Where there is Light, there is no room for darkness!


Dear friends!

The Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM",

which ran from 4 a.m. on April 10th to 4 a.m. on April 22nd, 2020 (CDT) just ended.

This was an unprecedented opportunity given by heaven at the moment when all of humanity is experiencing dramatic events taking place on Earth. This was an opportunity to change the situation in the world, to overcome the egregor of fear, depression, hatred and despair, which is now being whipped up with the help of epidemics and the global crisis. This was a great opportunity given by Lord Maitreya, who blessed the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM".

The “OM” mantra does not require knowledge of the Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom or a specific language. As it was said in the mailing with an invitation to joint meditation:

The universal, primordial mantra from which the entire universe arose is the syllable "OM"


 This mantra has a purifying effect and helps the consciousness to rise to a higher level.

Concentration when reciting this mantra removes all obstacles on the spiritual path, the mind becomes calm and peaceful.

By reciting the mantra "OM", we raise our consciousness and become a source of Light for our world.


Where there is Light, there is no room for darkness!


We are pushing out the egregor of fear, hopelessness, unhappiness, depression from our homes, our cities, our countries, our planet!


In the notes to the joint meditation Tatiana N. Mickushina wrote:


The practice of the meditation on the sound of "OM", as it is described on the “Sirius “website, is an individual practice aimed at elevating the consciousness of each participant and bringing the Divine Light into our world.




The practice does not have a General call and is carried out at any time of the day. Therefore, there is no multiplication of participants efforts. Each participant works on themselves, with their own guides, and tries to reach the highest possible state of consciousness.

If the attainment of a high state of consciousness does not occur, it is equivalent to the fact that the person does not participate in the practice.

If there is an elevation of consciousness, then the person becomes a conductor of Light in our world and this Light displaces the surrounding darkness.


During the practice, different versions of the “OM”mantra were posted on the Sirius website and on Tatyana N. Mickushina’s YouTube channel. Everyone could find that version which better resonates with their hearts. Videos with beautiful video sequences were made for different mantras. The main videos, with an unusually beautiful performance of the “OM” mantra, gained more than 32,000 and more than 17,500 views on YouTube during the week. The mantra“OM” of Peter Schreier has been downloaded more than 18,900 times from the site. this particular practice it was important for light-bearers from different spiritual Teachings to be able to unite in this joint opportunity. The Masters mentioned in their Messages that there are now 144,000 light-bearers in the incarnation. It seems that now is the time when we could all unite together to create a better future for everyone and the whole planet! Indeed, this unique event, which lasted 12 days, was attended by many light-bearers from all over the world, belonging to different spiritual trends and directions - teachers and practitioners of Kundalini yoga, various yoga centers, those who practice meditation, clubs and groups on esotericism, those who study theosophy, ecopopulation, etc. In just the Russian language, information about the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM” was posted on more than 70 Internet resources, including various web sites and groups in social networks, including the largest Russian esoteric sites Self-Knowledge and the House of the Sun.


In the video flashmob that was organized in support of the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM”, people from 16 countries participated, including Russia, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, etc. All the videos posted at the link More than 60 videos were sent where people sincerely and inspiringly shared their experience of chanting the OM Mantra, supported and invited others to join in the meditation.










Every day, from 5,000 to 6,000 people participated in the Worldwide meditation on the sound of “OM”.


The world meditation was attended by people from more than 80 countries, including as far away as the Seychelles, Qatar, Hong Kong, Algeria, Sudan, Colombia, Chile, Jordan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Mauritius, etc.

The number of participants in the first place – Russia 59%, the second – Ukraine (11,1%), the third – Latvia (3%), the fourth – the United States (2.9%), the fifth – Kazakhstan (2,8%). By city - people from more than 1000 cities participated in the practice!


We sincerely hope that the world meditation on the sound of "OM" filled the space of our planet with Light, Joy, Love, Hope and this will help humanity in overcoming the difficult situation that has developed in the world now, and above all will help each of us! This was a huge opportunity for spiritual transformation and growth for each participant of the meditation.


I asked Lord Maitreya to give an assessment of our work, of chanting the mantra "OM" for 12 days.

He said:

“If only one percent of the world's population simultaneously began to sing the mantra “OM”, the situation on the planet would have changed instantly.

If several hundred thousand people participated in the practice for 12 days, there would have been significant changes for the better. ”

I asked, “And if 5000 - 6000 thousand people participated daily?”

There was no answer to this question...

Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to continue the practice for everyone, for whom this practice resonates with the heart, for as long a period of time as possible. To elevate our consciousness is our spiritual duty to the evolutions of planet Earth at this time.


This is an individual practice, so do not wait for a command from outside. Go ahead!


Tatyana NMickushina