Comments of participants in the ongoing Readings of the Messages of the Masters 2005 - 2019



Feedback from Ukraine


Dear friends!

I want to share with you a small fraction of those impressions that I experience while reading the Messages, especially after reading the Message of Gautama Buddha

"I have come to awaken your consciousness from its enduring lethargy" of March 23, 2005.

I want to sing and do nothing to violate the harmony at heart.

Awareness of the great Feat of the Sons of Light, Beloved Masters, gives the soul the much-needed Gratitude, understanding of the Feat.

I am so small as an ant, I drag my burden in the wrong ways, without realizing my imperfect position and without realizing the greatness of the Hierarchy.

How great my concerns seemed to me, now they just ceased to exist in the context of the Reality of God, and it is only necessary to affirm what has been begun, every minute of life, every day.

We have a Native Home, we have Loving Brothers, Their Comprehensive Love (I had a dream about love, relatives waiting for us on the other side).

And today, Gautama Buddha described in the Message of His experience of the Reality of God and His return to life, His sensations, that I see how this happened, and these paintings floated in my mind very brightly.

His Being is Real, and the description of His life is so fabulous, maybe I take the world around me so rudely that the selflessness of the Big Brothers seems like a fairy tale to me, but when I read Hesse's "Siddhartha", watch a film about Buddha (Hollywood) and read the Messages, I understand that Divinity is a fairy tale that does not correspond to the reality of the surrounding imperfect life.

The Feat of the Christ and the Buddha is becoming more real so that skepticism and emptiness are leaving.

Pure Love for the Masters begins to grow, and deepen.

I thank the Beloved Ascended Masters, dear to the heart the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina, and all who have united in reading the Messages of Light.

Anna, Kiev, Ukraine


Review from St. Petersburg


I consider Tatyana Mickushina as a very pure guide and my guru, although we have never met personally.

From the beginning, I was very inspired by the messages that came through her, and they still inspire me till this day. I feel a real power in them that resonates with my spirit. In the texts, in addition to external formulations, there is an energy, a force, a directing impulse, and the knowledge is transmitted in between the lines.

But most importantly, through these texts you can feel the presence of those who gave them, and this is about 50 beings of the higher worlds outside of Samsara.

What I like about Tatyana Nicholaevna’s external approach:


1) There are no contradictions between different religious movements, no extremism, and bigotry. Christ, Buddha and other Masters are not opposed to each other, but united. This characterizes the messages as coming from outside the current collective unconsciousness, at the level of which there are contradictions between various religious and magical directions, religion and science.

2) The transmitted knowledge is not positioned as a supernova, denying all previous sources. But serve as an updated form of ancient principles taking into account the features of the current moment. It is clear that even though the situation on Earth now is not the same as of antiquity, the essence of the Laws of the Universe has not changed.

3) There is simplicity, practicality, and at the same time depth. It might even seem like it’s Too easy. But it’s worth getting into resonance with the transmitted essence, as this resonance reveals a new depth of awareness.

The joint practice of immersion and focusing on the energies of higher worlds with the right motivation, over time, can make a big difference in both personal situations and global social processes.

Who wants to, join in!

Sergey Melnikov
(St. Petersburg)



Review from Krasnodar region


Good afternoon!

This review is of the Joint Work with the Messages.

Joy and Hope fill my Heart every day! There is a sense of celebration, a feeling that it is a gift from the Masters, a joint Creation of a new era.

The Union of Hearts and Souls is really felt. I am clearly aware that this Labor is on a new level of consciousness.

Every day I read Mother Mary’s Rosaries and make calls for the current day. Now it's different than a year ago.

I think that many souls responded. Easy and joyful!

Low bow to Tatyana Nicholaevna for the Sacred Work from every Heart, for the opportunity to be here and now together.


Nina Laschenova
(Krasnodar region)



Review from the Czech Republic


“Do not be confused by the fact that not everything around you changes as rapidly as you wish it to. Unfortunately, matter is very inert, and your efforts will manifest only by the end of the current decade… “

Saint Germain, June 26, 2012


Dear Tatyana Nicholaevna and Tatyana Viktorovna, dear earthlings!

I, like many others, asked and waited for the next All-Planet and Worldwide spiritual practice, in order to strengthen the influx of Light on the planet together, and to accelerate the elevation of the consciousness of earthlings, and to provide the energy to accelerate the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all people and the planet, and awaken the uninformed.

All the conditions and preparation for conducting spiritual work, I have been practicing since 2015, and the daily Joint Readings of the Messages are for me in fact, no different from previous instructions – since I try to follow all this every day. This is my life!

The Joint Readings of the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom is for me, of course, a daily holiday dedicated to one particular Master, whose Message we read on that day. Indeed, the awareness of this unified world of "fireflies" gives even greater fiery joy by strengthening our human assistance and offering it to the Masters!

In the morning ... no, in the evening, the Image of the Master of the next day is already in my consciousness, so by the morning, and for the entire day - Their keynote melody resounds at home and also in the shower. Even when I am in the midst of people, when the time has not yet come to prepare for the reading of the Message - it’s still the same. All day you have heart-to-heart conversations with the Master, sending Them and Tatyana Nicholaevna your Love and Gratitude. You feel such a strong connection with the Masters. You feel Their help and support!

I remember the first day of the Joint Readings: already in the morning and all day was almost summer, sunny weather, and in the blue sky amid the clouds all day I saw the Image of Master Sanat Kumara - just like His image in the first Message! I physically sensed His dazzling Rays ... The Blessing of the co-Reading was received, and I want to assure you that nothing will stop me from doing this.

Yes, you have to overcome obstacles and things that “suddenly” pop-up during the day, but there is already the experience, and for 24 hours you are mentally “connected” with the Master - all day. Then the mental preparation before the Reading itself takes much less effort!

When reading the Message, I always call on the radiant network of Light, stretching out from all the light-bearers all over the planet, outgoing Rays from each of us, directed at the particular Master, imagining how Their descending Rays illuminate the planet out of darkness.

In the beginning and the end of each Reading, I listen to the keynote, and at the end I imagine how my aura expands and hugs the planet. And so, with each of the light-bearers - it generates mass protection of the planet. I also visualize how all 144 thousand light-bearers who are already in Service are finally united around the Messenger, creating the Community of the Holy Spirit - an energetically pure place, organized according to the Teaching of the Masters, ready for the arrival of the people of the new Sixth Race! May it be so! Om.

For this, the urgent task is to get rid of karmic debts. Ask for help from the Great Karmic Board in letters and thoughts, and realize this goal without falling into distress.

With Love and Gratitude to the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood of the Masters of Wisdom on Earth - Tatyana N. Mickushina, to our Masters and to all earthlings!

Natalia Limonova
(Czech Republic)



Feedback from Lviv, Ukraine

Filled with the energy of each Message, which is not only read, but also worked out in the soul, I want to repeat the reading and work on the material that has already been presented. I want to enjoy more and more of this manna from Heaven, these Heavenly Treasures.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I missed something in my internal analysis of the previous Message, and try to correct it by reading it again. In me, now and with previously read and elaborated Messages, the theme of Cosmic Fire, the Indivisible Flame, causes the greatest resonance. And those who read these lines will forgive me for some details, but the theme of the Divine Fire has already been filled with the second decade, starting with Agni Yoga, the Treatise on the Cosmic Fire of Alice A. Bailey.

Of course, when I first read the Messages, these previously sown seeds of Divine Wisdom planted in my soul and falling on the fertile ground of understanding and reverence for the Highest good, sprouted almost instantly. I will say more: never in the previous readings of the Messages did I have a single negative or inharmonious thought, not even talking about my feelings - 100% Joy and Gratitude to Tatyana Nicholaevna!

This perception of the energies of the Messages has already become inextricable in my mind. And now, in the process of World Vigil, thanks to which we all have an even greater understanding of the depths of the Divine World, I would like to wish everyone, all dear Lightworkers who take part in it, the Joy and children's expectation of the Divine Miracle, which will certainly happen if we believe in it! I can add to this that I have not interrupted the daily reading of the Rosaries for several years, because the connection between the worlds can never be interrupted while there is a heartbeat and while I breathe. I have no words to express my gratitude to Heaven and dear Tatyana Nicholaevna.

Thank you!
Sergey, City of Lviv, Ukraine.



Feedback from Russia, Moscow

As I wanted it, my soul aspired, was waiting ... And it happened! We are united by prayer, by the Joint Readings of the Messages again. The merciful Lord gives us a new opportunity to unite, to raise our consciousness and the consciousness of humanity on planet Earth. Just do not miss it, do the best you can!

I reverently reread the Messages with awe. They are full of Wisdom, Love and faith in us. The soul accepts them with such a joy!

I penetrate, it seems, each cell of my body with high energies, and the desire to grow, to go to the Divine Truth is becoming more distinct.

I experienced great excitement today before reading the first Message given by Sanat Kumara, with the sounds of wonderful music, eye to eye with the Beloved Master.

I cried reading, wondering once again that the Master knew me better than myself, and that He describes my conditions of the time better and more accurately than I could have done.

“... feeling of dissatisfaction, sadness in the heart, and the expectation that something may happen at any moment. ... It seems to them that the things that were important and gave purpose to their lives are absolutely meaningless today. ... All you need is simply to make your choice and to step into the boundlessness ... take a step toward reality. "

After all, this is exactly what happened to me at the time when in March 2005, I took this step to reality - the decision changed my life, I left a very prestigious place of work and position, a high salary, lost a lot of money and left going nowhere. God led me, but I did not understand why I was doing this. And everyone around me was puzzled. It seemed to everyone that it was difficult to find a more successful person than me. It turned out that this deed of mine was necessary to meet with my earthly teacher, who in 2006 opened the way for me to Sirius. I thank all the bright forces instructing me in this difficult period of my life. And I thank myself for the resistence. It was very difficult, especially at first. The reward was everyday signs from the subtle plane and miracles that happened to me. And it is more beautiful and more expensive than all the treasures of the world. It is impossible to buy, win the lottery, borrow, find somewhere on the physical plane ... Oh, how much I was given to see! And if any person, in their soul experiences this happiness, Faith in the Higher worlds becomes unshakable.

Something absolutely amazing and wonderful happened in 2006, the day I first started reading the Messages: in the morning, during meditation, I received the Image of Sanat Kumara. Moreover, at that time I did not know Him, did not even know His name, did not know that He opens dictation cycles, since I have not read the Messages yet. In the evening, opening the Sirius website, I saw the Image that came to me in meditation, as well as the Message given by Sanat Kumara. Amazement, glee. I wanted to tell the whole world about this divine miracle. Well, how can one not be filled with absolute Faith as a person who experienced this ?!

And once again I am convinced: each new reading brings new, previously undiscovered knowledge. This is a practical confirmation of the words of Tatyana Nicholaevna: “Everyone will find in the Teaching what his soul is ready for.”

Thank and praise God, and the Beloved Ascended Teachers.

With constant devotion, gratitude, reverence for the titanic work of the Messenger Tatyana N. Mikushina, who discovered this miracle for us - the opportunity to touch the Teaching of the Maters of Wisdom.

Shklyarevskaya Lyudmila, Moscow



Feedback from Kazakhstan.

Hello, dear Tatyana N. Mickushina!

Hello, dear Tatyana V. Martynenko!

How glad we were to hear about the Joint Readings of the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom!

Such a wave of joy swept all Kazakhstan-like-minded people!

Those who recently got acquainted with the Messages and complained that they missed the time of the Vigil and joint prayers for the good of the Earth and Russia. Those who remember these blessed times have long wanted to test themselves again, to feel the joy of Unity in working for the Common Good, taking into account the experience gained, with an analysis of past mistakes, and shortcomings.

And it happened! It was so unexpected and at the same time a new opportunity of Light inspired us all and rejoiced: we are together, we will serve the Light! We have a difficult but joyful Service - a Joint Reading of the Messages of the Masters of 2005-2019!

Every day we read Dictations and often tears come to our eyes, we sincerely and heartily thank God, our High Teachers - the Great White Brotherhood, you, our dear Tatyana N.- the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, for the opportunity to touch the Divine world, Divine Wisdom, set forth simply and clearly, Divine Love that fills the whole Creation!

Eyes are opened to the world, and to ourselves. Every day our confidence grows that with God we will go through all the difficulties and darkness of delusions, ignorance, through all the chaos, lack of culture and gloom that reigns in the world today, and the simple Truth will open for humanity : God is in every heart, and we need to live, respecting, loving God in ourselves and in every living creature. We ourselves need to make the world more beautiful with our best pure thoughts, high feelings, and good deeds!

And now we are united, daily, throughout the Earth we will read our Fiery Bible, illuminating our minds, purifying our hearts, bringing the Light of Truth into our dark world!

It will be a battle with both our imperfections and those tricks that the sophisticated world of illusion will throw at us, testing us for strength.

But we will stand! We are the Warriors of the Light! We are Spiritual Warriors! Everything is possible with God!

In addition, the Joint Readings of the Messages begins on November 4, on the Day of Unity of Russia, on the Day of the Icon of Our Mother Mary of Kazan - the Protector and Patroness of Russia! And this is a sure sign that the Mother of God herself will lead us through the Paths of steadfastness in the Faith, unconditional Love, devotion to God and Masters!

And the world will become kinder, the hearts of Divine Love will open, Light will triumph, this is the Law!

With great Gratitude and Love,

Lyubov Babkova,