Preparation for Upcoming Spiritual Practice -
Joint Readings of the Messages of the Masters

The Reading of the Messages is a very important spiritual practice




Dear friends, as you know, on November 4, 2019, the most important Spiritual Practice begins: the Joint Reading of the Messages of the Masters 2005-2019.

Every day we will read one Message.

The Message can be read at the beginning of any hour that is convenient for you.

In order for the reading of the Message to benefit you and the world, you need to prepare before starting the reading time - to create and observe certain conditions in the future.

One of the main conditions is the following: participants in the Joint Reading of the Messages should be in a harmonious state, filled with Love, strong faith and inner peace.

Therefore, if you are upset, immersed in heavy thoughts, or you are in a depression because of a quarrel with your relatives or a conflict at work, please skip reading the Message on that day. The result of your work, if you are in such an inharmonious state, will be negative, moreover, it will be enhanced by the number of people participating in the Joint Reading of the Messages on this day.

Even if you think that you are in a good state of mind, do not start reading the Message without preparing yourself for it beforehand.

In order to perform the prayer practice effectively, the physical conditions should be observed.

1) A Place for a prayer.

It is desirable to have a permanent place for praying, before the Altar.



There should be the pictures of the Masters, flowers, icons, candles and crystals… on the Altar, everything capable of elevating your consciousness and creating the Divine attunement.

The room should be tidied and aired.


2) Preparation of the physical body.

Do not eat meat.

Do not use alcohol, nicotine or drugs.

Do not pray on a full stomach, at least two hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.

The body should be clean. The clothes should be neat and clean, white or light colored.




Do not watch TV. Do not listen to poor-quality music.

Don't watch news on the Internet, do not check emails, do not talk in

Skype and do not visit social networks.

If you can’t constantly comply with this condition, then at least a few hours before reading the Messages disconnect your consciousness from the outside world and the outside sources of information.


Other conditions.

It is advisable to be aware of the silence at the time of the prayer.

It is good to pray together with your whole family.

Arrange with your family for the TVs, radio, and music to be turned off during the prayer, if for some reason you cannot pray with the whole family.

Turn off cell phones.

In a large city, the night or the time before dawn is ideal for a prayer, when the fuss moves away and there is silence.


Harmonization and attunement.

You should come into a harmonious, balanced state of consciousness 20 - 30 minutes before the prayer.

Devote this time to aligning yourself with God within you. To do this, you can read your favorite prayers, mantras, contemplate the faces of the Masters to calm harmonious music.



Just before the beginning of spiritual practice, sit for several minutes in silence with your eyes closed and focus on your heart. Imagine that you breathe in the heart. Breathe slowly and deeply.


«The main task that you must achieve during your praying practice is the harmonization of your inner state. You must find the state of complete harmony and oneness with God ».

Beloved Surya
December 13, 2005


After completing spiritual practice, do not rush to immediately go do your business.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, stay for some more time in the vibrations of the Message or the Rosary that you read.

If you have reached a good spiritual state during your spiritual work, you can do the following visualization, which was given by Lord Surya:



«At the end of your spiritual practice, I am asking you to do one simple thing. Imagine that your aura expands and becomes the size of a house, and then it expands more and covers your whole city, your country, and the entire globe. And every living creature that gets in the field of your aura experiences its impact.

Every living being becomes filled with the state of harmony and peace that you have managed to achieve during your spiritual practice ».

Beloved Surya
December 13, 2005


On the site you will find a convenient calendar and links to:

- individual dates for Messages for the Joint Reading

- a text version of the Message, as well as audio or video options (if available)

- the key note music of the individual Masters

- recommendations of the Masters on how to best read the Messages

- the music and videos for the proper mood before reading