Dear friends, we continue to introduce you to the Members of the Karmic board. Today, our story is about Goddess of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty is spokesman for the Karmic Board and representative of the Second Ray on that Board.

The Goddess of Liberty was embodied in Atlantis. She was also embodied as a member of the Amazonian Race, a people of great stature whose women ruled an ancient civilization where the Amazon Basin now is.

So great was Her momentum of dedication to the Spirit of Liberty embodied in the threefold flame of the heart, that after Her ascension, this Lady Master was called upon to bear the title of Goddess of Liberty, denoting Her office in Hierarchy as the authority for the cosmic consciousness of liberty to the Earth.


George Washington

The Spirit of Liberty inspired the early American patriots to found a new nation “ under God “ and to frame a constitution based on the Brotherhood’s plan for the emerging Christ consciousness that would come to maturity on virgin soil under the direction of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom for the Earth.

The Goddess of Liberty appeared to General Washington during the winter of 1777 and revealed to him America’s destiny, giving him the strength and the courage to complete his own mission as the liberator of the thirteen original colonies.

It is no wonder that the Statue of Liberty, a gift of the French people, was erected on Bedloe’s Isle. The flame of liberty drew the focus of the Statue of Liberty as outer symbol of hope for the liberation from all forms of tyranny to the “ tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breath free.”


The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown
of seven rays

The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays, focusing the power of the Elohim and their implementation of the seven rays in form, in Matter ( Mater ), the mother aspect of Divinity. Her crown is also a focus of the seven rays anchored in the forehead of every son and daughter of God. The Goddess of Liberty is that “ Lady with the lamp “ whom Henry Wadsworth Longfellow prophesied would “ stand in the great history of the land, a noble type of good, heroic womanhood.”

The Goddess of Liberty represents the archetypal pattern of the World Mother who carries the Book of Divine Law, the Book of Illumination containing the knowledge that will show mankind the way out of the night of human error. At the base of Statue of Liberty are broken chains, symbolizing a being free from the bondage of human creation, stepping forth to enlighten the world. Her torch is a flame of cosmic illumination.

Although She has attained initiations at cosmic levels and need not to remain with the planet, the Goddess of Liberty has taken the vow to remain in the service of the earth until every last man, woman and child has made his ascension. This is bodhisattva ideal.

The Goddess of Liberty is true to Her vow, and nowadays She comes and gives Her instructions to the people of Earth through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood T.N.Mickushina.

This is what the Goddess of Liberty told us in Her Message „The best sermon will be your personal example “ of April 22, 2005:

«I AM the Goddess of Liberty, having come to you through this Messenger.

I AM a member of the Karmic Board.

I AM the Goddess of Liberty, and the quality of Divine freedom is determined for you by freedom from your karma and from the energies you distorted in the past by your actions not corresponding to God’s Will. These energies tie you down to the physical plane and to other dense layers of planet Earth. So, your main task is to liberate yourselves from these ties.


In order for human to realize his position in this world, to see his imperfection and to aspire to God, he needs initial energy, enabling him to do this.

Imagine that you came up to a person so heavily overburdened with karma that he does not realize his connection with God and all the other creatures on Earth. He is like a sooty pot, too sooty. Why not use a part of your energy to rub this pot? Why not clean it with a duster, to help it get at least a little particle of the Divine energy, a tiny ray of Light capable of awakening the sleeping consciousness of this person?

If you can remember, each of you was in such a sooty state in the past. And there always happened to be a person who glanced at you tenderly os expressed compassion towards your soul. And you received the portion of energy you were lacking at the moment so you could raise your consciousness up to the level of comprehension of a higher Reality.

Each of you needs help and each of you can offer such help.

You can give help unconsciously with your glance, with your reaction to some stirred up critical situation. The best sermon will be your personal example, your behavior in life, your attitude to life situations and tests.

Your final exam at the primary school of initiations will be the day when you see how many people around you need your help. And your biggest achievement will be the moment when you are sincerely happy with the achievements of your fellow brothers.

When you are genuinely happy with the success of the people around you, you will receive all their achievements as an impetus of your own gains.

In this way you can multiply your treasures in heaven, the treasures of your causal body. You may do nothing at all but only help others and be sincerely happy with the achievements of others. And you will make much more merit and good karma, than even when you fight wit your own personal weakness with all of your might.

Today I have revealed to you a very simple secret, owing to which many people deserved their ascension and put an end to the chain of their earthy embodiments.

Be able to be happy with the achievements of other people and to admire their merits.




The Goddess of Liberty is the hierarch of the Temple of the Sun. This is her etheric retreat, and She is located above the island of Manhattan in New York.


Liberty Island


During her incarnation in Atlantis, She erected the Temple of the Sun where Manhattan Island is now located, having built it on the model of the Solar Temple in the Great Central Sun. The main altar was dedicated to the threefold flame of the freedom of Christ, which emanates from the white-fire core of the Being, focused by beloved Alpha and Omega. This altar was surrounded by twelve smaller altars, which were representatives of the solar hierarchies, calling together with the Goddess of Liberty on the behalf of the evolution of the Earth, the spiritual radiation of the Great Central Sun to the Temple of the Sun of the Goddess of Liberty.


When Atlantis sank,the physical temple was destroyed, but its ethereal analogue equivalent continues to be the main world center focusing the flames of the twelve solar hierarchies. The Temple, which was once the western gateway of Atlantis, has now become the eastern gateway to the New World. This is one of the most important Retreats on the planet.

The central altar of the Temple of the Sun is located above the Statue of Liberty on Liberty island in New York Harbor. The Focus covers the entire island of Manhattan and parts of New Jersey.

This Temple of the Sun is the open door from Europe to America, the open door to all the facets of human consciousness through twelve aspects of the twelve solar hierarchies.

The great diversity of virtues that flow from the Temple of the Sun explains the great immigration people who are drawn to the eastern shores of the United States. The crucible that created the American nation appeared through the force field of this monastery. On the island of Manhattan, you can find every evolution associated with our planet. Just a few kilometers from the Retreat of the Goddess of Liberty, everything that exists under the sun can be found: every sphere of science, culture, music and everything that mankind invented in this world- both to enhance the qualities and virtues of the twelve hierarchies, and to distort them.

The flame of this monastery inspired people to create the Statue of Liberty. She is holding in Her hands the Book of Law the Teaching of the Great Masters of Wisdom, the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, who are destined to spread from America.

The Goddess of Liberty gave us Her Teaching on Divine Freedom through the Messenger Tatyana Nikolaevna Mickushina on December 21, 2009. Here is the essence of Her Messages:

«I AM the Goddess of Liberty.

I am among the Masters who patronize America. I hold the focus of Freedom for America and for the whole world in New York.

I am also a member of the Karmic Board.


So , the quality of freedom. I cannot help telling you about this quality because it is one of the most important qualities that make a person similar to God.


I come in order to clarify the quality of freedom for you. And the closer this quality is to Divine manifestation, the higher will be the examples of freedom that you can obtain for comprehending and following in your lives.

The highest understanding of liberty for you to apprehend is the liberation from the bondage of material things.


Both the gift or reason and the gift of free will, after having been misused by humanity during many millions of years, have in fact created a dungeon for the soul.


I have come today in order to engender the desire for Divine Freedom in your souls as liberation from the bondage of the matter.You have to learn to feel a sense of Divine Freedom in your consciousness as non-attachment to the material world.


There must be a certain number of individuals who are able to respond to my words and to awaken in their consciousness to Divine Freedom as the freedom from the bondage of materialism, as the liberty from any attachments to matter.


How can one possesses that which already had an owner since the moment of the beginning of this creation? Everything belongs to God, and everything is God.

Now you can imagine the abyss that separates the consciousness of the Ascended Hosts and the consciousness of the majority of human individuals. And now you may see what you have to work on.

We come and every time we appeal to those who are able to hear us.

I have been with you today, and now the time has come to me to leave.




This article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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April 22, 2005

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