma of many dozens of incarnations returns within a few years. This is the path of accelerated development, or the Path of Initiations, which, as noted by Babaji, has now become available to millions of  people who want to move on to a new opportunity that has opened up to the evolutions of planet Earth.


In His last incarnation in India at the end of the last century, Babaji predicted the imminent arrival of Maha Kranti-revolutionary changes in the world. Maha Kranti is not some bloody revolution, it is a revolutionary change in our consciousness, it is a liberation from old habits and attachments.

When I was incarnated, I kept saying that a revolution was coming. And all the deadlines established for the beginning of the revolution have already elapsed. Therefore, get ready for the changes that will be truly revolutionary! And these changes must take place within your consciousness. And as soon as they happen in your consciousness, everything around you will instantly start burning in the fire of revolution because everything that is now running the show will be swept away — your entire familiar ambience, everything you are used to, all your habits and attachments.

It will inevitably happen


That is why I do not get tired of coming and I keep shouting in your ears, The time has come!

The time has come to make a revolution in your consciousness!”


Teacher Babaji is well aware that parting with our shortcomings is a very painful process, but He reminds us that with our karmic baggage and with our problems, only we ourselves can part with them, no one will solve them for us.image017.jpg

Babaji advises:

 “…constantly strive to keep your consciousness at the level of high Divine vibrations. In this state, you become kinder, more tolerant. Your whole being radiates love, cordiality, joy, and peace.

 Only when you are in this state of consciousness are you able to perceive the Divine Truth.”

To prove our faith and loyalty to the Masters, we do not need to jump into the abyss, as a person who wanted to become a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji did. We just need to make daily efforts on our Path of Initiations, to work like true Karma Yogis, considering any work as the highest form of service to God.


Olga Ivanova, Elena Ilyina 



[1] Here and later in this chapter quotes and sayings of Babaji is given according to the book: Teaching Babaji. Truth. Simplicity. Love. Service to humanity. Chronicle of Haidakhan. - Omkar Shiva Dham, Okunevo, 2004.

[2] One of the Babaji’s names, as He was called.

[3] Note that the Babaji's power over the forces of nature was also manifested in the twenty-first century during His mediated arrival. See the note to the Message of Babaji, December 23, 2006: "It was cloudy in the morning, it was snowing. At the moment when he came Babaji, a ray of the sun appeared from behind the clouds, and the sun was present all the time while the dictation was going on, and then it became overcast again, and it began to snow" (quoted from the Words of Wisdom.)

[4] In Siberia, which Babaji considered the most sacred place in Russia, in the village of Okunevo, which is 240 km north of Omsk, is an ashram of Babaji "Omkar Shiva Dham”.

[5] Spiritual Testament of Babaji was included in the Rosary "Karma Yoga", compiled by Tatyana Mickushina in 2008.

[6] Here and later in this chapter, quotations are given from the Words of Wisdom. The Messages of the Masters / Tatyana Mickushina. Omsk: SiriuS Publishing House, 2017.