A fire occurred in the house of the Messenger on March 16, 2018.


The House of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina is located on the territory of the Training Center near the village of Ust-Zaostrovka of the Omsk Region.



The first information of eyewitnesses (March 16th, 2018).



3:29 pm. - Smoke appears from the roof of the house. The first

person who saw the smoke was Anna Borisova, who lives on the territory. Initially, she phoned 112 to the fire department of the city. The city fire department took the order.


Then Anna called the foresters who helped to call a fire department from the nearby village called Rozovka. It really helped because the first fire truck from Rozovka arrived 15 minutes after the call.


пожар 16 марта 2018 Татьяна Николаевна дом посланника пожар 16 марта 2018 Татьяна Николаевна дом посланника



3:32 pm. - The house is burning like a match, the roof is blazing.


About 10 minutes later, the second fire truck arrived, then after some time, the third one.


1:31 pm. - The firefighters continue to extinguish the fire until not much flame was left.


4:32 pm - One of the firefighter's trucks went to refuel. The main flame was extinguished, and the remaining firefighters extinguished the rest of the flames. Only the perimeter of the roof and the walls were left from the house. The middle of the roof collapsed inside the house, and everything inside was damaged by smoke.


4:39 pm. - Fire fighters continue to extinguish what is left of the fire.






Fifteen minutes later, after the arrival of the firemen, the person in charge of the Ust-Zaostrovka Administration I. M. Luchak arrived. She asked about what happened, and wanted to find out if there were any

people injured.



The day before the fire and the day of the fire there were visits from various officials to the territory of the Training Center.



A man, an official from Gosstroynadzor, arrived today at 11:00 am. He went through the barrier, went to the preschool, looked and left.

The day before the fire people from the Rosselkhoznadzor came along with representative of the Ust-Zaostrovki administration. They wanted to enter the territory. They were interested in field number 55. They wanted to go to the house of Tatyana Mickushina and the Training Center. But they were refused until they receive official permission.


The police were called immediately, around 3:30 pm, but the police have not arrived.


5:00pm - The whole roof collapsed inside the house, and the whole house began to burn inside.


The firefighters opened the front door, went inside the house and extinguish the fire from the inside. In the house the fire was almost extinguished.

Six or seven firetrucks are constantly circulating.

Two fire trucks are working to extinguish the fire, two more have arrived, but only about 15 firefighters are engaged in extinguishing.

The Firemen refused to be interviewed.







See the History of the previous fires on April 19th, 2012 and July 19th, 2012.




Editor of the publication Tatyana Martynenko


Peace to you, Light and Love!


пожар 16 марта 2018 Татьяна Николаевна дом посланника

пожар 16 марта 2018 Татьяна Николаевна дом посланника