About the Great White Brotherhood and the Messengership.


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Book of Wisdom in Bulgarian was published in Bulgaria, containing the entire Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Mickushina.

The fourth cycle of the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom was received in Bulgaria, from July 1 to 21, 2006. On July 29, in Sofia Tatyana Mickushina gave a speech to the followers of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom. We bring to your attention a fragment of this speech.


The Great White Brotherhood

Who are the Ascended Masters? What is the Great White Brotherhood? What are the Lords of Shambhala? And Whose Messenger am I? The story will be quite long, but I think it will be useful to approach the Great White Brotherhood from a new angle.

H.P. Blavatsky wrote a book called The Secret Doctrine. This book describes the history of human development. It is said that in its development humanity passes through seven Root Races.

A long time ago, humanity had no physical bodies. They were huge giants, etheric, then astral giants, who were about 50 meters high. This was during the time of the First Root Race, several hundreds of millions of years ago. Their existence was similar to the existence of plants because they were not aware of who they were. They were like plants. Then, by the method of gemmation, the Second Root Race emerged from the First Root Race. The Second Root Race was already denser and smaller. And then from the Second Root Race came the Third Root Race, at the time of which the event took place, which I am bringing you to.

About in the middle of the Third Root Race, humanity has got a physical body. In the beginning, the body had no gender, it was androgynous. And the reproduction was not the same as it is now. They first bred with eggs. And gradually individuals began to emerge from the egg; some of them were more and more similar to men, others - to women. But they still had no Reason, i.e., a human was not reasonable. He looked like a human, and was almost not different from us in appearance, but in his essence he was just an animal. And the question arose of why was the need to keep such a dead-end humanity. It would be easier to destroy it and populate the Earth with other beings.

And there were Beings in the Cosmos who had already passed through the human stage of evolution in the past manvantaras, i.e., hundreds of millions of years ago. These Beings had no physical body, no astral body, no mental body, and no etheric body. They were Spirits. And these Spirits resided in the world that we call Divine. And so these Spirits decided to sacrifice themselves and endow humanity with reason.

These High Spirits, who in some religious systems are called the Holy Kumaras, shared a part of themselves with humanity. But not all of humans received the same part of these High Lords, because the bodies were not ready. Those who had a higher level of development received the greater part of these Beings. And those who were not ready, they received only a spark. And there were those human beings who received nothing from these High Beings. And this explains the different levels of intelligence, consciousness, and reason, which is inherent in humanity now.

In those days of the Third Root Race, these High Spirits were able to incarnate almost completely in the bodies of those who were ready. They were Arhats, or Gods. They were like Gods for the rest of humanity; they walked among people and taught.

When the Masters shared a part of themselves with people, human has got reason. Reason is a double-edged weapon that can be used for both good and evil. And humanity began to use this instrument, reason, at its own discretion, and began to create karma, that is, to perform actions that did not correspond to Divine plans.

And when humanity began to create karma, the surrounding world began to become denser and denser. And the vibrations of humanity have greatly decreased. Therefore, the Gods could no longer stay among people, and then they began to incarnate partially as Divine dynasties, mentors of humanity. We find remnants of these Divine dynasties, for example, in ancient Babylon, in ancient Egypt. That was how the Gods continued to teach humanity, give it moral Laws - the Laws by which society lives.

And this continued not only at the time of the Third Root Race, but also during the times of the Fourth Root Race, which replaced the Third Race and lived on the continent of Atlantis. And then, the Fifth Root Race came to replace the Fourth Root Race. Although the majority of modern humanity still belongs to the Fourth Root Race.

And since the vibrations of mankind became lower and lower as a result of the misuse of Divine energy, the presence of these High Spirits on Earth became more and more difficult. But they came as partial incarnations and could now be present in the prophets, in the founders of world religions. We know Jesus, we know the prophet Muhammad, we know Gautama Buddha, in whom the High Beings were present and gave the moral Law to society.

When these High Spirits went to another plane, their Law, which they gave to people, fell into the hands of ordinary people. And ordinary people are characterized by the fact that they cannot always correctly use the Divine energy. For example, they may think like this: why not use a religious system in order to live comfortably and guide the flock, in one or other religious system? The Teaching in itself, given by the prophets of the past had very little in common with religion. But, nevertheless, people, because their consciousness was at a low level, simply used these ideas and this Teaching, in order to guide people through some kind of religious dogma. But in those days it was useful, because the level of consciousness of humanity was such that it was impossible to act in any other way.

The Ascended Masters are on a different plane. We cannot see Them. They are in subtle bodies, and They cannot be present here (in the physical world). But, being on more subtle planes on Earth, They still try to guide the evolution of mankind. They constantly monitor the course of the evolution of mankind.


At the end of the 19th century, an attempt was made to give the Teaching to humanity again, more openly, through Helena Blavatsky. The fact is that there were attempts to give the Teaching before, but since the level of consciousness of humanity was not ready, in the middle ages such people were simply burned as witches and sorcerers. And even at the end of the 19th century, with all the development of civilization, Helena Blavatsky could not give the Teaching on the territory of Russia, for example. She left Russia at a young age. She lived for a very long time in Europe, for a while in America and in India, and then again in Europe. She died in London. But the Masters managed to give so much knowledge through her in a partially encrypted form.

In the 1920s, Master Morya began to work with Helena Roerich and give through her the Teaching that now we know as Agni Yoga. The Roerichs were in Finland during the revolutionary events of 1917. Then they lived for some time in Great Britain, then - in America, and then - in India. There they died. In the 1920s, the Roerichs attempted to convey the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom, or the Great White Brotherhood, or Mahatmas, to the Russian government.

After this event, the Roerichs were forced to leave, and they could not return to Russia again.

But the Teaching must be given. The Teaching must be given, because the consciousness of mankind has become ready to accept this Teaching.

And the Masters choose another Path to work with humanity - through Messengers.

We know that there were several people in America who were Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. For example, these were the leaders of The I AM Movement, Edna and Guy Ballard. In 1958, an organization called The Summit Lighthouse was founded, and was led by Mark Prophet, and then Elizabeth Clare Prophet. <>



Beginning of the Мessenger's Journey


I must say that in my entire life, I never wanted to be a Messenger and I never wanted to receive Messages. And I did not have any education that would allow me to know very well the subject taught by the Masters. I received a higher technical education at a Technical University. And I worked in the field of space technology for 13 years I developed devices for space. When perestroika began, the company stopped paying salaries. I retrained myself and started working as a chief accountant. And then for 10 years I worked as a chief accountant in various firms.


But in 1996-1997, I found a Teaching that originated in America the Summit Lighthouse Teaching. And I read almost all of their books that were translated in Russian (5-6 books). And somehow, miraculously, there was a person in my life in 2000 who said: "Do you want me to teach you a meditation technique?" And I agreed, because I was very kind to this person. But in fact, it was a very difficult task for me, because I am a very active person, and I have always been very active in the physical plane.


Here, the opposite quality was required: you had to lie down and not think about anything, in fact you had to lie down for hours and not think about anything. But I started doing it. And after a few months of my meditations, I began to hear my Higher Self the responses from my Higher self. And through the connection with the Higher Realms, I learned that I have a Teacher on the subtle plane.


And it was the Beloved Kuthumi. As you know, Beloved Kuthumi and Master Morya gave Teachings through Helena Blavatsky and through Helena Roerich. And the Beloved Kuthumi taught me to hear Him, and He heard me. And our connection was telepathic, mentally. Then I had a few other Teachers who taught me completely different things. Yet, I never imagined that I would be a Messenger or that I would be receiving the Messages.


In March 2004, the Beloved Lord Surya gave me the Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood in the Great Central Sun. But this did not manifest itself in any way on the physical plane. And I thought it must have been some kind of a joke, because I didn't see myself as a Messenger.


During my meditations, I remained in constant touch with my Teachers on the subtle plane. And when Sanat Kumara was my Teacher, He once said: "You have to write to Lorraine Michaels." We were corresponding with a couple who lived in New York state. They were followers of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. They had previously lived in a community of Summit Lighthouse in Montana for 9 years. And I corresponded with Lorraine. Sanat Kumara told me: "Write to her that you are a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood."


You understand that this was very difficult for me to do, but I did it anyway, because one of the requirements that the Brotherhood imposes is the requirement of unconditional submission. Beloved Sanat Kumara said: "You must accept in your mind that you are the Messenger. Unless you accept this in your mind, you will not become a Messenger."


After six months my Mantle began to work, it began to manifest itself on the physical plane. And it was September 2004, when the Masters asked me to write a book. But at that time, it was not said that this would be a "book". They said that humanity needs to be given true knowledge about Lucifer and the fall of the Angels. During my meditations, I was given something to write about. And I would go to an abandoned park and read The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky. And only when there were no people around I could understand the meaning of what was written in this book.


I wrote the next chapter, installed it on the site, and sent it to subscribers of my Sirius email newsletter. And it was very hard to do, because people had a prejudice against Lucifer and fallen Angels. But, luckily, 99% of the readers did not understand anything in this book.

And this book is called "Good and Evil. Private reading of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky. This book consists of 70% of The Secret Doctrine quotes arranged in a certain way. Apparently, this was some kind of exam. And I didn't realize that Messages were coming during my meditation. After the meditation, I wrote down my thoughts in my own words. But even then it would actually be a Message, I just didn't understand it.


Another six months passed, and on March 3, 2005, I received a letter from Lorraine Michaels, with whom I corresponded (you remember, she was from New York State). She wrote me a letter: "Tatiana, you have become an active Messenger. You should start taking Messages." And the day before, Master Morya came to me and told me that my Mantle had become active.


It was very surprising to read such a letter. Then I immediately wrote her a response by email: "Yes, you know, the Masters come to me during meditation. I can hear Them, but They don't give me any Messages. Sometimes They give personal messages that no one else is interested in."


Lorraine realized that I probably didn't translate everything correctly from English, and wrote me the same letter in other words. She wrote: "El Morya came to me. He said that you are becoming an active Messenger, your Mantle is becoming active, you should start taking Messages."


I'm thinking to myself: "She must be joking with me. Because I wrote to her that I was a Messenger.


And the second time I wrote again: "I do not know, but there are no Messages yet.


And Lorraine writes for the third time, the third letter in just one and a half to two hours. She repeats the same thing: "You should start taking Messages.


Then I wrote to her: "As soon as I start taking the Messages you'll be the first person I will send Them to."


It was daytime in America, for us it was already at night. So I went to sleep. And when I started meditating in the morning, my Teacher Sanat Kumara came. This was March 4, 2005. And He came. And somehow He came in a very unusual way, not as usual, because the whole room was filled with such a thick pinkish-yellow fog, everything was in a fog, and the Altar in front of me was shrouded in a fog.


And I asked: "What is going to happen? Should I take a Message?"


And He said: «Yes».


Then I told Him: "You know, I'm not quite ready," because I just had a really bad cold, and I had a bad cold, a headache, and a fever.


Then He said: "Sending a Ray of Healing.


And I started to breathe through my nose, my headache was gone.


And then He said: "Take the recorder and turn it on."

I turned on the recorder and began to hear in my head as if the thoughts were like my own. But at the same time, because I had spoken to the Masters before, I knew that these were not my thoughts, but the thoughts of Sanat Kumara that He was sending. But when I said just two sentences out loud, my attention was scattered it requires very clear focus, it must be a very strong concentration.


Then Sanat Kumara said: "Turn off the recorder. Get up and go to the computer." So I went to the computer and turned it on. And He began to send the same thoughts that I started typing, completely noiseless typing on the computer. As soon as I typed the phrase that He dictated to me, the next phrase came, and I typed it again. And that's how I took the first Message from Sanat Kumara. And when I started meditating again the next day, another Master came and gave me a new Message. And so it went on for almost four months continuously.


And meanwhile a book has been published, which includes all the Messages that were given in the first cycle. Perhaps, you have read this book. All these Messages are also freely available on the English Sirius website and the Russian Sirius website.


At first I didn't understand what it was or how it worked. I had my doubts, especially at first: where do I get this from? what is happening to me? I mean, it was hard enough to accept that this was happening to me.


But then I started to receive the Messages again. The next cycle of Messages was in December and January. And then there was the Dictation cycle in the spring. And from July 1 to July 21, 2006, there was a summer cycle of the Messages that the Masters of Wisdom gave in Bulgaria.


A few months ago earlier, I was invited to spend the summer in Bulgaria. But I always coordinate all my movements with the Masters. And when I asked Them if I could go to Bulgaria, They said that I could go and that They would give Messages in Bulgaria. So, by some miracle, we managed to accept the Messages there.


And always, when the cycle of the Messages ends, the Master who is my Teacher at that moment comes this time it was Lord Maitreya. And I asked for His grade. And Lord Maitreya gave a very high assessment, He said that the Messages were being accepted at a very high level. And He said: "Bulgaria has received a lot of Light. Let's see how they will use this Light.

Bulgaria, July 2006